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Viore LED 19VH50 Review – low cost 19” LCD HDTV

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Viore LED 19VH50 – low cost 19” LCD HDTV

This LCD HDTV occupies the top seller position as the most cost saving, power saving, space saving television of the world. Viore targeted the mass customers while creating this awesome model in their creative brain. Usually the customer needs versatile requirements while purchasing an HDTV today. Televisions are ever time ultimate entertainment boxes of a modern home. Viore LED 19VH50 excellently exceeds the value of money paying for it. Due to the big rush stocks are emptying fast in all online stores. 1.5” thickness saving lot of space is attributed by the LED backlighting technology adopted in this model.

Viore LED 19VH50 is super power saver & significantly low energy costs for running it regularly. A peak consumption rate of 30W is unbelievable for this cute 19” 720p displaying reaching far beyond energy star 4.0 guidelines. A brightness level of 250cd/m2 is well enough to support a rich contrast ultra slim screen of 19”. Off axis viewing is better with the view angle value of 170 degrees. Base refresh rate of 60Hz is sufficient to support a well maintained pixel combination with rich contrast value of 10,000:1. Response time of 5 milliseconds is fast enough to process billions of rich colored frames on screen.

Viore LED 19VH50 is well choice for using as a quick receiver for air broadcasts in HD mode. The built in ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner can directly draw the signals from your coaxial RF input cable. As PC monitor this TV is far better than an ordinary computer monitor which is having its own limitations. The 15 pin VGA connector and audio input for PC are kept in appropriate areas & the bottom connectivity panel comprises 2 HDMI inputs, 1 USB port, component & composite audio/video connectors etc… The 3W slim speakers on both sides deliver enough audio strength for home entertainment. You can grab this handsome product for a cheap price range of 160$ approx. (A little bit lower at some online shops)

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Samsung LN37C530F1F Review – 37” full HDTV

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Samsung LN37C530F1F – 37” full HDTV

This Samsung TV is well created with a multiple level design reaching the lower bezel. While looking on cost per square inch Samsung LN37C530F1F  is full rational to purchase and gives full value for your money. Anynet – CECTM allows you to control multiple devices like DVD/Blue ray player with the single TV remote. The designers and engineers from Samsung assure you with far level energy efficiency. Quick response time and rich contrast removes the limitations from a base screen refresh rate of 60Hz. No noticeable blur while viewing your usual TV programs. However with a sports event slight motion blur may occur.

A deep contrast ratio of 80000:1 is brilliant to support this 37” 1080p display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Samsung LN37C530F1F can auto-detect the input level aspect and scale the display accordingly. Inbuilt tuner provides quick signal reception for ATSC/QAM. Samsung LN37C530F1F  exceeds the energy star 4.0 guidelines and consumes 40% less power than any kind of ordinary television. Response to signal is faster with a 6 milliseconds response time. Programmable buttons on remote directly makes a true difference. Channel search feature and sleep timer with adjustable settings gives infinite possibilities before you to try with.

Well positioned 3 HDMI ports offers fast data transfer at the rate of 10GB/seconds approx. Component audio and composite video ports, coaxial RF input, optical audio output, analog output and VGA connector are provided to maximize the utility value of this sophisticated entertainment box. Audio system with bottom mounted speakers of 10W each delivers a total power of 20W HD digital surround sound. Auto volume leveling is good to create a rational audio balance on both channels. This TV is not THX and DLNA certified. This fully modern digital entertainment box is available for a better deal value of $700 approx. on Amazon online store.

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LG 60PK540 Review – 60” 1080p HDTV

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LG 60PK540 – 60” 1080p HDTV

This TV is a good option to check with for those seeking high level television entertainment options at home. All specifications of LG 60PK540 are at the extreme level of 60PK series from LG. At all level of functionality and elegancy of LCD HDTVs, LG 60PK540 can definitely occupy the top position. The customer service from LG is always close to you for any type after sale help without delay. The slim design with about 3” thickness is well for giving a sexy look to your home. Picture wizard II and clear sound features gives ultimate combination of media mix for you.

