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NEC LifeTouch LT-W tablet Preview

January 6th, 2011 No comments

NEC, an extremely big name in the IT industry and one of the top semiconductor product manufacturers has again taken a lead to introduce the tablet device with a little surprise rather an added surprise. It has showcased its LifeTouch LT-W tablet with an extra screen to double the total viewable area. This Android operating system based device is in search for a new name and identity as tablets have been conceptualized and materialized as single screen devices.

First looks give an impression of an electronic book that has two 7 inch touch screens hinged to each other at the edges. Splitting the screens from the opposite sides opens the device as a book. NEC has opened the world of possibilities for its utilization in day today activities related to seeking and reading information.

The very first being its use as an electronic book or a newspaper. In such a scenario, the first screen could be used to display the information index and the other the actual detailed view. Making the information you want to access almost spontaneous. In another perspective, one screen could be used to provide inputs for a program or a web application and the other to see the output simultaneously.

So what’s under the hood of this still unique device? Well as the news goes it is equipped with an ARM Cortex A8 processor and fused with software intelligence from Android operating system 2.1 and plans to release another build based on Android operating system 2.2. The LifeTouch LT-W device tips the scale merely at 530 grams which in fact is much less than the lightest iPad available. But that doesn’t mean NEC has made compromises in adding bells and whistles to it. The LifeTouch LT-W is rejigged with a SD card slot to increase the available storage memory, GPS sensor to easily pinpoint a location, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and lastly but not the least, 3G connectivity as optional.

NEC is flying high on hopes that ISP will join its dual screen tablet’s popular trend that is attracting more and more support thereby delivering a plethora of applications customized for the LT-W device. And with a few ISPs already in the race, this device can surely be expected to have tons of fantastic applications customized to adopt the new functionality. It is strongly expected to come with Honeycomb version of Android operating system but still offers no exact idea on it. Though the prices are still under cover, the NEC Dual screen Android tablet offers such innovation with better comfort to give good value for your money.

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Toshiba Tablet Preview

January 5th, 2011 No comments

Toshiba is the Japanese Consumer electronics and computer manufacturer, planning to come up with its latest innovation of Tablet with larger screen and an operating software base of Google Android, which will be known as Toshiba Tablet. This innovation will be displayed for the first time in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) that will be held in Las Vegas. Toshiba is trying to provoke its buyers by offering the sleek slate with bigger size than the Apple Ipad. It will enhance the taste buds with latest upcoming Android version of Honeycomb. The most appealing feature of this tablet is its touch screen measuring 10.1 inches which would be slightly bigger than iPad which measures 9.7 inches. The slate will have a black glossy face impregnated with rubber towards rear side weighing around 1.7 pounds. Along with soft keyboard it will also accompany a physical keyboard to facilitate its use for longer time.

The current versions of Android OS are designed mostly for the optimum use in mobile technology. While, the upcoming Honeycomb version will efficiently support the larger screen of Toshiba Tablet. The HD touch screen embedded on the tablet will offer good resolution of 1080 pixels which is claimed to be the best feature available with televisions today. With incorporation of latest Android Honeycomb operating system the applications will split the screen into multiple views thereby enhancing the view of screen. But the same application will look different when used in mobile technology. The incorporation of Android OS Honeycomb version will make the downloading task of applications from online market very easy. It will also help to download your favorite games, songs and movies along with e-books from online market owned by Toshiba.

Toshiba Tablet is featured with front camera of 2 MP to facilitate video chatting and the rear camera with 5 mega pixel. The images and videos can be viewed on the larger HD screen of your television through HDMI port that is included with the tablet. If desired, you can even sit back and watch HD movies on bigger screen that is stored in your tablet. The tablet from Toshiba will get its power through Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor.

Toshiba Tablet will facilitate easy transmission of files on air by employing Bluetooth technology. It will as well take advantage of GPS antenna for path navigation. Along with this the tablet will be equipped with extendable memory slots comprising of SD memory card, mini USB port and USB port. Tablet from Toshiba is believed to get a battery possessing capacity of more than 7 hours. This can even be utilized for watching videos and playing games. The Tablet is expected to be a Wi-Fi enabled device but currently has no chance to access wireless carriers.

