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Contents copied from Starred Reviews ranking higher

We have observed that a large number of copiers are lifting content from Starred Reviews and posting on their website. And they are ranking higher in Google Search Engine with search terms. We congratulate them in their endeavors and wish them good luck.

Search for the term

Gateway NV5329H Laptop Review Starred Reviews
( The original content is here – http://goo.gl/4hy6L)

1. Here is the copied content coming to number 1


Notice the copiers heading – they have copied the | Starred Reviews in the end, thus, explicitly indicating that they have copied the content.

They have used automatic/manual method to use synonyms.

2. The number 2 position is this


A spammy page that has copied the topic, but not the content. Absolutely irrelevant to the search term. They do have a nofollow link going to the original site. The question is how google uses the “quality indicators” to rank this page higher. [ Here I am not asking to rank the original site in question higher – but presenting an example where google engineer can go back and check how quality signals are not working – in this instance]

3. The next result is
Which goes to a page that says “Account suspended”. Apparently a forum that posted the copied content.

4. The fourth result is from the zimbio.com


Again a spammy looking copied content that copies just two lines. Again what “quality signal” google uses to rank these sites is hard to gauge.

When a person is using the site name as one of the search term, it was apparently intended to the site itself.

The original content is here


Update on May 26, 2011 – The zimbio site is now coming below starredreviews.com – Must proves the fact that google re
shuffles the position when it indexes the pages again. However, it is still ridiculous to see the 4 copied posts coming on top of it.

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  1. admin
    July 26th, 2011 at 05:39 | #1

    Update : It looks like zimbio has jumped ahead to number 1 position with the indicated search term.