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Samsung Zeal Review

January 2nd, 2011 No comments

Samsung Zeal is a recent Samsung handset that is now included in the product range of Verizon Wireless. At first instance itself it looks quite familiar as the attire of Samsung Zeal is based on its elder sibling – Samsung Alias 2. Definitely, the new version gets refined with some alterations. The clamshell layout with dimensions of 4.01 X 2.04 X 0.67 inches weighs around 4.34 Oz.

The design of Samsung Zeal is unique with the ability to flip open it in two directions and is attributed with the E Ink technology. When the phone is flip opened in the vertical direction, it shows a traditional keypad which is transformed into QWERTY keyboard when flipped open in horizontal direction. In addition to this the smart phone incorporates a 2.0 megapixel camera that is enhanced with multiple technologies comprising of panorama shots, night mode shoot, auto zooming technology as well as a camcorder features. The picture quality produced is good with resolution settings ranging from 1600 X 1200 pixels to 160 X 120 pixels. Towards multimedia, it supports formats like MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+. In addition to this the smart phone is featured with 32GB external memory that is offered by using a microSD card. It allows you to store more than 1000 contact details along with multiple numbers, email ids, street addresses as well as the contact’s photo. Each contact can be personalized under a particular calling group. Around 21 polyphonic ringtones support the calling identifications.

Bluetooth enabled Zeal version from Samsung supports 3G network. With this, swift communication is possible with text messaging, MMS and voice messaging. Social networking with Samsung Zeal is facilitated with the help of downloadable applications from Verizon to access Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. On subscribing the monthly package from Verizon you can gain access to mailing through AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and many more. With RemoSync application you can also access your corporate emails as well as experience instant messaging through mobile. The Verizon Zeal phone uses WAP 2.0 to support Internet browsing. Verizon also provides preloaded application of VZ Navigator with Zeal model. Downloading games or purchasing some of your choice from online sales is an added advantage with it. You can also upgrade it with the applications such as Skype mobile, Weather indicator, Bing search etc. Though some of the applications can be experienced for free, but for some specific services and applications you will have to shell out some money.
Samsung Zeal based on Verizon network offers better performance and decent Internet speed. It manages to get enough power from Lithium ion battery with the capacity of 880 mAh to sustain a talk time of over 5 hours and stay alive for over 14 days when kept on standby mode. Verizon based messaging phone is now available in Verizon Wireless stores with a price tag of $79.99 along with a short contract for two years.

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Samsung Omnia 7 Review – Windows 7 smartphone

January 2nd, 2011 24 comments

We had been experiencing the tradition of Samsung to develop their mobile phones based on Windows. Samsung Omnia is the first Windows based model from Samsung. With the sequential upgradation in its features and attributes, Samsung is now coming up with the latest version of Omnia – The Samsung Omnia 7 which is served by Windows Phone 7 and receives its power through Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1 Ghz processor. It is built with some specific characters that make it a desirable piece and sets a perfect example of worthiness with the incorporation of Operating System from Microsoft.

The Candybar layout of Omnia 7 with the dimensions of 4.82 X 2.53 X 0.43 inches weighs 4.87 Oz. The prime feature of Samsung Omnia 7 is its 4 inches Super AMOLED touchscreen that flashes out the colorful world through the display that offers good resolution of 480 X 800 pixels. As the screen is sprinkled with high quality AMOLED attribute, it offers better viewing angles as well as better visibility in bright sunlight compared to other phones in the market. The touchscreen is enough sensitive for smooth functioning. Beneath the screen is an array of three buttons functional for Home, Back and Search.

Towards the rear end, we can see a 5 mega pixel camera featured with auto zoom and LED flash. It leads to the generation of crisp
images with the resolution of 1280 X 720 and 720p HD video clip. The left side features volume controls whereas the right side is fixed with power control as well as camera shutter. The top end of the phone is embedded with 3.5 mm headphone jack and a microUSB slot protected with a slide cover. Entertainment is endless with the incorporation of FM radio, MP3 and MP4 player. With Samsung Omnia 7 in hand you can even download variety of games of your choice.