Toshiba Tablet with wide array of innovative features is expected to be seen in market towards the end of June this year with the estimated price ranging from $499 to $829 according to its attributes.

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Velocity Micro Cruz T301 Android Tablet Review

December 27th, 2010 No comments

The users of Velocity Micro Cruz T301 Android Tablet experiences great comfort. This device makes its distinct position between the mobile and a full fledge PC. The quality touchscreen measuring 7 inches sets back the old tradition of constantly scrolling and zooming the file to experience its clear and complete content. Document view is made convenient with its feature of automatic document flipping to portrait layout or landscape layout. The touchscreen of Micro Cruz T301 tablet offers image sharpness of 800X600 pixels. It is featured with the aspect ratio of 4:3 which is ideal for easy reading of e-books.

Extra convenience is added due to the sleek dimensions of 7.5 inch X 4.75 inch X 0.6 inch. The sleek design works efficiently using Android Éclair (2.0) operating system. This comes with various applications like Calendar, Alarm clock, office Suite, Notepad and a dictionary. Other than these, it allows you to have many more applications. The Velocity Micro Cruz T301 tablet is presented with the inbuilt storage capacity of 4 GB. It comes with extra addition of SD card slots bundled with 4 GB. Similar to any iPad, this device is loaded with the RAM capacity of 256 MB. It is offered with Kindle e-book reader application from Amazon that facilitates the easy download of more than 2 million e-books.

The Velocity Micro T301 Cruz Android Tablet supports 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity to provide premium standard of entertainment. With the wireless connection you can enjoy the liberty of keeping in touch with your family while giving excellent performance at your work place as it offers complete browsing support and emailing as well as connecting to social networking sites. With Velocity Micro in hand, one can enjoy the melody of music as well as enjoy HD movies. Good sound effect is offered with built in speakers. It backs the files of several formats comprising of HTML, JPEG, MPEG 4, GIF, PNG, AAC, BMP, WAV, WMA, MP3, PDB, PDF, TXT, ePub, H.264 and AVI video. Therefore it is now clear that, it will stand for you in emergency by offering the PC like support.

A single complete charge of lithium ion battery is powered to support for more than 10 hours and for 24 hours when kept on standby mode. With the price tag of $249.99, the Cruz T301 Android Tablet is likely to eat the market share of LCD e-reader. Still people are taking time to have one as the aspect ratio is obsolete these days and not many people would be interested in reading e-books which supports the above reasoning. Though you can download various applications from Velocity’s website but the Android market faces insufficient support to stand firm.

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Coby Kyros MID7015 Internet tablet

December 27th, 2010 5 comments

Coby has now moved ahead with the introduction of more powerful and innovative idea of Android tablet popularly known as Coby Kyros MID7015 Internet tablet. This innovation gave rise to an intermediate version between a mobile and a PC. The tablet uses Android 2.1 operating system to connect the world with a mere touch of a finger tip. The introduction of Coby Kyros MID7015Tablet provides endless Wi-Fi connectivity thereby improving the standard of entertainment. The user can keep in touch with the world with wirelessly connected hi-speed internet wherever he / she goes.

Coby Kyros MID7015 is built with 7 inch touch screen which proves to be more compatible than a mobile phone and offers speed better than an iPad.  The sleek device is powered with 800MHz ARM processor. The efficient pack of 3200 mA rechargeable battery of Lithium Polymer is associated with the device to offer uninterrupted entertainment for longer time. The Coby Kyros comes with the inbuilt internal memory of 4 GB. It is additionally equipped with microSD card slot which can upgrade its capacity to 16 GB.  It offers the applications like Aldiko E-book which allows you to download thousands of e-books.  You can as well download various applications to play games. HD movies can be viewed on this display. Along with this you have the liberty to view the movie on a large screen of you television which is facilitated with the HDMI port. The Coby Kyros MID7015 Internet tablet is attuned with Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux as well as Mac OS. It is preloaded with AppsLib that is used to surf and download the applications from AppsLib market.

