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Compaq CQ61-420US at Staple – A bargain

The Compaq CQ61-420US  is available at Staples for $399.98 at the time of writing after taking into account $75 instant rebate and $30 mail in rebate. Notice that you will have to pay $429.98 at the counter and this does not include taxes.

Amazon NOT recommended

Starred review does not recommend Amazon for buying Compaq CQ61-420US – the priced of the compaq presario CQ61-420US model starts at $497.68 at the time of writing. Customers will have to watch for the price movement before taking the decision – as, the prices vary over the time.

This note book was personally purchased. Even though, the mail in rebate is a headache, the bargain was too good to let go. And additional $10 coupon available made the decision quicker. The Compaq CQ61-420US eventually turned out to be for $389.98

No Webcam

Now comes the review part of this notebook. First the drawback – This notebook does NOT come with in built camera. Those who are accustomed to the camera in their notebooks for chat or other purposes will be heavily disappointed. If you are the one who use webcam do not buy this notebook.

Webcam apart, this notebook is a real charm. The 15.6 inch wide screen is fantastic with its glow. The keyboard and the mouse are solid.

Processor and Memory

The Compaq CQ61-420US notebook comes with AMD Athlon II Dual-Core Processor M320. Please look for the separate review for the AMD Athlon II Dual-Core M320 Processor. In short it is a 2.1GHz processor with 1MB Cache and has two cores. The only potential drawback is the 1MB cache otherwise it a great processor with enough hosrsepower to do most of your routine work. The Notebook comes with 3GB memory and can be expanded if required.

Great Sound Quality

Compaq Presoria notebooks have a history of providing a decent audible sound quality and this one is not an exception. You do not need a separate speaker to listen to a quality music. Do not expect the you can use the sound for a disco.


The notebook comes with Windows 7 Home Premium Edition.  It will ask for the username and password for the first time boot. At the time of the boot up it will ask for Free Norton Antivirus which you can do at the beginning. At the end of a month you may uninstall Norton and install Free AVG anti virus. I likes the fact that the notebook did not have tons of undesired software. You may also like to install  Spybot Search and Destroy to keep your browsing safe from Malware.


Before we end up this review we want to point out that Compaq Presario CQ61-420US does not has a HDMI. The multimedia enthusiast you will be willing to hook up this notebook with a LCD TV will be dissappointed.

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  1. January 21st, 2011 at 10:50 | #1

    I like it a lot but right now I’m really frustrated at the lack of HDMI port.

    I have a spot for it on my laptop but there is a cover on it that I can’t get off so I assume it doesn’t work.