Maximum subfield drive of 600Hz makes the movies extra clear and vivid (exclusively noticeable during fast action scene like sports events). A mega-contrast value of 3000000:1 is here to entice you with the 60” mammoth screen with deep colors. Brightness value 1500cd/m2 makes LG 60PK540 a good choice for bright rooms in your home. The intelligent sensor detects the ambient light intensity of room automatically and dynamically sets the brightness level to the optimum giving full relaxation for your eyes. You can also change the color modes to match the image with your tastes with the simple design remote and interactive menu options.

Audio system in LG 60PK540 is powerful with right and left paired speaker system delivering 10W for each side. LG gives deep and rich bass to accelerate the media experience with the big sound. Three HDMI ports are enough for giving ample connectivity options for this TV. Component and composite paired audio/video cables are kept for giving perfection in connectivity context. High speed data transfer is available with the USB port. 1 HDMI port is kept on side for quick access. Optical & analog audio inputs are provided along with a 15 pin VGA input for PC. This full value HDTV reaches you at a fair price of 1300$ approx. through Amazon.

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Hannspree ST42DMSB Review – 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

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Hannspree television sets are popular for versatile functionality and stylish design. This TV with beautiful curve contours and sleek design with silver stripe near bezel will definitely enchant you. All owners can boldly say that they got the full value for their money. Rational pricing is peculiarity with Hannspree. The components come from the top players of electronic gadget industry. A well established brand here delivers you FCC/ROHS/Energy Star certified product with stunning picture clarity. Xcelerate overdrive feature processes fast moving scenes accordingly to showcase visual perfection before you. Antiglare treatment and digital comb filter are added advantages in Hannspree ST42DMSB .

Hannspree ST42DMSB  comes with X-contrast ratio of 15000:1 and a typical value of 4000:1, displaying more than 1.07 million colors. Higher screen refresh rate of 120Hz virtually eliminates the motion blur from fast action scenes. Response time of 4.5 milliseconds never waits for checking your patience for the quick action image processing need for the 16:9 aspect ratio images in Hannspree ST42DMSB. Brightness value of 470cd/m2 is sufficient to deliver full bright pictures on any valuable area in your home. Horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 176 degrees allows full involvement with the TV even you are making little bit movement away from front of the screen.

Four HDMI ports work as surplus connection possibilities for customers in Hannspree ST42DMSB . Built in NTSC/ATSC/QAM clear tuner can catch the signals directly from RF input reception. Two 15W speakers deliver total 30W audio output, 20W more from any other top notch TV brand. The digital full HD audio shines on your living room. Component & composite coaxial connectors, 15 pin VGA connector and optical/analog audio outputs & inputs are available as usual. The headphone jack and high speed USB for viewing movies and pictures instantly are also working well. All this with active TFT matrix display and 1 year warranty reaches you for handsome value of $460 approx on Wal-Mart.

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Dynex DX-55L 150A11 Review – 1080p 55” HDTV

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Dynex can assure premium quality with the updated level of component functioning and user interactivity. This 55” LCD HDTV definitely entice you by satisfying all digital entertainment needed in your home. Sophisticated ultra slim design makes Dynex DX-55L 150A11 well suited for wall mounting. You may feel like full motion and life in nature is captured on the screen without losing even minute image details. Mounting screws are very easy to handle and quick install the TV in your home. The remote keys are rubberized to get full grip and are placed at optimum distance for fast use.

Dynex DX-55L 150A11  has 1080p full HD accompanied by a screen refresh rate of 120Hz. Realistic contrast ratio of 4000:1 is optimum for any type of normal usage. Fast screen response and high brightness value of 400cd/m2 protects your view experience from screen reflection and judder effect. 2” slim design is good for both wall mounting and VESA (200x200mm) mounting.

Connectivity options are maximized with Dynex DX-55L 150A11 – including 4 HDMI ports (3 on rear area and 1 port on side). RF output and analog audio jack also included on side. Two 10W speakers with auto volume leveling keep your ears always on comfort with full digital audio. Component and composite audio/video input pairs are kept on lower area near to the antenna pin. USB port makes easy exchange your digital multimedia items on devices like IPods and cameras in an instant way.

Dynex user manual well explains the user about everything related to this television including the universal remote codes with different cable operators. Customer support is excellent with a quick response and full protection to your interests. In reasonable cases replacement is very easy for any component. This eye catching big screen LCD HDTV is now available at a moderate stable price of 720$ approx at Amazon.

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