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Sony HDR-CX360V Review – Flash Memory Camcorder

January 16th, 2011 No comments

The HDR-CX360V is the latest Camcorder from Sony that is based on the Flash memory recording. The Sony HDR-CX360V camcorder’s key feature include the decent quality video even in the low light conditions.

The HDR-CX360V offers full High Definition 60p recording capability. The embedded 32 GB Flash memory can record over 13 hours of the HD video in the High Definition LP mode. Other key features include the integrated GPS receiver, that you can use to associate the location with a particular video footage. The touch screen at 3.0″ is relatively large at 3.0″

Sony HDR-CX360V Key Features at a glance
– 32 GB integrated Flash Memory
– Inbuilt GPS to tag your video footage
– Full HD recording capability
– 3.0″ touch screen LCD
– 12x optical zoom ( 17x extended zoom)
– USB 2.0 Connectivity

Here are some detailed review of the individual components of the Sony HDR-CX360V

High Definition Recording

With the advent of the HD TVs at 1080p resolution, it is apparent that the video camcorders should match the resolution in order to offer the best viewing qualilty on a 1080p HDTV. The Sony’s HDR-CX360V gives you 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, that you can playback on any Full HD capable display device, including your HDTV and projector. The camcorder is capable of 60p recording that you can playback using the provided HDMI cable. You can even record it in 24p mode if you are looking at film like quality. You can also capture the still images at 7 Megapixel resolution.

32 GB of Fash Memory

The Sony HDR-CX360V comes with 32 GB of embedded Flash memory, that will let you record 13 hours of HD video footage in LP mode.

Image Stabilization

The Sony’s Optical SteadyShot provides stabilty from the hand movement, so your video is free from shakes even with your hand movement. Additionally, the HDR-CX360V has 3-Way Shake-Canceling for further reducing the ill effects from the shakes.

In Built GPS

The in built GPS is a nice feature to record the geo location of the places while you are taking the video footage. This is especially nice if you are traveling and you want to record the locations of the places you shoot. You can playback the recorded video with the Map Index

USB 2.0 Connectivity

The transfer to the PC is quick and easy with the built in USB cable. The USB cable can also be used to charge the battery of the camcorder.


While we have not tested the Sony HDR-CX360V, it looks promising in its first glance. Sony’s quality of the camcorders have been exceptional, and this HD camcorder extends the already established line of camcorders. It is available at slightly expensive at $799 ( according to Sony’s website), but definitely worth looking.

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10 Facts about Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V/B Camera

January 13th, 2011 No comments

Here are the 10 facts you want to know about Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V/B, if you have purchased or if you are planning to buy the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V/B camera. We have cluttered out unnecessary and less important facts from the specification and presenting to you the facts that you would have liked to know.

1. Sony DSC-HX5V/B is 10.2 Megapixel camera.
2. The Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V/B can also take video at full HD with a maximum supported resolution of – 1920 x 1080.
3. The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V/B camera has an Optical Zoom of 10x
4. The LCD viewfinder in the DSC-HX5V/B has a size of 3.0″1 and has 30K pixels.
5. The camera uses InfoLITHIUM G type battery that has nominal voltage of 3.6V. The battery life has been rated at 155 minutes. It can take Approximately 310 images in still photograph shooting.

We hope that by now you are familiar with the best aspects of this camera. If you like this style of posting, please post in in your facebook account or tweet the following link

And yes here are the remaining five facts about this Sony Camera.

6. The supported ISO Range includes Auto and 125 to 3200. The higher ISO range is useful for low light condition.
7. The DSC-HX5V/B has been found to price at $275 in deals.
8. The Sony DSC-HX5V/B gives out HDMI output using the HDMI adapter, which you can use to see the content on your LCD TV.
9. The box comes with Rechargable Battery NP-BG1 and a Battery charger.
10. As per the specifications the camera can take in the Memory Stick or the SD card to store the images. I have missed many things, so feel free to add any thing important in the comment section below.

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Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder Review

January 8th, 2011 No comments

About Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder

The Sony brand has become somewhat synonymous to quality entertainment and here is an opportunity to make your own movies or capture some of life’s best moments. This is now possible with the Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder. In addition, it also allows you to easily connect and interact with your friends in a portable device.

Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder is small enough to be stored inside your pocket such that it is readily accessible whenever you need to take some shots. It comes with a 3-inch diagonal touch screen, which also slides effortlessly for easy viewing of your videos and photos. An interesting feature is the auto-rotate capacity equipped in this device that offers horizontal or vertical viewing depending on how you are holding the device.

Since this is mainly a camcorder device, Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder offers full HD experience with a default resolution of 1080p for the video recordings. All videos are stored in MP4 format, which therefore makes it compatible with a wide range of devices if you reproduce your files. There is also an HDMI output available so you can attach the device with any HDTV to display the videos in a larger screen.

The integration of Auto Macro and 4x zooming capacity in Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder allows you to capture or shoot sharp images, no matter the distance. You can therefore produce crisp close-ups and crystal clear shots even with distant subjects. In addition to being a reliable camcorder, it also offers the functionality of a compact camera with default resolution of 12.8 megapixels. If only the camera is equipped with a flash though, then it would have given any other digital cameras a run for its money.

