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Comparison of the Pentium E5700 Vs Core i3-530

The architecture of a processor does make a difference. Let us try to see this in two similarly clocked dual core desktop processors – The Pentium E5700 and the Intel Core i3-530. The Core i3-530 is a 2.93 GHz processor while the Pentium E5700 is a 3 GHz part. Let us take a quick look at the architecture of the two processors

– The Pentium E5700 does not has Integrated Memory Controller. The Core i3-530 does come with one.

– The Pentium E5700 has 2 MB of Intel Cache, the Core i3-530 comes with 4 MB of Smart Cache

– The core i3-530 comes with integrated graphics controller, the Pentium E5700 has none.

– The Core i3-530 comes with Hyperthreading support, the Pentium E5700 has none.
– The Passmark Score of the E5700 is 2152 as compared to the 2712 score for Core i3-530 implying significance performance improvement.
– In the 3DMark03 CPU benchmarking score, the Core i3-530 is 3% faster than the E5700.

– In H.264 video coding Core i3-530 is 40% faster than the E5700 with Hyperthreading ON.

The Core i3 processor is obviously faster than the Pentium E5700, even with marginally lower operating frequency.

Just goes on to prove the Architectural Supremacy of Clarksdale processors.

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