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Starredreviews prediction of Solvate Comes True

May 13th, 2012 1 comment

On June 6, 2011 starredreviews had predicted failure of Solvate – a company which had raised $6.3 million venture funding from DFJ Gotham Venture and RRE Ventures. Less than 9 months into prediction – Solvate packed it bags bringing huge losses to its investors. Had Gotham Ventures and RRE Ventures listened to starredreviews, they could have saved or diverted the investment amount elsewhere.

The problem with Solvate was that – it was venturing to connect two asymmetrical demand groups. While the workers are available in abundance in the down economy, the employers looking for workers in is minority. There is very rare demand of workers and if they choose a freelancer, it is because of the cost advantage – in which case sites like or are working better.

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10 reasons to like Amazon Kindle Fire

November 20th, 2011 3 comments

10 reasons to like Amazon Kindle Fire

1. Price, Price, Price – Kindle Fire costs 40% of the Apple’s iPad 2 while accomplishing most of the tasks that iPad does and it also improves on some of the tasks that iPad 2 does. Keep reading.

2. The smaller 7 inch size has found overwhelming good response from reviews. It fits into pocket, is less liable to be fallen off your grabs and provides ample reading space. Just compare carrying a more portable small size  over over a big size text book.

3. Buying any e-book, music or movie is just a click away. When the Kindle fire arrives, it already has your login information – so you do not have to waste time.Purchasing from Amazon App store is straightforward.

4. Amazon’s Silk Browser is fast and intuitive. Most websites load faster using the wifi. Few reported problems has been traced down to the wifi source being used.

5. The touchpad is amazingly responsive – better than many other tablets and touchpads available in the market. It is based upon capacitive touchscreen technology – so you dont have to press hard at it.

6. One of the great aspect of the Kindle Fire is its amazing sound quality, which Amazon has been been able to integrate even while keeping the size slim.

7. On the top of all the advantages, if you do not like it – you can just “unlock” the Kindle fire and use the latest Android software – the operation is that simple.

8. While the storage in the Kindle Fire is only 8 Giga Bytes, you have the access to the storage using Amazon Cloud, which is better as you never fear of loosing data.

9. It does come with a USB connector, that you can use to transfer files, music and data to and from computer. iPad 2, for example does not come with a USB connector.

10. Again the Price. The $300 extra that you pay is not worth – these $300 adds only a camera ( that you are never likely to use) makes the Kindle bulkier and does not add any value. Use the $300 to buy something more useful.

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Why Apple may collapse

November 17th, 2011 1 comment

1. Amazon’s recently launched Kindle Fire is giving serious threat to the very existence of Apple iPad. Costing 40% of the cost of the iPad 2, kindle fire received more reviews in a week of launch than iPad received in 2 years of its existence. Expected sale of Kindle Fire is being reported to cross 5 million in 4th quarter of 2011.

2. Android based smartphone operating system received praise from technical community. It is technically better, is open source and has multiple vendors.

3. Windows 8 Operating system may simply outshine Apple as the de facto Operating system in smartphones and tablets.It will have universal support for the drivers and will make transfer between Windows based machines and Tablets easy.

4. In the 4th Quarter of 2011, there have been reports that manufacturers are slowing down the production of iPad 2.

5. iPhone 4S has several issues including battery life. Once the initial euphoria around Siri hype is down, people realize that it is nothing more than a toy to show off.

6. Apple missed the Wall Street expectation in Q3 of 2011.

7. Apple is facing serious lawsuit from Motorola. Motorola won an injunction against Apple in Germany and Apple may be forced to stop sale of its systems in Germany.

8. Samsung has serious allegation against Apple for its patent violation.

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Kindle Fire Vs Apple iPad2 Comparison

October 31st, 2011 2 comments

The release of the Kindle Fire on Nov 15, 2011 is expected to create a history that will outmatch the Apple’s charisma. Amazon has stolen the marketing mantra from Apple, and, if we believe the numbers coming out, Amazon will sell between 4.5 million to 5 million in the 4th quarter of 2011.  Amazon will be taking pre order before its launch on November 15, 2011.

The Kindle fire is priced at less than half that of the iPad 2.  You can buy two Kindle Fires for the price of one and still be left with $101.  But there is a catch – you will be without any camera, and you will have to settle with a smaller screen.


Table : Kindle Fire Vs Apple iPad2 Comparison

Feature Kindle Fire Apple iPad2
Processor Dual core, TI OMAP4 1.0 GHz Dual Core A5 ~1GHz
512 MB 512 MB
Flash / ROM
8 GB 16/32/64
Rear Camera
None .7 MP
Front Camera
None .3 MP
 None  Yes
7 inch 1024 x 600 pixels 10 inch 1024 x 768
Operating Syste,
Android iOS5
 $199  $499


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iPhone 4S Vs Android

October 27th, 2011 No comments

Smartphones and their available varieties are definitely resulting into a great confusion for the user for its selection. Latest iPhone 4S release increased this confusion to further more extent. Definitely, iPhone 4S is gaining most  attention through its effective dual-core processor, latest voice controlled assistance, 8-mp camera and some more.  Android smartphones on the other hand, are coming up with greater choice and more capability.   Samsung Galaxy S II is the perfect example this context, which may provide better value for money.  it is quite imperative to find out the pros and cons of both varieties in detail and we tried our level best to project the same for you below:

1. Smartphone Interface

Apple has a simpler and a more intuitive user interface with its simpler row arrangement offering users comfort for the usage.   iOS 5 gained upper hand over Android with neatly designed dynamic features.

Android got all its positive reasons in this aspect with the more interactive notification area and this can be witnessed with the Samsung Galaxy S II. For example, user can avail wireless radio ON and OFF with simple toggle. Also, this will allow switching between apps with the help of Menu successfully. Widgets are another significant factor with the Android, which will allow accessing any type of information through a simple glance. Importantly, Android OS is more flexible through allowing user to customize from one to other easily.

