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Core i3-330M Vs Sandy Bridge Core i3-2310M

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The Arrandale based Core i3-330M is clocked at 2.13 GHz while the newer Sandy Bridge Core i3-2310M is similarly clocked at 2.13 GHz. Both are dual core processors and have same 3 MB L3 Cache memory. Now one important point – though the Sandy Bridge does support the newer Turbo 2.0 in its architecture, this does NOT apply to the core i3 CPU of the Sandy Bridge since the Sandy Bridge Core i3-2310M does not support CPU turbo.

The GPU section does seem to offer some significant improvement in Sandy Bridge processors. But we will restrict the discussions to the comparison of only CPUs. Notice that Sandy Bridge does offer some decent architectural improvements. For example, the Graphics and the Memory controller as well as the two CPU cores are built into the same 32 nm die – unlike the Arrandale architecture where the GPU and the memory controller was built into a separate 45 nm.

The Table below shows the comparison of some popular benchmanrks of the two processors.

Benchmark Core i3-330M Core i3-2310M
Super Pi 2M ( Lower is better) 50 seconds 42 seconds
Windows 7 Experience Index – CPU 6.2 6.5
Pass Mark Score 1945 Result awaited
3D Mark 06 CPU Score 2210 2500

The Sandy Bridge Core i3-2310M clearly outperforms the similarly clocked Core i3-330M. Expect further improvement in the performance advantage in the Core i5 Sandy Bridges when the newer Turbo 2.0 kicks in.

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