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Dark LCD display is very dark , faint images?

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The LCD display is very dark and why is it showing only faint images?

Well this is a very common problem on the notebooks and it happens over a period of time for many laptops. If that has happened to your notebook, do not panic.

Sometimes even when the laptop lid is open if the switch that is used to detect if the lid is open are close is stuck at the close position then it is possible that your image is very faint or completely blank, this is because most of the laptops display a blank screen or a very faint image that appears almost dark when the lid is closed, this is because they save power and the battery backup time is exceeded. Some laptops only do that when the laptop is running on battery power whereas some do it even when it is running on AC power. At the back hinges of the laptop you will find a small plastic pin like switch, just try tapping the lid, and see if the display is normal again, if it is not then the solution is to replace the FL inverter board. Again word of caution, If you don’t know about computer and laptop then please don’t try to do it your self. Best option, call computer repair service.

This youtube will tell you how to fix a backlight problem.

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