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CityVille Facebook – scam

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Warning – CityVille Facebook is a marketing gimmick from Zynga to make money. Never spoil your facebook and waste your time in CityVilla facebook or any other game for that matter from Zynga.

At strrarred reviews, we felt that we need take appropriate steps to guide the readers about the potential drawbacks and prevent readers from getting trapped into the marketing gimmicks of the games like CityVille from Zynga. Zynga makes millions of dollars by exploiting your time  and in some cases by extorting people’s money by luring them to invest real money while none are needed.

Moreover, it makes a huge loss of the national time, by luring people invest time  in playing the games, when actually, they would have been investing the time in productive office work or  investing the time playing some healthy games – will it not be better if you play basketball instead. How about chess ? Or may be simple checker.

Here is what CityVille marketers say –

If you haven’t heard of CityVille you must be living under a rock. The new Cityville Facebook Game has in fact reached 22 MILLION players within a weeks of its release

Stupid. By exaggerating the fugures they are only driving herd metalilty. Do not accept any invitation that you get from your friend when they ask to to join CityVille game or any game for that matter. You are getting trapped into the Zynga tentacles.

The premise of CityVille is a very simple one – in fact if you have ever played the SimCity games you will have a very good understanding of CityVille. The entire concept is to build a city to the best of your ability.

True, the game may be simple. The game may be hard. But what they are trying to do – trap you so that they can get advertising money or your real money. Stay away.

In fact that social aspect is vital to CityVille  so make sure that you get inviting when you do sign up!

Another ploy to expand the tentacles to your friends. Send the invitation are you are bound to be assumed that you are the dumbest person on the earth. Dont invite others to play Cityville. Do not accept any invitation when someone send you one on the facebook. Stay away from scam.

We would like to hear other side of the story in the comment section below.

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