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2011 Chevrolet Cruze review and price

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As Cheverolet Cobalt is about to be phased out of the market, GM is preparing to release the 2011 model of Chevy Cruze as a replacement. 2011 Chevy Cruze is expected to officially launch in fall of 2010 but is already creating quite a buzz in the automotive industry. The Cruze might be a small car but it is aimed to release in the worldwide market, confirmed already in Asia and Europe. It is indeed a nice change from General Motors’ approach in releasing only car models in certain local markets instead of producing a “world car”.

About 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

The US version of the chevy cruze also exhibits the same look and feel that you would expect from European small car models. The base model comes with a standard engine of 1.8-liter inline-4, which can produce up to 124 lb of torque and 136 horsepower. If you opt for the upgrade version or known as the “Eco”, you can get the turbocharged 1.4-liter engine that can produce 148-lb torque and 138 horsepower. Whichever engine you opt to buy, you can avail of the manual and automatic transmission that each comes with 6-speed setting.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze images

There are three trim levels available for consumers to choose from, namely the LT, LS, and LTZ. For the base model, you can get the ones with 16-inch wheels, while the LTZ trim level features the 17-inch wheels. For those who’d prefer a much bigger trim, you have the option to go for the 18-inch wheels.

You can also enjoy increased functionality with additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, navigation system, and a high quality audio system. The interior features of this vehicle model are quite roomy to ensure passenger during the ride while the trunk is large enough to accommodate enough space. Meanwhile, the car feels and look solid to bring it power on various riding conditions.

Pro’s of 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

*This 4-door sedan offer several choices to suit any kind of driver: LS, LT, LTZ, and fuel economy.

*Both the manual and automatic transmission offer 6-speed control settings.

*There are several safety features available for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze to ensure that you can enjoy a safe ride. These features include the following: front- and rear-side airbags, traction control, curtain-side airbags, antiskid system, and ABS.

*The options for wheels range from 16-inch wheels to as large as 18-inch wheels, thus giving you more customization with your approach in choosing your ride.

*The Chevrolet Cruze has undergone full evaluation in terms of engine, handling performance, cargo space, interior cabin, and safety features to ensure that it is safe and convenient for you to ride on.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze dashboard view

Con’s of 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

*Currently, there are no definite drawbacks to this chevy model as determined through the initial road test and the set of features available here for consumers to enjoy.

The Bottom Line

The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze is a great addition into the small car segment in the industry due to its wonderful combination of fuel economy and superior build quality. It therefore delivers prime competition among other small cars in the market and must therefore be included in your list of options when shopping for a new vehicle model.

photo credit- general motors

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2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i review and price

April 27th, 2010 1 comment

About 2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i

The all new BMW X5 xDrive35i 2011 model is a spawned version of the original BMW X5 with a whole new surprises for

2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i photo

2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i

those who loved the original model. When the X6 model was introduced into the market, it was packed with useful features that buyers were able to enjoy such as a 400-hp twin turbo, 300-hp twin turbocharged inline-six, among others. Sadly though, the X5 was not as impressive with its 260-hp inline-six, naturally aspirated gasoline engine, and 350-hp V-8.

Thankfully, the 2011 model of BMW X5 xDrive35i is not languished with any of these complaints. It comes with two choices of power motors to run this vehicle with, namely the 400-hp eight or the 300-hp six. Both turbocharged motors are secured in a slot beneath the Roundel-stamped hood. There are also a few similar features from other models such as X6’s 4.4-liter carry over V8, as well as the N55 single-turbo inline-six. This powerful vehicle can also produce up to 1200 rpm in peak torque band, then holding it all the way up to as much as 5000 rpm.

2011 BMW X5

When it comes to shifting gears, the 2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i offers eight-speed automatic transmission that was also used in the 5-series and 7-series GT. You will delight in the eight-speed transmission setup as it offers a smooth and efficient ride, regardless of your driving style. You will also delight in the difference for each speed setting since the ratios are evenly spaced out so you really feel like the speed transmission is individually different.

For practical users, fuel economy is one area to focus on. It is important to note though that BMW has taken that a bit further upwards on here, but makes up for it via a more efficient brake regeneration system and the use of a deep-cycle battery, which helps to reduce the drag on the engine when your vehicle is either braking or coasting.


*There were several new technologies incorporated into the vehicle design for a more precise driving experience, such as the lane departure warning, active cruise control, and cameras mounted on the vehicle to provide additional set of eyes for the driver.

*You have two trim packages to choose from for the 2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i: the Premium Package costing $5,800 and the Sport Activity Package costing at $2,500.


*Some users who’ve tried the 2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i have complained about the downshift feature on the transmission.

*Another major issue that arose during the test drives would have to be the throttle, which requires a deeper stab before it can take full effect into your driving.

*There is not enough exterior improvement with this revamped version of the X5 to distinguish it from the model that it replaced.

The Bottom Line

Depending on your driving requirements and which package you choose to buy, then the 2011 model of BMW X5 xDrive35i could be reasonably priced. And knowing that it is manufactured by BMW, one of the longest running and most reliable auto manufacturers in the industry, then there shouldn’t be any question on the quality that this new vehicle model can deliver.

