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Coby CSMP80 Review – 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

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Coby CSMP80 Review

Coby CSMP80 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System is the latest multimedia speaker system available in the market for a price tag of $35 ( Amazon have them for $32.26, at the time of writing, with free shipping). The complete package includes the speaker system, 3.5 millimeter adapter and the user’s reference manual.

The total output power of the system is 100 Watts, this is delivered by a 50 Watts subwoofer speaker and 2 speakers each of 25 watts output power. There are two satellite speakers each of 25 watts output power, which provides clear audio and high signal to noise ratio to the user. The subwoofer present in this multimedia speaker system has a 5 inch driver also, which enables in the production of good and rich bass, which is also balanced. There is also magnetic shielding present in this multimedia speakers system which provides the user interference free audio playing. The user is saved from the annoying interference that is created by the near by monitors or mobile phones if the magnetic shielding is not there. The user can use this multimedia speakers system with their computer, television or the audio system as it is designed to be interoperable. There is an auxiliary audio input port available in this multimedia speaker system through which the user can connect their MP3 player output and listen the music on the speaker system.

Coby CSMP80 has rated output power of 100 Watts

Coby CSMP80 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System has controls for speaker volume and controlling of the bass provided by the speaker system. The number of channels that are supported by this multimedia speaker system is 2.1. The covered frequency response range of this multimedia speaker system is from 40 Hertz to 220 Kilo Hertz for the sub woofer and the satellite speaker covers the frequency range of 120 Hertz to 20 Kilo Hertz. The sub woofer offers 6 ohms of impedance whereas the satellite speakers offer 4 ohms of impedance. There is also headphone jack output supported in this speaker system. This speaker system, comes with one year warranty for the spare parts and 90 days warranty for the labor that is provided by the manufacturer. With a good blu ray disc player or DVD HD player and a LCD high definition television this makes your house into a theater. This is simply the best thing to have in everyone’s house. This produces ear filling audio and thus the user gets the full feel of the sound experience of the movie that they are watching or the game that they are playing. Simply this is the best multimedia speaker system that fits everyone’s bills and also performs to meet the expectations. There is no wireless speakers that are supported and also it does not have any CD / DVD player integrated with it, this though may not be important disadvantages as the performance out scores this disadvantages.

Coby CSMP80 Pros

– Relatively inexpensive
– Easy to set up, simple design with 3.5 mm Audio In

Coby CSMP80 Cons

– Even though it is advertised at 100 Watts, the real sound level seems low according to customers

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