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Microsoft Files Lawsuites against software pirates

November 11th, 2009 No comments

Microsoft has filed 52 lawsuits against businesses and individuals around the world for using illegitimate versions of its Windows, Office, and other products. This is part of its effort to crackdown on the use of illegally copied software,

Microsoft estimates that counterfeiting costs the software industry about $40 billion per year worldwide.
The lawsuits filed Monday by Microsoft included actions in several other countries including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Italy, Ireland.

The company also referred 22 additional cases to local law enforcement authorities in foreign countries, Microsoft said Monday.

15 Of the lawsuits filed, involved software that’s been traced to a Chinese businesses and individuals that Microsoft said is the world’s largest ring of pirates. The gang was busted earlier this year through a joint effort involving Chinese authorities, the FBI and Microsoft.

Microsoft said most fake software gets sold online. These software are sold often to unsuspecting buyers. As a result, the company said it’s begun work with eBay to help educate the Web auctioneer’s customers about the risks of counterfeit software and how to spot fakes.

Microsoft has posted a “Buying Guide” on eBay’s Reviews and Guides section. Microsoft also participates in eBay’s “verified rights” program, through which legitimate merchants can report counterfeits to eBay and have them removed from its site.

The software counterfeiting problem isn’t confined to shadowy groups operating in far off countries. Several software vendors — including Adobe filed a lawsuit against the prestigious Philadelphia law firm of Fox Rothschild for allegedly ripping off the commercial software it uses in-house.

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Nikon D300S Camera review

November 10th, 2009 2 comments

However, Nikon has proven itself to be one of the top quality and has carved a name for it even. With excellent new features, specifications, and better quality of image Nikon D300s this is one camera that you will be proud of carrying with you.

You will be able to get pictures of professional quality with this Nikon D300s, whether you are taking pictures as a hobby or by profession. The Nikon D300S model from has earned rave reviews from critics and Digital Camera professionals. This camera is different model from the D300. However, the Nikon D300s is more of upgraded model of D300 and extension of its predecessor. It is not something built from scratch.

Nikon D300s adds movie mode that was not available in its digital camera model D300 predecessor. This allows you to record up to 720p HD quality video at 24 fps in Motion JPEG format.It also comes with stereo sound quality that is great to listen.

There is a live view function in D300S that can be accessed through video recording. It is now possible to use the dedicated live view button located at the D300S rear. There is a  Quiet Release feature thae enables you to cope with different sounds coming from various shooting environments. This allows us to get the best possible audio for your all kinds of recording.

As far as the design is concerned,  Nikon D300s comes with specifications that that is very close to its predecessor D300S. The camera body is made with Magnesium alloy frame. The grip is made with  rubberized panels. The view finder of D300 is very good with a 100-percent frame coverage

The camera utilizes Active D-lighting feature that helps this digital camera deliver better looking images.  There is a good balance in color with Standard setting . You may also switch onto the Vivid Mode to make the pictures more lively. The detail and sharpness of the image produced is impressive.

On final note, the camera offers value for its price practical. This will be one of the factors that will govern the camera buying choice.  The drop in the price of the camera make it a lucrative buying choice. The camera will let you produce pictures of professional quality at a price you can afford.

Apple Starts shipping Core i5 iMACs

November 9th, 2009 No comments

It has been learnt that Apple has started shipping out the latest Core i5-equipped versions iMac. This includes 27 inch LCD. This makes it Apples’ first quad-core equipped consumer level desktop. The i5 equipped iMACs has been listed in Electronista as “prepared for shipment”. It could not be conformed when was the date of shipment . From what it appears the placement orders have been made.

The complete system’s specification is similar to that of the Core 2 Duo Model. Both have a gigantic 2560×1440 resolution display, a huge 1TB hard drive and 4GB of DDR RAM. They however, need different motherboards. This is because the i5 and i7 have built in memory controllers and their pin out is different The newer version uses more advanced graphics using Radeon HD 4850 graphics chipset.

The new orders for 27-inch Core 2 Duo models are can be delayed by two weeks. The quad cores are in great demand, causing shipment delays.

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How you can secure Extra Income in recession

November 9th, 2009 No comments

Falling economy has taken a toll on everyone. Massive Layoffs, shutdowns forced leave are common. This has made many people turn to the alternative ways to generate income. Half a century ago, people used to think of opening a store, selling newspaper, becoming a car driver to generate extra income. The internet revolution has brought some alternate ways people could be making extra money to meet ends.With a little bit of creative idea generating income during a recession is a matter finding right platforms and opportunity.

You must note that you should keep in mind the family obligations when you plan to work on a second job. If you do take a second job you are likely to reduce the attention to your family and the kid and it may not be in your best interest in all conditions.Fortunately, there are means to make money, some of which does even require you leaving your home.

Do not underestimate the power of the internet. Internet can be a powerful tool of money making tool if you know the right platforms to explore.

Once such avenue is selling items on ebay. Start cleaning up your home and instead of throwing it in trash, just offer them on ebay. You will be surprised that there are many people ready to buy your items that you would have otherwise thrown away. You can also be drop shipper. As a drop shipper you sell someone’s product and the original manufacturer takes care of shipping. Many people have used it to generate some extra income.

Freelancing is another way you can make money. Websites like ezdia, liveperson, justanswer allow you to create an expert profile. At minifreelance, you can, for example, you can do petty tasks and and make money. Examples include posting on facebook, re tweeting, voting on digg, writing 50 words about a topic.

Affiliate Marketing is another method where you can sell products and earn a commission from the sales. You can earn from affiliation with amazon. There are many other places where you can put your affiliate links and start making money. You can use your own blog or website to promote these products and make money.Many people use free advertising sites like craigslist for affiliate marketing.

Some seasonal cleaning up works provide another way of extra income. The jobs typically involve picking up leaves and shoveling snow. If you are not shy pick up their slack and make some extra money. You build up your body and stamina and save money on Gym. Many people are willing to take your services if you have a snow blower.

Many opportunities exist on the internet and other places that allow you to make decent money. You just need to explore which one is right for you. Many of them allow you to stay at home while you make money.

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HTC HD2 Review

November 8th, 2009 No comments

There are two things makes HTC HD2  a class above other – a big 4.3″  display and a fast 1GHz processor. The HTC HD2 mobile phone uses Windows Mobile 6.5.  This phone is  is one of the best Windows Mobile Phone currently available on market. The phone had been designed from the scratch and with the user in mind.

The phone has a capacitive touch screen with capability of muti touch. It is not resistive touch screen.  This helps it in giving iPhone like feel. The capacitive touch screen is not a new phenomenon. It is now very widely used in many touch screens now a days.

The operating system is windows. Though Windows looks good, the phone could have been smoother and faster with Android.

The HTC phone has  Snapdragon 1GHz processor which is what makes it very fast. The HTC HD2 phone has a 5 megapixels camera and it is able to keep fast because of the fast processor..

In my view the  HTC HD2 is one of the best Windows Mobile 6.5 phone available today. Its big 4,3″ screen, 5 megapixel makes it a great phone

Take a look at the youtube video review of this phone.

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