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2011 Buick Regal Review and prices

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About 2011 Buick Regal

The Buick Regal 2011 model is one of the frontrunners for European mid-sized vehicles and is the brand’s answer to Honda’s Accord, Ford’s Mondeo, and Volkswagen Passat in the market. This particular vehicle model was rebranded for both US and China. This Buick has several offerings for anyone looking around for the best mid-sized family sedan that offers a luxurious feel.

In comparison to its closest competitors, the 2011 Buick Regal is a classier option for your family. The build and styling is very aesthetically appealing and has retained most of the styling elements of the Insignia. Changes were incorporated on a few of the physical features for the vehicle model, such as the taillight bulbs, grille, side mirror glass, and the badging. It comes with a standard 18-inch wheel but you can also switch to a 19-inch if you like. Everything else is pretty much standard for a Buick vehicle model.

The 2011 Buick Regal comes with surfaces made out of soft-touch plastic and an elegant finish, making it more high class in quality and appearance as other mid-sized family sedan in the market. It is also a good commodity offering passenger space of up to 97 cubic feet and a 14-foot cubic trunk. The rear seat offers a 37.3-inch leg room that is much better than its competitors in the market, such as Honda Accord and Audi A4.

2011 Buick Regal photo

On the mechanical aspect, the Regal offers two powertrains for the models to be released in the US. The first one comes with 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine  that can produce up to 172 lb-fit of torque and 182 hp, while the second one is direct-injection, 2.0 liter engine that can produce as much as 258 lb-ft torque and 220 hp. You can also avail of up to 6-speed automatic transmissions for both types of engine.

Pro’s of 2011 Buick Regal

*It received just the right amount of physical changes to make its styling unique but retain the old glamour that Buick has continually offered its patrons.

*There are two choices of engine with different power to ensure that you can find the most suitable vehicle model for your driving needs.

*You have several choices of modes such as “Sport”, “Tour”, and “Normal” modes to ensure that you can adjust it according to your driving style.

*The turbo engine that is equipped in this vehicle model is quiet and refined for a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

*Its got a large and roomy passenger space to ensure that everyone is comfortable in this vehicle.

2011 Buick Regal photo

Con’s of 2011 Buick Regal

*The 2011 Buick Regal is pegged to start at a price range of about $30,000 bracket, which is quite expensive as compared to other mid-sized family sedan.

The Bottom Line

General Motors is indeed posing the new 2011 Buick regal model as the newest soft-luxury vehicle from the brand, competing against some other well known brand such as Lexus, Volvo, Acura, and Lincoln. The only downside to introducing Buick as a new model, instead of sticking with Saturn would be a possible confusion among brand loyalists who might still be used to the earlier model.

2011 Buick Regal Release

The release of 2011 Buick  Regal is supposed to be late summer

At $26,995 2011 Regal CSX is slim and stylish. The big brother Regal Turbo priced at $29,495 is has more power with 220 horsepower.

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Bosch dishwasher reviews

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Buying a dependable and highly efficient dishwasher is very essential to every household. But if you are on a tight budget, it often limits your choices. Well, no need to think about giving up quality for affordability when you decide to pick up Bosch dishwashers. This brand is unique for the wide range of features and price range you can choose from in their selection of dishwasher models.

Bosch dishwasher has been around for a long while now; in fact, they have earned the trust of several consumers in the market that has propelled their business on the top. Currently, there are two lines of Bosch dishwasher to choose from: Integra and Evolution. Each of the two product lines from Bosch diswasher come with unique set of features, as well as distinct advantages and disadvantages.

First off, the Integra line is perfect for homeowners who dislike a noisy washer at home. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at, which will serve a great compliment to the interior design of your home. In fact, you can choose from a wide range of colors, sizes, and set of features, depending on your individual needs and preferences. It is also equipped with useful features such as Auto Super Wash, Extreme Wash, Condensation Drying, and a sturdy door to ensure maximum cleaning quality on your dishes.

Meanwhile, the Evolution Line is equipped with more advanced technologies to deliver optimum efficiency. It comes with environmental and economical features, truly understanding the needs of modern households. It is built with a unique noise suppression technology to ensure that this dishwasher operates without a trace of noise within your kitchen. There is also a safety feature via the Childlock hatch, which prevents kids from accidentally opening the dishwasher door.

On a large scale, there are no recognizable differences between the Integra and Evolution line of Bosch dishwasher. But upon closer examination, they have unique set of features that make one more ideal than the other for a wide range of circumstances.

But, whichever you choose between the two types of Bosch dishwasher, you can expect common features that is part of the brand’s stamp. One is superior quality performance due to its powerful features like Auto Plus, Extreme Wash, Auto Delicate, and Glass Care, such that you can appropriately set the intensity of the dish washing performance according to the cleaning requirement.

Both are also equipped with the unique noise suppression technology available only to the Bosch brand of dishwashers. Then, there’s the AquaStop Leak Protection to systematically combat leaking problems and prevent floor damage.

The Price, Quality and brand combination of the bosch dishwashers are  unbeatable in the market at present. flights review

April 27th, 2010 8 comments

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