The 3G Samsung Omnia 7 enabled with Bluetooth v2.1 experiences the wireless network through Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. The connectivity is facilitated with GPRS feature as well. The latest version of Omnia offers built in browsing facility with HTML. You can stay connected with the world and share your feelings with your friends with extensive use of SMS, MMS and emails. The smartphone comes with internal memory of 16 GB. It allows unlimited storage of contacts in phonebook. The internal memory also facilitates the storage of contact’s image. With GPS navigator in your Omnia 7, no path is unknown to you.

To add with, the Samsung Omnia 7 gets its energy through Lithium ion battery that has the capacity of 1500 mAh. The fully charged battery gives talk time of 8.66 hours which is excellent and can remain live for 390 hours when kept on standby mode. On holding Omnia 7 for the very first time, you will feel its elegance and gentility that uses high graded chase material and a bigger display which adds style to the smartphone. Its sophisticated design and multimedia features makes it an ideal phone for a trendy person as well as business executives.

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New Features in Android 3.0 – Honeycomb

January 2nd, 2011 No comments

As we know Google has recently released the upgraded version of Android operating system known as Android 2.3 Gingerbread. But that’s an old story now. That’s because Google has announced the upcoming launch of its newest version of Android technology, to be known as Android 3.0 Honeycomb. We will soon experience the exclusive features of this new Android release. The VP of Google displayed some specifications of unreleased Android 3.0 Honeycomb through a tablet and stated that the operating system is designed to be used in Smartphones and Tablets. The latest upgrade of Android operating system is expected to offer sharp edged competition to iPad 2.

The Chief of Google Android, Andy Rubin mentioned that the tablet that is supported by the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb version gets its power from a dual – core NVidia graphics processor. This Android version would be the first OS that is designed to fully support tablet sized devices. It can even be easily accessed on a 10 inch screen with better resolution. The most important factor of user interface is its redesign. Along with this, it has not only redesigned the lock screen but also displays reformation of home screen in Android Honeycomb. The tablet is a sleek slate with no physical buttons on it which doesn’t disappear on holding it in any orientation. Similar to iPad or iPhone applications, Android Honeycomb version will use Application Programming Interface that will enhance the view of the screen by splitting it into several views, when the particular application is being executed on the tablet. With this we can experience the same application in a different form in a smartphone.

It will also facilitate the 3D version of Google maps on a tablet thereby giving a real effect to the map which can be turned and tilted by swiping two fingers. This application is expected to be rolled out in the near future to be flashed in smartphones along with tablets. It is strongly believed that the tablet featuring Honeycomb version would be known as Stringray – a recent development from Motorola. Along with dual core 3D processor, LTE support and NVidia graphics card it is expected to elevate the storage capacity to 16GB.
In Honeycomb we can also see the enhanced Gmail application in which the inbox will be visible on the left side whereas the messages can be seen on the right side when in landscape mode. While in portrait mode list of emails will be displayed on the entire screen. Other than this, Honeycomb will also offer the convenience of video chatting which was expected to be a part of the erstwhile Gingerbread version.

Honeycomb is believed to feature improved VoIP options, streaming music, copy and paste feature as well as WebM and WebP support. All the mentioned features were expected to be carried by Gingerbread version but due to delayed release we will be able to experience these features with Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Although there are some leaked rumors about the upcoming release. But we can expect Google to release the new Android version with many more features by March 2011.

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LG Quantum smart phone Review

December 31st, 2010 No comments

LG Electronics, the electronics division of South Korean giant LG and a major vendor for televisions and mobile phones has brought out the LG Quantum smart phone that is being powered by Windows Phone 7 operating system. Slowly but steadily, LG has been making its presence felt by bringing to the end user a multipurpose device with reasonable pricing. And the LG Quantum is no exception to this strategy.

