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Coby CAM4000 3.0MP Mini Digital Camcorder Review

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Coby CAM4000 3.0MP Mini Digital Camcorder is the latest digital camcorder available in the market for the cost of 40 dollars.  This camcorder can offer the user 640 X 480 resolution video capturing and the camcorder has 3 Mega pixel resolution. There is a CMOS image sensor in Coby CAM4000 3.0MP Mini Digital Camcorder, which has LED for providing clear pictures in low light environment. there is a software called Arcsoft media software which helps the user in editing and also this has features like uploading the video to youtube. Coby CAM4000 3.0MP Mini Digital Camcorder, AAA batteries 3 in number for the camcorder,  USB cable, AV cable, the carrying case, hand strap, the software CD ROM and the owner’s manual are the things that are packaged as the product. The camcorder offers 4X digital Zoom and also there is a 2.4 inches display available in this camcorder through which the user can play the content that is recorded.

The battery life of Coby CAM4000 is about 1.5 hours. The AAA batteries that come along with the camcorder are rechargeable batteries. There is a digital still camera mode available in this camcorder using which the user can capture 2000 X 1504 resolution 3 MP still pictures. There is an USB interface available which is the latest 2.0 version and it is also backward compatible with USB 1.0 and USB 1.1.

Coby CAM4000 3.0MP Mini Digital Camcorder allows the user to extend its memory up to 8 GB using secure digital high capacity memory cards. There is also an inbuilt memory of 32 Mega bytes supported in this camcorder. There is a manufacturing warranty that covers the product for ninety days  from the date of purchase. This warranty covers both parts and labor that is required for repairing the camcorder during the warranty period. However this warranty does not cover physical damage. There is no image stabilization technology in place. The memory format that is used in this camcorder is Flash type memory. This does not have high definition video capturing technology and also there are no touchscreen capabilities in this camcorder.

Coby CAM4000 3.0MP Mini Digital Camcorder is not water proof either, the moment u get it wet this camcorder can never be bought to working condition as none of the camcorders are water proof and also the warranty does not cover water related damages that is suffered by the camcorder. There is a speaker built in into the camcorder that can reproduce audio while video is reproduced on the LCD display and also there is a microphone integrated into the camcorder which can record audio. This is the best camcorder available in the market to record the finest moment of one’s life.

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