Here, people are finding iPhone 4S as the best option as user find the flexibility with Android OS is more confusing and voted towards the simplicity that is assured by the Apple’s iOS.

2. Multi-Tasking capacity

Smartphone users are demanding more out of their device and this is resulting into a great demand for the multi-tasking capabilities. For example, in iPhone 4S this multi-task is enabled well with the switching between applications through a simple double-click over the Home button. Similarly, ending an app is made simple through a Press and Hold over the screen along with a tap over the app icon. This is truly amazing and powerful with iPhone 4S, which will reduce the chances excess battery usage of the device too.

This is not the case with Android as the long-press over the Home button here will result into witnessing subset of other running apps on the device. It is not possible to close an app through this approach unless you’ve the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich on your device. People that are interested in these multi-task abilities should look for the mentioned latest Android OS only.

The iPhone 4S is resulting into a winner in this aspect too at least until the Android 4.0 availability on the devices.
3. Screen Resolution and Screen Size

Display is always a vital aspect for the selection of your smartphone. Here, iPhone 4S is significantly receiving complaints about its size, which is 3.5-inches like all its other predecessors. In fact, one point demands special mentioning with this display and LCD’s resolution of this smartphone is higher than any other majority and popular Android smartphones. The bright and crisp display quality of the iPhone 4S is definitely far good than many of the Android smartphones.

Bigger screens are definitely user’s eye-friendly with less strain. Here, these bigger screens are failing to offer bright images like any other popular AMOLED display. In fact, bigger screen would be ideal with MOLED or HD display only. Any bigger screen with less brighter image is not of any help for the users.

Here, definitely iPhone 4S should be rated well above the Android due to its brightness quality in its display, which is good for the user than any other bigger screen with less brightness.

4. Keypad and Typing Comforts

Definitely, input device is the one offers ease for the smartphone users to a maximum extent. Here, iPhone 4S multitouch keyboard demands special mentioning. Smaller size display is a little constraint for this input device with this smartphone. As long as the user acquainted well with the portrait mode or the landscape mode, then display size hardly will be a matter to complain.

Android smartphones are available in wide varieties and each device keyboard is completely varied from other. The biggest advantage with Android is its capacity to support third party keyboards and also supports physical keyboards too.

The iPhone 4S is definitely a best one when it comes about the input or keyboard facility though the display is smaller.

5. Data Transfer Speed over the Web

The iPhone 4S is credited with one dual-antenna system, which will allow 14.4 Mbps speed over the AT&T network. Definitely, this speed will fadeout before the Android 4G phone capacity. Currently, this iPhone 4S is offering 5.3Mbps speed over the AT&T, but its average is coming out to just 2.2 Mbps.

Android 4G phones are coming up with outstanding data speed quality and this can be witnessed quite significantly with the latest Samsung Galaxy S II. This smartphone offers 12.6Mbps data speed on T-Mobile carrier. Similarly, another android smartphone Motorola Droid Bionic is offering 11.6 Mbps data speed.

Android is definitely a greatest winner in this aspect over the Apple’s iPhone 4S.

6. Social Networks

Apple’s iOS 5 is making a great deal with Twitter integration in this aspect. This is the only forward step taken by Apple for their iPhone devices in the social networks frontiers.

Android is well advanced in this aspect and added Facbook as services through its APIs. Similarly, Tweetdeck is arranged in Android for tweeting over Twitter. Also, Android associated with some more such as Flickr, Evernote, Linkedln, GroupMe and some more.

Sharing option is always just two clicks away with Android.

Android is definitely overshadowing iPhone 4S in the Social Networks aspect.

7. Camera

The iPhone 4S gained significant improvements than its predecessor about the photo quality, low-light performance, speed and some more. It has come up with a new optics to improve the backside illumination sensor to a good extent. This device is capable enough to capture videos with 1080p quality.

Android phones are lagging little behind in this aspect and Galaxy S II is also lacking the mentioned speed and quality in the camera aspect.

The iPhone 4S is gaining upper hand over the Android smartphone with mentioned features and with added editing features.

8. Apps

Apple’s iOS is always a pioneer with apps with its iTunes. Currently, iTunes is holding around 360,000 iPhone apps. Here, some of the best quality games are credited for the iPhone 4S like Infinity Blade, Shadowgun and some more.

Android smartphones are credited with around 320,000 apps from the Android market. Definitely, this figure is a significant improvement from the past and slowly catching up to the iTunes capacity.
The iPhone 4S is definitely a winner in the apps aspect over the android smartphones.

9. Specials

What is currently making iPhone 4S very special over its predecessors? The answer for this question can be easily rewarded with the latest Voice-controlled assistant, which is a brain child of Siri. This assistant is a great help for the iPhone 4S user to gain control over their appointments, message sending and for some other essential daily tasks. Another vital factor for the iPhone 4S success is its iCloud. This will allow content sync across other devices. The iPhone 4S single standard connector is another SPECIAL addition, which will make things much easier for add-ons.

Android smartphone’s Special additions can be started to list out with its 4G speed. Its free GPS navigation is another special features making iPhone vulnerable for a period. Also, Android supports NFC for mobile payments too. Its Beam feature is another special thing which allows sharing info with a single tap.

Currently, iPhone 4S success credit is attributed to the Siri’s Voice-Control assistant and some more features as mentioned above is making it special over the Android smartphones.

Final Words

We tried to compare some of the valuable features in this context and ended up with crediting 7 points to iPhone 4S and 5 points to the Android smartphone. This smartphone competition is quite volatile and it got its chances to change the concluded decisions anytime during coming days.

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