Coby Kyro Internet MID7015 Tablet comes with various in built applications with specific icons which include Internet browser, email, alarm clock, calculator, videos and music gallery. With the tablet in hand one can experience the joy of playing games, listening to music, radio as well as read various e-books with automatic landscape or portrait orientation. The Kyros is provided with virtual keyboard that performs various functions as that of a real keyboard. To add more convenience to work the device comes with fully fledge keyboard which can be connected to the tablet through USB 2.0 port.

The Coby Kyros MID7015 Internet tablet with 7 inch touch screen comes with the overall dimensions of 0.48 in X 7.5 in X 4.75 in. All the tasks accomplished with your PC can be easily performed by the Kyros tablet. You can get the Coby Kyro Internet MID7015 Tablet with the price tag of $299.99 which will eliminate the added efforts of scrolling and zooming your mobile screen to read a single file. Not only this you can stay connected with your family wherever you go and deliver efficient performance.

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eLocity A7 7″ Android 2.2 Internet Tablet Review

December 20th, 2010 1 comment

The innovative idea of eLocity behind development of A7 7 inches Tablet is to offer the convenience of PC operations and the ease of handling the mobile device in a single package. eLocity A7 is nothing but the outcome of blend between a PC and a mobile device which is built for Android 2.2 OS. Internet accessibility is the constant steady breeze through inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity. This can nearly be modified in several modes with the assistance of several Android applications that are showcased online.

eLocity A7 with 7 inch touchscreen is of more capacity than that of a mobile device and speedier than any iPad. These added capabilities and speed are the major attributes of the sleek device which gets its power from Dual ARM 9 CPU and NVIDIA’S Tegra 2. Power cannot hinder your 3D game or music and you can experience the lively game with 3-axis accelerometer. The completely charged single pack of 2 cell Lithium polymer battery allows you to experience uninterrupted video for 5 hours as well as music for about 100 hours.

The touchscreen of eLocity A7 operates on the slight touch of your finger tip where no stylus is required. It is also featured with a virtual keyboard which allows you to perform all the activities that can be performed by your laptop or desktop. You can even enjoy the liberty of watching movie on big screen with the HDMI output and simultaneously work on A7 Tablet with the help of full fledge wireless keyboard which comes as an added amenity.

Android 2.2 is the pre-loaded operating system with eLocity A7 which can even be customized with any other application available. This is facilitated as it offers an open source platform. There are numerous applications which are developed for Android today. If you are more into developing code, than this open source allows you to develop your own applications according to your needs.

eLocity A7 tablet serves as a magnificent media player. The 4 GB internal memory which has the capacity to accommodate 4 movies, 40,000 pictures and 2000 songs can be further extended upto 32 GB and 64 GB with micro SDHC slot and USB 2.0 port which enhances the storage capacity to million pictures, 96 movies and 48,000 songs. It supports various file formats like MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLY etc. You can even make use of available HDMI output if you desire to enjoy the movie on bigger screen.

It might be the case that you are annoyed by constantly zooming and scrolling keys of your mobile to view the entire content of the page. But now you can breathe a sigh of relief as Android browser with eLocity A7 facilitates web surfing with magnificent speed and you can happily view all the pages on a wide 7 inch touchscreen. Android application has not only made surfing and emailing easy but also it offers productive usage of MS office along with adobe readers and PDF files.

Whatever task you do on your PC can be accomplished by eLocity A7 Android 2.2 Internet Tablet. Even shopping through Tablet is amazing using apps of You can carry thousands of photos along with you wherever you go. With Elocity A7 Tablet in hand you can never get isolated from your beloved ones even for a second and still improve your productivity while at work. To enjoy such amazing facilities eLocity A7 Android 2.2 Internet Tablet comes to you with a price tag of $369.99.

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