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Philips 47PFL6704D Review – Flat panel 1080p HDTV

February 16th, 2011 1 comment

Philips 47PFL6704D  Review – Flat panel 1080p HDTV

Philips is one among the veteran brand in electronics gadget industry. Excellent and quick customer service is available at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The Philips 47PFL6704D 47” LCD HDTV delivers light blacks to avoid the screen reflection while displaying deep black colors. Matte screen makes it a better choice for brighter areas in your home. There is no pain in calibrating the display as most optimized automatic calibration settings are available. Out of the six different color settings, five are fully automatic. One personal color scheme and aspect settings with options for changing the picture scaling create more freedom from your part.

The Philips 47PFL6704D  HDTV has capability to go well with wide 16:9 aspect ratio. Higher refresh rate of 120Hz makes it a good choice for watching sports movies. The sleek design creates visual impact from anywhere in your home and matches with wall mounting background. Lower value for viewing angle may repel some buyers as Philips try to hide it in general specifications. Dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1 matches all expectations providing deep contrast pictures with millions of color combinations. Inbuilt tuner provides quick and readymade signal reception from anywhere. Motion blur & judder are eliminated in 47PFL670D.

Integrated audio system generates optimized digital audio. Philips 47PFL6704D  HD TV consumes much lower than the peak power specified in manual. The USB port can directly play MPEG, MP3, JPEG, DivX and many other file formats from thumb drive. PC connectivity port supports all resolution ranges from your computer. Out of the 4 HDMI connectors 3 are located on rear portion and 1 is kept on side. Component & composite audio and video connectors are available in pairs but, no optical audio out. The description at the base of each menu item creates simplicity for a beginner user. This high quality product is available at Amazon for a rational price range of 960$ approx.

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Westinghouse TX-42F810G Review – 1080p LCD HDTV

February 16th, 2011 No comments

Westinghouse is a brand you can fully trust in quality and performance. This 1080p LCD HDTV has a good picture with a base screen refresh rate of 60Hz. The awesome performance of Westinghouse products is due to their long experience in LCD panel manufacturing. This trade name is owned by Taiwan based Optoelectronics Company called Chi-Mei. Even the top giants like Sony are purchasing LCD panels in bulk from them for using in their basic models. Credibility is assured at an economy price in each Westinghouse product.

Westinghouse TX-42F810G  can only offer a dynamic contrast ratio of 4000:1. But the clarity of images surpasses this shocking reality. You can better calibrate this TV by adjusting the display settings with the remote. Greenvue and Energy Star certify this TV as energy efficient and eco-friendly using 100% lead free manufacturing tactics. TX-42F810G exceeds the normal boundary in brightness to combat all the imposed limitations on it by giving 450cd/m2. 176 degrees of viewing angle and 6.5 milliseconds response time are added advantages to highlight this basic 42” model for your rational choice.

There are 3 HDMI ports available in Westinghouse TX-42F810G to interact digitally with all modern devices. For PC connectivity, a 15 pin VGA connector is also included. The Component & composite audio video cables including RCA connectors makes it apt for all indoor entertainment options. Built in NTSC analog and ATSC/QAM digital tuner creates open possibilities to select available entertainment options from normal air broadcast or HDTV service. USB and analog audio outputs deliver quick connection to expand the normal 10W surround HD sound from the 10W inbuilt speaker system. The eye catching design enhances the beauty of any valuable area in your home and office. This great TV is being sold exclusively at an unbelievable price of 440$ approx. in Wal-Mart online store.

if you happened to purchase this HDTV, you may like to pen down your own  Westinghouse TX-42F810G Review in the comment section below. Make sure to list what you liked and what you did not like about this HDTV.

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Hitachi L32A404 Review Decent 32” 720p HDTV

February 16th, 2011 No comments

Hitachi L32A404 HDTV comes under the popular alpha series from Hitachi released in 2010.  The L32A404  is of optimum size for a living room in your home. Hitachi provides all the connectivity options available from top notch models in this base level product. The picture looks decent but, the manufacturer denies for providing much technical details in deep level. A fast response time and good image processing filters creates clear images from this 32” 16:9 screen. The design is much attractive and compatible 200x200mm VESA mounting.

Hitachi L32A404 uses CONEQ technology from Hitachi which maximizes the audio performance by creating separate controls for two individual speakers. This technique automatically adjusts the volume and bass level balance of each speaker with a musical sense to output magical sound. Seven high definition ports amplify the connection possibilities to exceed user expectations. Built in ATSC/QAM digital tuning option equips quick HD broadcast reception in a direct way. Integrated self timer option allows you to set the schedule of operation for your TV if you wish to do so. Basic calibration settings and interactive menu builds satisfaction for all who don’t care to go deep.

