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Country Wise Car Production 1980 to 2009

June 20th, 2011 1 comment

Country  Wise Car Production 1980 to 2009 presentation

The Country wise car production data during the year 1980 to 2009 gives out some interesting facts.  Check out the number for the automobile industry in the various countries in 1980 and compare that to 2009.

Table :  Country Wise car productions

Units 1980 990 2000 2009
Europe 11,983,548 15,231409 17,407,047 15,195,240
Western Europe 10,401,320 13,061,853 14,778,879 11,037,634
Germany 3,520,934 4,660,657 5,131,918 4,964,523
882,001 1,160,412 912,233 524,595
1,028,813 1,679,301 2,366,359 1,812,688
2,938,581 3,294,815 2,879,810 1,819,462
1,445,221 1,874,672 1,422,284 661,100
80,779 121,300 215,085 50,620
61,000 60,221 178,509 101,680
United Kingdom
923,744 1,295,611 1,641,452 999,460
235,320 335,853 259,959 128,738
Central and Eastern Europe
1,582,228 2,002,000 2,3306923 646,678
31,529 167,556 297,476 510,931
8,663,060 8,450,862 10,022,089 7,006,124
North America
7,526,658 7,747,823 8,371,806 4,011,613
846,777 1,072,281 1,550,500 822,267
United States
6,376,825 6,077,449 5,542,217 2,246,470
303,056 598,093 1,279,089 942,876
South America
1,136,402 703,039 1,650,283 2,994,511
218,516 81,107 238,921 380,067
977,697 663,097 1,351,998 2,576,628
Asia Pacific
8,796,971 11910,333 13,573,073 25,469,752
605,000 10,383,831
South Korea
55,000 986,751 2,602,008 3,158,417
30,538 176,015 517,957 2,166,238
7,038,108 9,947,972 8359,434 6,862,161
277,058 209,603 213,444 281,879
South Africa
277,058 209,603 230,577 222,981
29,720,637 35,802,207 41,215,653 47,952,995


The data has been taken from OICA (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers)

Car production in Europe in 1980 was close to 12 million;by 2009 it had had gone up to over 15 million.Making the most of this growth has been Germany,Spain and Portugal.But more significantly it’s been the newer lower-wage countries from Central and Eastern Europe which have become significant carmakers; countries like Slovenia, Hungary,Poland and Turkey(which is not even in the European Union.) In North America the numbers went up,and than down,but in South America the car industry has seen both ups and downs. In Africa to the industry has really boomed. From a total of a little less than nine million cars mad in 1980,the Asia-Pacific region made as many as 25 million cars in 2009.

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China Korea and India lead in car sale growth

June 18th, 2011 3 comments

Turn clock to to  three  decades ago –  the automotive industry was a very different one. The worldwide production that barely exceeded  30 million cars across the globe in 1980, the automotive industry was then dominated by the US,Japan and the European quartet consisting of Germany,France,Italy and  the UK.  True, Brazil was a significant  carmarker, as ware Belgium and Canada,but they were making  cars that ware branded Chevrolet,Ford,Opel,Renault,VW and so on-brands that ware headquartered either in the US or Euorpe; multinational car makers making cars in countries that ware part of certain free trade blocs. And other than brands like Alfa Romeo, BMW,Cadillac, Chevrolet,,Citroen. Fiat,Jaguar,Land Rover,MG,Mercedes-Benz,Peugeot,Renault or VW, there were aslo(long-forgotten) brands called Austin, Morris,Reliant,Rover,Talbot,Triumph, TVR,Vanden Plas and more.

In 1980 India produced a grand total of 30,538 cars. Most were either Hindustan Ambassadors or Premier Padminis. Even South Korea had made all of 55,000cars, that years-their fledgling auto industry was not even a decade-and-a-half old. and car production in China was virtually nonexistent .Japen had just over-taken the US in the numbers of cars made that year,and both were ahead of Germany or France,the two countries that were next in the rankings.

A decade later,in 1990, wordwide car production had gone up to a little above 35 million.The four biggest car-making nations had forged ahead,as had India,producing176,015 cars, of which more than half were made by Maruti. HM and PAL were still around, though. South Korean car production had surged ahead to 986,751,but China was still to join the

list of car-making nations. By2000, global production had topped 41 million,South Korea had made over 2.6 million cars,India as many as 517,957. PAL Was history. And China and made some 605,000 cars.
By 2009,When global production was at 48 million and India and South Korea had mad 2.17 million and 3.16 million cars respectively, China and made over 10.4 million! And now there are a whole host of new brands such as Brilliance, BYD, Chery, Dongfeng, Geely,and even MG out of China. Yes, times have indeed changed.

