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Core i7-980x extreme edition Hex core Processor

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Core i7-980x extreme edition Hex core processor

So what if the 4 cores are not good enough for processing requirements ? Bump up the to 6 cores, spices up with an impressive 12 MB smart cache and with 12 threads running ( Hyperthreading is enabled), Intel has enough Armour to trash its rival AMD in any of the benchmarking results. The only question is does it worth the $1k price tag it comes with ?

Here is the quick cheat sheet for the core i7-980X

Table : Intel Core i7-980X processor quick facts

SL No.
Item Value
1 Clock Frequency 3.33 GHz
2 Turbo Frequency 3.60GHz
3 Number of Cores 6
4 Cache 12 MB
5 Memory Controller Triple Channel DDR3-1066
6 Chipset communication QPI 6.4 GT/s
7 TDP Rating 130 Watts
8 Price $1K

The Core i7-980X is clocked at 3.33 GHz and with turbo frequency enabled, its maximum frequency can reach to 3.60 GHz. The Core i7-980X belongs to the extreme edition which is what overclockers love. It has been reported that the core i7-980X can reach a clock frequency of 4.2 GHz a whopping 26% increase, breaking several benchmark results. For example, as anandtech reported, the core i7-980X at overclocked frequency of 4.13 GHz encoded the x264-HD at 103.1 frames per seconds as compared to 87.1 frames per seconds by the normally clocked ( 3.33 GHz) core i7-980X. By comparision, the Phenom ii quad core 965 ( 3.4 GHz processor) encodes ar 72.1 fps.

Before you strart singing hallelujah and hosana in favor of Intel core i7-980X bear in mind that the $1K price tag will not be the only thing you will be paying for. Its LGA-1366 socket means that you need a special motherboard, that will come at a special ( read expensive) price. And if that is within your budget, you should surely go for it.

You may like to note that you may need some decent cooling arrangements as the TDP rating is 130 Watts. Though overclockers do not seem to find any special issue with cooling arrangements.

Intel core i7-980X Pros – 6 cores, 12 MB Cache, Fast 3.33 GHz, Overclockable

Intel core i7-980X Cons – Expensive, Needs specialized motherboard.

Specifications – The detailed specifications of the Intel core i7-980X can be found at


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