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Casio EX-H15 Digital Camera Review

Casio EX-H15Casio has proudly unveiled the Casio EX-H15, a 10X digital zoom camera whose predecessor is EX-H10. This efficient 14.1 megapixel camera comes with a 3 inch ultra clear LCD screen with a resolution of 4, 60,800 dots with a resolution of 980×460. High definition videos and movies can be recorded at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.  On a single charge of battery, one can take up to a maximum of 1000 shots. The new engine 5.0 increases the processing speed of image by 30%. This model has been priced at £249 and $299.99 in UK and in USA respectively. This is available in the market at different colors like black, gunmetal grey, brown and pink. It weighs around 206 g along with battery. It has an internal storage capacity of about 73.8 MB and an elective SD/SDHC memory card.  The ½.3 inch square CCD shift image stabilization helps to avoid the blur. The other competitor’s which are of equal class in the market are Panasonic’s TZ series, Canon’s Power Shot SX210 IS, Kodak’s Z950 and Samsung’s WB500 and WB650 models. This easy to use camera gives us a good grip for holding it.

Casio EX-H15 Features

The dynamic auto function of Casio EX-H15 helps us to capture moving images and then cut it and paste it in a still background. The premium auto function helps us to examine the scene to be photographed like sunset, green forests, blue sky, night etc., It also looks after other features like blur correction, tonal balance, noise reduction, ISO sensitivity and exposure. It will perform all the corrections by itself and helps us to take high quality images on pressing the shutter button at once. The brand new EXLIM Engine 5.0 is employed in the art shot function. In this technology, the photos taken can be given additional side-effects like painting it with oil, crayon drawing and water color painting. These effects can be viewed precisely on the screen.

The lens of the EX-H15 model of Casio is placed well within the camera when not in use, to defend it against scratches and any other damages. To the top left of the lens, there is small space built-in microphone and next to it is the area for flash. The four nodules at the rear side give you a little bit grips, allowing the fore finger to press the shutter button freely. In reality, you have to make use both the hands to capture best images. There is a lever around the shutter button to adjust the zoom. After this there is button which makes the lens wider on pressing it to take perfect and clear cut photos. The other two controls on the top of the camera are used to hold stills automatically between regular and premium auto transmission. The next button helps us to add features like makeup and other kind of modes. Since the same purpose is satisfied by the BS button, there is no need for this button.

The rear side of the Casio EX-H15 digital camera is occupied by the 3-inch LCD screen which covers 4/5th of the area, leaving the right side portion for controls. The buttons are arranged from the top to bottom. The first button is video recording and the following are for taking videos and then playing it back.

Below this is a control pad with “Set” button. At 12 o’clock above this button is for display and 6 o’clock below this button is for delete and red eye reducing feature with flash control. On pressing the set button, you will get a list of different options on the right side of the screen. With this you can set timing, adjust light sensitivity between ISO64 and ISO3200 with +/-2EV exposure level and toggling between face detection. As told earlier, Best Shot button is used to take Passport ID photos, presentation boards, photographing business cards and self portraits like autumn leaves, fireworks, flowers and leaves.

On pressing the menu button, you will get a display of three options namely, record, quality and set up. Under record option, one cans non-stop photos between 4fps and 10fps. Quality mode is used to adjust the exposure between +/-2EV, white balance, ISO64 and ISO3200, metering. Set-up helps to transfer pictures  when you reach the PC with Eye-Fi media card and by keeping Eye-Fi connectivity on. The data in the card can be easily formatted and deleted.

To the right side of the this EX- H15 digital camera there is provision for AV/USB port but unfortunately no HDMI output to connect with TV. Below the camera, there is an attachment for tripod, battery and card. However, one is not able to take 1000 photos as said earlier.

The viability of Casio EX-H15 is not sure. We have to wait to know the results.

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