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Tips on Selling a Used Car | How to Sell a Used Car

May 21st, 2011 1 comment

Tips on Selling a Used Car ( How to Sell a Used Car)

Selling a used car is an art. It will help you if you are informed about the places where you can sell it and what you need to do before you put  the can on sale.

It may be worth trying out before you sell your car for cheap to a dealer or Trade in. So here are tips and how to sell a used car

– Lit your car on car selling websites. Sites like Autotrader charge $60 per listing. At Starredreviews car selling portal you can list your used car for free. Craigslist is another good place where you can list your car for free. The disadvantage of Craigslist is that, buyers can not search for cars with zip code.

– Clean your car when you put it on sale. A cleaner car is appreciated during test drive and command you higher resale price.

– Find the KBB ( Kelly Blue Book value) and price it accordingly. Generally pricing slightly above the KBB works best – but be prepared to lower the price, if you want to sell it fast.

– Once a potential buyer calls you fix the time and let him test drive. If he likes to test drive, do not forget to check his/her driving license.

– If he/she likes, negotiate a price and ask for cash or check. If he hands over the check insist on getting it en cashed before you hand over keys.

– Once you receive the payments, you will need to hand over the signed title paper. You will also need a Bill of Sale. Search for a template Bill of Sale, print it and sign it.

– Be sure to remove the License plate before the buyer drives away the car. In most states ( Including for example MA) you need to return the Car plates before you can ask for cancellation of the Insurance.

– Cancel the Insurance so that they do not continue to charge you.

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Transmission Systems in Automobiles

May 20th, 2011 No comments

A transmission System in an Automobile provides different gear ratios between the engine and the drive wheels. The transmission system also works in the neutral and reverse gear.

There are two broad categories of transmission – the manual transmission and the automatic transmission. In the Manual Transmission, the driver shifts transmission by hand while this is done automatically taking into account the torque requirement, the car speed and the amount of the gas input.

The engine develops low torque at low speed and a high torque at high speed. The transmission system converts the speed and the torque developed by the engine to required speed and torque as demanded by the traction power. If we increase the gear ratio, or go to the higher gear, the speed increasesbut the available maximum torque reduces.

Transmission system provides the ability to the engine to stay within a required rotation speed while providing variable speed at given torque. Running at higher transmission level increases speed reduces gas consumption but also reduces the amount of available torque.

A Transmission is generally a separate unit, but, in some cases, it may be combined with the drive axles to form a trans-axle unit and are generally found in front drive vehicles.

Transmission Unit is also responsible for front and reverse movement of the car.  Older transmissions used to come in three forward speed grades but newer transmissions mostly come in 5 and in some cases 6 speed grades. Continuous Variable Transmission ( CVT) has also started appearing in more vehicles now a days.  The CVT provides infinite number of gear ratios . This is done by transmitting torque between two variable pulleys. By using a CVT system it is possible to operate the engine at optimum speed most of the time.



gears of the

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2011 Kia Sorento Price mpg and trims

May 19th, 2011 No comments

The Table below lists out the various trims, their price and the mileage for the 2011 Kia Sorento.

Trim Price Engine Transmission Mileage
Sorento 2WD 4dr I4 Base $21790 2.4L, 4 Cyl 175 bhp Manual 6spd 20/27 mpg
Sorento 2WD 4dr I4 LX $23390 2.4L, 4 Cyl 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 21/29 mpg
Sorento AWD 4dr I4 Base $25090 2.4L, 4 Cyl 175 bhp Manual 6spd 21/27 mpg
Sorento 2WD 4dr I4 EX
$25790 2.4L, 4 Cyl 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 21/29 mpg
Sorento 2WD 4dr V6 LX $26190 3.5L,  V6 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 20/26mpg
Sorento AWD 4dr I4 EX $27490 2.4L, 4 Cyl 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 21/27 mpg
Sorento AWD 4dr V6 LX 

7 passenger

$27890 3.5L,  V6 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 19/25 mpg
Sorento 2WD 4dr V6 EX 

7 passenger

$28190 3.5L,  V6 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 19/25 mpg
Sorento AWD 4dr V6 EX 

7 passenger

$29890 3.5L, V6 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 19/25 mpg
Sorento 2WD 4dr V6 SX,

7 passenger

$32990 3.5L, V6 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 20/26 mpg
Sorento AWD 4dr V6 SX 

7 passenger

$34690 3.5L, V6 175 bhp Automatic 6 spd 19/25 mpg

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