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Freezing screen of computers

March 28th, 2010 No comments

Freezing screen is one of the most irritating problems. If your are working on some important projects and suddenly computer stop responding, your reaction is understandable.

The causes behind freezing screen can be complicated or simple. At many times the reason in the virus infection. So scanning with updated and good antivirus may help you to get out of this problem.

Some time you need extra memory, in that case you have to add additional RAM to your system. If there is no virus or malware detected or if they are found and fixed, but still your system freezes, then you need to check memory and hard drive. In any of these cases, it will be suggested to take help of a computer technician or one of your friends who is more knowledgeable. They will diagnose it in better way and fix it.

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How to Select A local Computer Repair Company

March 28th, 2010 No comments

How to select a local computer repair company?

Is your laptop running slow or some annoying pop ups come out now then. Scan your computer with latest version of antivirus you have installed in your computer. The best suggested free Anti Virus programs are AV Antivirus and the SpyBot Search and Destroy. Both are free and excellent programs and catch most of the Virus and Spyware on your computer.

But, if you found that the problem is still there, then its time to call a computer repair company. You may consider a local computer repair company who can provide you onsite service. They send out technician at your door step. In this way your time will be saved.

Before hiring a computer repair company you need to consider following things.

1. Their turn around time or promptness.
2. Their charges
3. Experience of the company, which you can know from online reviews. Search yahoo local and google local, you will find many positive and negative reviews.

You may like to search for a Computer repair company on Google local. Make sure you read the reviews before you take their services.

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How registry cleaning helps your computer

March 28th, 2010 No comments

Last updated on May 28, 2011

Registry cleaning has many benefits. It helps to ward off malwares, spywares and other security threats from your computer. But registry cleaning is not an easy task. This is an advanced step and solves many problems most of the time. But you need to be careful while doing this step. Just search google for registry cleaning software and you will find many. Download some good software and perform a registry scan, and fix the errors in registry. And then reboot your computer and you are done!

Word of caution, if you are doing registry cleaning by yourself, and then be careful that you are not deleting important files. Before cleaning, take backup of registry or easiest way is to call computer repair service provider. Many computer repair service provider are able to repair registry online. You just need to book complain with them.

The review was written from common people or “janata” – who reported their problem with computers as part of their daily life deal with computers.

If you wish to report any issue that you have solved, please write to starred reviews and it will be published


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Error checking for speeding up computer

March 28th, 2010 1 comment

Error Checking is done for find the good health of your hard drive.To speed up your computer what you can do on a regular basis is performing ‘Error Checking’. With this system your OS checks for any errors that might have been present on your hard disk and then repairs them, this also removes any bad sectors that are caused when using of your computer. Most of the times the volume is in use and the check is done after a reboot.

To perform error checking you need to go to the hard disk’s properties, and then go to the tools menu, there an option is there for checking errors its labled ‘error checking’ click on that button and perform error check.
You can call Boston computer repair their expert will perform error checking online

The review was written from common people or “janata” – who reported their problem with computers as part of their daily life deal with computers.

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How to Restart crashed System

March 28th, 2010 No comments

Steps to restart the crashed system

Mac is considered as Crashed or Frozen when the cursor stops working and the keyboard also cannot link up with your. Below are the few steps to resolve this problem.

1. Press the following keys simultaneously to quit the current application and save the work done in any applications except the running one, you can force-quit the current application, the keys are Command -> Option -> Escape. The unsaved task in the running application will be gone.
2. Try saving the work in all other applications.
3. Press the Power key or go to the shut down from start menu to restart your computer.
4. In case your start tab is not working, press the following keys: Command -> Option -> Shift -> Power. All your unsaved data will be lost.
5. If you again want to restart, press the following keys: Command -> Control -> Power.
6. If all these attempts are also not working just turn it off from the main point of power or plug it out.

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