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Canon PowerShot A3100 IS 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera Review

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About Canon PowerShot A3100 IS

The PowerShot A series from Canon has become the new standard for modern digital cameras and they are proud to unveil the latest offering from the series that is surely going to take whatever they have introduced in the past to a whole new level. Canon PowerShot A3100 IS 12.1 megapixels digital camera might be delegated as just another product off the series but its manufacturers have promised a major departure from the basic design philosophy used for previous models. To learn more about what’s in store for this one, you can get further details below.

First off, the build and design for Canon PowerShot A3100 IS is reminiscent of the earlier releases from the “A” series. The compact body is made out of polycarbonate and metal alloy to ensure durability without losing its stylish touch. Thus, holding the camera feels good against your hand and is also secure to hold onto. You can operate it using universally available and cheap AA batteries, particularly lithium-ion charged batteries for longer battery life. It is a 12.1 megapixel camera and offers 4X optical zoom and 4X digital zoom. So effective zoom can be scale up to 16X.

There is a slight redesign in the control array for Canon PowerShot A3100-IS and thanks to its simplified menu system that now only offers two tabs in the main menu, it becomes easy to operate. The newest offering from the series has abandoned both the viewfinder and handgrip. Thus, it has resulted in a smaller body that has been reduced by as much as 25 percent. And yet, Canon PowerShot A3100-IS is still equipped with a wide range of manual exposure selections such as Shutter Priority mode, Aperture Priority mode, and full Manual exposure mode. The auto exposure-only system that is available here is similar to the one used in A1100 IS.

The user interface integrated with Canon PowerShot A3100-IS is user-friendly and uncomplicated. The buttons are reasonably sized to make it easier to access and to avoid inadvertent button presses. There is a four-way controller and FUNC button clearly labeled to increase accessibility. As for the shooting modes, here are some of the options available: Ease, Smart Auto, Scene, Program, and Movie.

As for the quality of your captured images or video files, Canon PowerShot A3100-IS can provide support to a maximum video resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second. Thus, you can store up to one hour or 4GB of video content with this digital camera. On the other hand, the high ISO sensitivity that can go up to 1600 ensures more vivid details with your shots irregardless of the shooting mode used. There is also a dedicated face detection mode integrated with this device such that you can bring in more focus on the subject.

Pro’s of Canon PowerShot A3100-IS

*Easier to use and handle;

*Simplified menu for a simpler operation;

*High ISO sensitivity for excellent shots even in low light conditions;

*Ergonomic design without losing its stylish flair;

*Excellent video and picture resolution;

*Exemplary LCD screen for framing, composition, and easier menu navigation.

Con’s of Canon PowerShot A3100-IS

*It does not have optical viewfinder.

The Bottom Line

Canon PowerShot A3100-IS is another notable addition into the “A” series wherein you can expect high quality product, whether you are shooting a video or capturing images. The brand has been one of the leading options around within the point-and-shoot digital camera segment and this model only reinforces why it has established this reputation.

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