At first looks, the LG Quantum looks like a bar type smart phone until the slider slips out from the rear. Its smooth and rounded dimensions make it fit in the hands a joy. The tough and therefore durable Quantum carries the dimensions of 4.7 inches X 2.34 inched X 0.6 inch and weighs around 6.21 Oz. The amazing 3.5 inches TFT display offers the resolution of WVGA 480 X 800 pixels. It supports the natural tone of various colors and offers a very clear vision of the smallest text but loses its attire in bright sunlight. The phone looks amazingly stylish when a QWERTY keyboard slides out gracefully. The keys are distinctly placed living no room for typo. On flipping over to the rear side, we can see the 5 MP camera with auto focus facility and LED flash. With this the images of 2592 X 1944 pixels are produced that gives accent ratio of 16:9 as well as feature the video clip of 720p. With LG Quantum in hand you can easily share these images and videos with your friends within a snap.

Towards the multimedia section we can find an inbuilt FM radio. LG Quantum is also efficient to play videos encoded with 3GP, H.264, MP4 and WMV. It as well supports the audio format of MP3, WMA, WAV, eAAC and many more. The Windows Phone 7 comes with loads of attributes and applications. For which is gets its power from 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650 processor and has the RAM capacity of 256 MB. The phone is added with internal memory of 16 GB but unfortunately no extendable memory slot is available. Using such a magnificent power the applications are loaded within few seconds. Quantum is preloaded with DLNA application which allows the easy wireless transfer of images and videos to TV, computers, laptops etc that are compatible with DLNA application.

The Bluetooth 2.1 enabled LG Quantum with A2DP offers connectivity using Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n featured with DLNA application. Connectivity is also offered with EDGE, GPRS and 3G HSDPA. It is as well featured with the attribute of GPS antenna that is powered to serve as a navigator. LG Quantum can satisfy its power hunger with the Lithium ion battery possessing the power of 1500 mAh. The completely charged battery offers the talk time of 6 hours and can stay live till 14.6 days when left on standby mode.

With all its trendy looks and business features with all sorts of applications, this LG Quantum serves as an all in one package as the services are further enhanced with the association of AT & T. This unique package with the new age applications is a pretty good deal.

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LG MN180 Review

December 31st, 2010 2 comments

LG has always been a chosen name to produce stylish handsets whether it may be the low budget phone or a handset loaded with full fledged features and applications. All its avatars reflect sophistication in their design. Similar is the story with LG’s MN180 handset model.  The sleek and light weighted handset reveals flip design of a clamshell. The dimensions of which are 94 mm X 47 mm X 18 mm and weighs around 3.24 Oz that is equivalent to 92 grams.

The new introduction of LG MN180 is flooded with a huge array of appealing attributes. Its main attraction is its dual screen display.  A small screen of one inch is embedded over the flip with which you can view the screen without opening it. This screen is just a basic purpose screen with the low resolution of 96 X 64 pixels. On opening the flap, you will see the bigger display measuring 2.0 inches that offers the good resolution of 1280 X 1024 pixels. MN180 supports CDMA 800, 1700/2100, 1900 network technology.

LG MN180 is additionally attributed with 1.3 MP camera that can click clear images as well as shoot videos with digital zoom technology. The music system supports MP3 and MP4 player. The incoming call emits polyphonic ringtone as well as MP3 based ringtone. The connectivity is facilitated with the use of Bluetooth technology. You can stay connected through WAP browser which also allows Emailing service and instant messaging. You can even entertain yourself by playing games as well.  Its hearing aid has M4 and T4 compatibility and the voice emission over speaker phone is loud and clear. The handset is furnished with 2.5 mm headphone connector and a Micro USB port that facilitates battery charging. The stylish handset is added with GPS antenna that serves as a navigator.

The MN180 version from LG is featured with the memory capacity of 36 MB. It supports SD card slot as well as SDHC card slot. The phonebook memory allows the storage of 1000 contacts with multiple numbers. The basic operations like alarm timer, calendar, calculator, stopwatch are the part of its offerings. LG provides the decent battery that accurately suits the standard of the phone. The MN180 is powered with the Lithium ion battery of 1000 mAh that offers the talk time of over 5 hours and the average time of 440 hours at standby mode.

The availability of LG MN180 in grey and black colors gives more sophisticated look. This innovation from LG in the form of MN180 is the best phone with loads of attributes and features to suit the needs of any age and any class of buyers.

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