Hitachi L32A404  is in line with Energy Star 4.1 guidelines and saves lot in terms of utility bills even using a CCFL backlight. Four HDMI is a surplus found only on mammoth range HDTVs. But, here Hitachi understands your expectations by providing fully digital audio & video input/output ports. The 15 pin VGA connector is an easy way to looks your images and movies on your PC on a big and clear screen. Light weight allows easy initial set up. The price has reduced much after great fluctuations and reached the bottom part. Now, this is good time to obtain Hitachi L32A404 for only 310$ approx. on Wal-Mart online store.

If you have purchased this HDTV recently, you may like to write down your own Hitachi L32A404 Review in the comment section below.  Most of the comments are automatically approved.

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Viore LC24VFX60PB Review – Cheap 24 inch LCD HDTV

February 16th, 2011 No comments

Viore is manufacturer of cheap optoelectronic products. In the Viore LC24VFX60PB 1080p HDTV they attempted to satisfy the customers with minimal expectations about their TV. Most people use this as a secondary TV set for bedroom and small living rooms. Since its market intervention this TV has created mixed responses from customers all over the globe. Viore often fails to deliver quality aftercare services for their products. But for the price this is too much to expect in Viore LC24VFX60PB . Lack of vivid product specifications repels customers from choosing Viore LC24VFX60PB.

As part of the Viore LC24VFX60PB Review we present a quick feature of this HDTV

– Small 24 inch diagonal size

– Full HD 1080p resolution

–  Only 1 HDMI input ( also has a VGA input)

– Component Video and S-Video input

–  Integrated ATSC TV Tuner

– Priced around $230

Fresh product is much better than refurbished ones while choosing Viore. You need to use Samsung remote code to control your set top box. This is because many Samsung components are used in this product. The universal remote code is 0092 for this HDTV. You may also be limited with a few connectivity options only. Only one HDMI and VGA port are available. This means if you have multiple items to connect via HDMI each time you need to manually shift the cables. With the 16:9 aspect screen displays all movies and gaming will definitely go well. But, chances are more for shipment damage in context of online purchases.

Viore needs to employ trained customer service executives to attend customer calls. The need for quick response is pointed by every customer who looks more from Viore in context of their cheap models also. However the audio sounds good with the 3” thick black cabinet mounted speakers in Viore LC24VFX60PB. The design is also elegant including simple and interactive basic settings. While shifting from a normal SD TV to HD you may never criticize this item. Integrated tuner is only provided for ATSC HD signal reception. At Amazon market place you can catch Viore LC24VFX60PB for an attractive price range of 230$ approx. This may be little bit lower for refurbished one.

If you happened to purchase this TV, please ink your experience with your own short Viore LC24VFX60PB review in the comment section below. Your comments will help people in taking decision about buying or otherwise.


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Viore 19VH50 Review– 720p LED HDTV

February 14th, 2011 No comments

Viore has targeted customers seeking minimal screen size with technical perfection while making this awesome little 19” HDTV. Viore 19VH50 HDTV comes with a table mounting stand and all the connectivity options available today. Integrated ATSC, NTSC & QAM tuner ensures quick reach on air broadcast services. As a PC monitor you can increase the space for workstation using it as a secondary monitor. Viore gains quick acceptance and positive feedbacks from customers expecting more from the bottom price strata. Attractive black cabinet in the Viore 19VH50 TV creates elegant visual appeal.

Viore LED 19VH50 HD TV saves power and invests in future for reducing utility bills. LED backlighting enables it to successfully run only using 30W power. Viore has taken enough attention to keep the brightness as high as possible. Brightness level of 250cd/m2 is sufficient and comparable for an LED screen. Base screen refresh rate of 60Hz is adequate for this 1366x768p TV. Horizontal view angle is about 170 degrees and vertical comes around 160 degrees. Dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 is rational and can safely handle changes in millions of colors. Response time of 5ms strengthens dynamic image brevity. A 16:9 aspect ratio of Viore LED 19VH50 wide display is fitted in slim 1.5” cabinet.

Viore 19VH50 TV has 2 HDMI input ports and all digital and analog outputs & inputs to supplement. The USB port ensures fast communication with all compatible media storage devices. The PC input 15 pin VGA connector including the RCA, component video and audio connectors creates a great surplus value for this TV. 6W audio system composed of two 3W speakers is ideal for general air broadcast and DVD audio output. The price tag will enchant you at single glance. This new generation entertainment box is available at Amazon for 160$ approx. Some other online stores offer lower prices touching as low as $140. Refurbished and used TVs are also available in bulk.

Viore 19VH50 HDTV Pros

– Inexpensive ( $160 at amazon)
– Decent quality
– Audio is good even for the small size HDTV

Viore 19VH50 Cons

– Only 720p ( though good for its size)

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