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Colibri – Tegra 2 OEM module from Toradex

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Toradex has been one of the foremost companies, that has come up with Tegra 2 based OEM module. Nicknamed Colibri Tegra 2, the module comes as an SODIMM card and has the Nvidia’s Tegra 2 CPU. The Tegra 2 CPU is based upon dual Cortex A9 running at 1 GHz.

The integrated graphics from the procesor leads to great graphics performance. You may end up getting great graphics performance, even when the processor’s processing power is not used.

The COlibri has an HDMI interface, that can be used to display the High Definition contents on the televisions or other devices that can take in the HDMI input. The colibri Tegra 2 has USB 2.0, I2C, SPI and GPIO busses to connect a large number of peripherals.

Toradex has a decent migration path where existing sockets can utilize this module. The only extra is the HDMI which comes a separate connector. To take full advantage of the capabilitied of the Colibri Tegra 2, you may like to have a fresh carrier board design.

Colibri Tegra 2 OEM Module Pros

– Small form factor
– Great processor, terrific performance, especially graphics
– HDMI support
– Fits in existing carrier designs.

Colibri Tegra 2 OEM Module Cons

– It comes wit only 256 MB of RAM

Here are the list of the Features in the Colibri Tegra 2 module as detailed by Toradex.

– NVIDIA Tegra 2 Cortex-A9 – 2 Core
-32KB Instruction and 32KB Data L1 cache
– 1 MB shared L2 Cache
-VFPv3 Floating Point Support
– 256 MB DDR2 RAM and 1Gbyte NAND FLASH
– 16/32 Bit Data Bus
– LCD RGB (1680 x 1050)
-Full HD 1080p HDMI
– Analog Video 1600×1200
– 4 as well as 5 wire Touch Screen
– Audio
-CMOS camera inteface
–  I2C, 4 SPI, 5 UART
–  2 SDCard support
– 10 GPIOs
– USB 2.0 high speed hosts and device
– 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
– One-Wire, Keypad, 4x PWM, S/PDIF

Colibri Tegra 2 OEM Module has pretty much everything that you need in an embedded environment. YOu may however, need you own additional circuit to support your applications. Some of the things that you may need include a USB 2.0 Hub,

Here are the includes external chips, besides the RAM and the NAND Flash in the Colibri Tegra 2 OEM Module

1. Asix AX88772B Ethernet chip for ethernet controller
2. Wolfson WM9715L for Audio

The SODIMM module is 200 pins. The Colibri modules fit into a regular 2.5V (DDR1) SODIMM200 memory socket. A choice of SODIMM200 socket manufacturers is given belowThere is another 24 pin connector for the HDMI and video output.

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