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Casio EX FH100 Digital Camera review

casio ex fh100If you are looking for a high speed digital camera with extremely good zooming power then Casio EX FH100 is the perfect match for your search. It consists of 10 megapixel censor which is back illuminated consisting of lenses which are extremely wide up to 10x, which provide the facility of shooting of 40 frames per second. Recording of high speed movies is possible at 1000 fps, 4220 fps, 240 fps or 120fps. It provides various features such as capturing Night scene at high speed, anti-shake, portrait and lighting scene modes and prerecords constant shutter setting. 720p HD movies can also be shot down by Casio EX FH100 because it consists of built in HDMI port and stereo microphone. Casio EX FH100 is available in black color with a nominal rate of £279 / $349.

As far as look is concerned Casio EX FH100 consists of a stylish metal body with matt black color and fine finishing. It doesn’t take much space and size is just equal to the palm of your hand. With a focal length of 24-240 mm its maximum aperture is f/3.2 at the wide end, and at the f/5.7 at extreme of the zoom range.  It contains a slim look, just 29 mms thick during off mode, makes it easily fit in trouser pocket or small camera bag and its weight is also very less, just 183 g in the absence of battery or memory card.

In the terms of build quality Casio EX FH100 is a perfect choice for you. Its tripod mount is also metallic and not plastic and its position is in line with the lens centrally. The handgrip is very easy on the front side and there is no possibility of card changing or battery changing while it is mounted on a tripod because tripod socket is very close too the compartment door.

There are very few external controls in Casio EX FH100, as few as 13, considering the fact that it is a very complex camera in terms of functionality. Industry-standard symbols are used in labeling of controls and there are only two Casio specific buttons that requires guidance of manual. There is lozenge shaped on/off button located on top of Casio EX FH100 along with stereo sound microphones and zoom lever. There is a HS button which is situated on top of the camera and it switches between continuous shooting and single shot mode. It records 1 frame per second in single shot mode and 40 shots per second in continuous shooting mode.

There is a traditional shooting mode dial available in it which facilitates the 27 different scene modes with users who just like to pint a certain thing and shoot. This make is a perfect choice for the beginners. There are 4 best shot scenes that need some consideration. These are High speed lighting, high speed night scene, high speed night scene with portrait and high speed anti shake. These things make Casio EX FH100 extremely valuable in difficult shooting conditions. It combines a number of burst mode images to make a single sharp shot image. Although not provide any miracles, but it provide extremely fine shots during low light conditions.

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