A software package is included with the Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder so you can share all the files you have shot and recorded. There is a software that is built-in into the device to easily connect to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, or Picasa, and other social networking websites and even Sony’s Personal Space to share those files in an instant.
Pro’s of Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder

*It offers brilliant picture quality with 12.8 megpixel resolution;

*It has the ability to record HD quality movies;

*The integration of touchscreen capability makes it user-efficient and offers ease of operation;

*It features a USB port for ease of reproduction;

*It offers a wide range of features to be explored.

Con’s of Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder

*It lacks a flash which compromises the quality of your photos during low light conditions.

The Bottom Line

Sony MHSTS10/S Bloggie Touch Screen HD Flash Memory Camcorder is a reliable video camcorder that you can take with you to capture memories and relish them later on. With its integration of excellent camera and video recording capabilities, you will surely enjoy great value for money. This is a highly recommended product and you won’t be disappointed.

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Nikon Coolpix S8100 Review – 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

January 4th, 2011 No comments

About Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

Looking for a high performance point and shoot camera without breaking your bank? Nikon has got exactly what you need – Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera. It is currently tagged with a retail price of $299 and offers a variety of features that make it an excellent choice.

The main feature for Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera is the 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor that ensures superior image quality. This sensor technology is also responsible for high speed operation and sharp images even when taken under low light conditions. In addition, it features a wide-angle 10x zooming lens such that you can close in on the action or subject even when taken at a distance.

There is also an image stabilization system available here to minimize the effect of camera shake or to capture crisp and clear images even when your subject is on the move. An innovative feature included in Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera is the Best Shot Selector. Whenever you press the shutter, it automatically takes 10 pictures and saves one it deems as the best and sharpest images.

A 3-inch high resolution display screen for Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera is made of antiglare coating such that you won’t have to hurt your eyes looking into the screen. It also offers you creative control with accessible mode dial, in-camera editing functions, ISO settings, and creative slider to adjust the saturation, color, and brightness settings according to preference.

Aside from taking photos, you can also record HD movies through your Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera. With a default 1080p video resolution and stereo sound feature, you can ensure full HD experience. Meanwhile, an HDMI output is included to make it easier to share your recorded files later on.

Pro’s of Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

*Excellent increase in image quality;
*The ability to shoot in low lighting conditions has been improved;
*It offers excellent zooming capability with up to 10x optical zoom;
*The macro shooting feature is surprisingly good;
*The LCD screen itself offers high screen resolution with accurate color representation;
*The quality of the recorded videos is better than its counterparts;
*The audio for the video is equipped with stereo sound;
*It offers excellent wind noise reduction;
*The manual is very useful.

Con’s of Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

*Some users have complained that the size of this camera is larger than they would prefer;
*It uses a rubber stop instead of flip door to plug the USB port;
*Although useful, the manual comes in CD format instead of a mini-book that is more convenient for easy reference.

The Bottom Line

Every penny you spent on Nikon Coolpix S8100 Black 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera is certainly worth it. This is the next best thing to DSLR and is one of the best point and shoot cameras around. Whether it is the vast range of features, the improvement in image quality under all types of lighting levels, and other technological improvements, you can rest assured that this will not disappoint.

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Canon PowerShot SX210-IS Review – 14.1 MP Digital Camera

January 4th, 2011 1 comment

About Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera

The Canon PowerShot series is one of the biggest selling models of digital cameras in the market since the brand has established its reputation in the niche. Hence, the manufacturer proudly unveils the Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera as a decidedly sleek new camera with a refined set of features. And yet, you can purchase this camera for only $249. But what do you get for this price?

Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera comes with a sleek and slim design that makes it really easy to handle. Whether you want to use it for capturing photos or recording videos, you can assure that all of the important memories in your life are preserved.

Canon SX210IS's 14x optical zoom makes it an attractive buy. Picture source : Canon

Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera is equipped with a 14x optical zoom integrated with an optical image stabilizer. If you are capturing sports events or any fast paced action, you can be creative and ensure utmost clarity. It is also ideal for shaky hands or moving subject to reduce camera shake. However, this is not just your ordinary image stabilization technology since it offers Improved Dynamic Mode, allowing you to shoot while walking to enjoy high definition results for images and videos.

The use of 14.1 megapixel sensor allows for the most detailed, richly colored, and crisp images captured via the Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera. Even if you expand the photo in a 16 x 23-inch print, there is no pixilation whatsoever. You can also capture more in frame with the 28mm wide-angle lens to allow more flexibility and depth in your photographic ability. The use of PureColor System LCD that is up to 3 inches wide enable you to preview your photos or videos in a high-resolution screen.

The inclusion of a stereo sound for Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera enhanced your HD shooting capability such that you can record videos of up to 1280 x 720 pixels. There is also an HDMI output available such that you can easily share your recorded data or stream your video shoot in real-time to a larger screen. The use of DIGIC 4 Image Processor combined with a Face Detection Technology makes sure that each photo looks its best and achieve perfect focus.

Pro’s of Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera

*The size of the camera makes it highly compact;
*The controls are very intuitive;
*Colors are accurately detailed for high quality;
*The zooming capacity and image stabilization is very excellent;
*Wide variety of shooting modes available;
*Audio for the videos are of decent quality.

Con’s of Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera

*It does not have a viewfinder;
*It lacks a raised screen bezel, which means that if you inadvertently place the screen with the LCD side down, then it could risk scratching off the screen surface;
*Shooting in low light situations could still result in several image noises.

The Bottom Line

Canon PowerShot SX210-IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera is an excellent buy, no doubt. It comes with a good price and the range of features is a wish list for most avid photographers looking for a point-and-shoot camera.

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