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LG 32LD350 LCD TV: Harness the luxury of 1080p with a 720p TV

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LG has clear motto for providing quality TV experience for its common consumers while making this 32” amazing display unit. The satisfied customers are now the strong advocates for this TV. A beginner or an ever time TV enthusiast equally says this TV really worth the value of money they are paying for it. The watching experience is better even under high black image situations because of the high dynamic contrast ratio. This can defeat other low cost models of same size with the excellent performance offered from LG.
LG 32LD350 television is really like a magic box with the facilities for different modes of viewing. LG knows the image processing needs are totally different with different contexts of images. Separate film, game and sports modes are available in preset AV modes. The interactive menu system in LG 32LD350 offers simple ways to adjust the image properties like brightness, contrast, tint etc…The TV is energy saving and compatible with the IFSccc standards.

The energy button on the remote allows you to turn on/off the energy saving mode. This is a cool feature and protects you from over running the backlight to higher brightness levels. This TV can handle the 1080p signals better even LG says it is 720p. The excellent display results for gaming applications like play station exemplifies this. This allows you to use this TV as a computer monitor with high picture clarity.

The audio system is capable of processing Dolby digital signals and outputs you the crystal clear surround voice. The audio system comprise of two 7W speakers (2 x 7 = 14W) which is free from noise disturbance. You need to turn on the auto volume feature while using the clear voice II in LG. The dialogues can be clearly audible from the background music, making film viewing with a theatre like experience.

The remote has one touch feature for displaying most frequently used settings in a circular popup menu. The remote is optimum sized with simplicity in design. The keys are resistant to frequent use damage to a great extent by wear free designing. The mounting screws and slots for fitting the TV on walls of your room are of standard size. This makes it is easier to collect those from the local hardware shop if you lose it unexpectedly.

The dynamic contrast ratio of LG 32LD350 comes about 50,000:1. This ensures higher view experience with any dish service provider offering HD broadcast service. The picture wizard is capable of handling diverse range of inputs and different frame rates. This TV is ideal for your bedroom or for small apartments where space is a constraint before you. The price on Amazon for LG 32LD350 comes around 339.99$ now. At beginning it was about 400$. So this may be a good time for making a deal. The warranty is for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. This can be extended to 3 years with an additional 48$. You can decide whether to purchase additional 2 year warranty or not within 180 days from the date of purchase.

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HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450F – Review – Fast Desktop

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HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450f Desktop is the latest desktop computer from Hewlett Packard available in the market with great looks and performance. This desktop is powered by the Intel Core i7–870 processor which clocks at 2.93 Giga Hertz and has a level 2 cache of 1 MB and 8 Mega bytes of level3 cache, that intel calls Smart Cache.

The key point about the i7-870 is the Max Turbo Frequency, which can ramp to 3.60 GHz when there is sudden increase in demand of the processing power. With 8 MB of smart cache HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450F makes a killer desktop. But does it justify the $1000 plus price take it comes with ?

HP Elite HPE-450f is a high end computing machine, but, its high price tag may deter thrifty buyers. Picture courtsey Amazon

The total RAM memory that can be supported by this desktop extends up to 16 giga bytes and there are four channels of DDR3 SDRAM memory slots each of which is configured to have 2 Giga byes each. Currently the desktop is configured to have 8 Giga bytes of RAM memory with each channel having a 2 Giga bytes of RAM. This can be extended to 4 Giga bytes RAM per channel so that this can provide a RAM memory extension of 16 Giga bytes. The refreshing rate of these RAMs are 10600 Mega hertz, the Hard disk of this desktop is of capacity 1 Terra bytes working at a speed of 7200 Rotations per minute or RPM as it is often termed as. The hard disk used in this desktop is SATA type hard disk. This desktop comes with preloaded windows 7 64 bit home premium genuine version.

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450f Desktop has ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card which has a dedicated 1 giga bytes of DDR5 RAM memory for the graphics processing that improves the graphics performance to a big extent. HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450f Desktop also provides support for Microsoft DirectX 11 and Blu Ray, this has High Definition Audio with up to 7.1 surround sound capabilities along with Combo Blu-ray/SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology. There are many ports available in this desktop namely one headphone jack, microphone, 3 USB 2.0 ports available on the backside along with 6 USB ports of version 2.0 available on the front side, 1 IEEE 1394 port, dual link DVI, HDMI, VGA and Display port, optical digital audio output port, Rear speaker out and side speaker out port. There is wireless support also available in this desktop which supports wireless standard IEEE 802.11b / g and n and also HP keyboard and optical mouse are given out with the desktop. There is also a memory card reader which is 15 in 1 available on the front panel. This desktop is a high end desktop costing close to 1300 dollars. This is not a simple desktop for normal usage, this is basically for high usage people who likes to do ultimate gaming or video editing. The performance of this desktop is off the charts and this can be the best desktop in terms of performance thus there is no other even close to its performance.

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450F Pros

– Fast Intel core i7-870 processor
– Ample 8 GB RAM
– ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450F Pros

– Somewhat expensive, One with core i7-860 and $300 less could make it more affordable without sacrificing price

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450F is a fast desktop that will give you speed and has enough power for high end gaming experience. However, its $1300 price could be deterrent to home buyer. We also recommend that you take a look at hex core AMD Phenom ii 1045T powered HP Pavilion Elite HPE-410f, which could be only slightly less performing than the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450F , but also comes with substantially reduced pice ( less that $850 at the time of writing), giving you much higher performance for unit price.

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Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor Review

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Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor is the latest LCD desktop monitor that is available in the market from Samsung the Korean multinational company who is into consumer electronics product manufacturing. The VGA and DVI cables, Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor and owner’s manual are the things that get packaged as the product that the user gets for a cost of 140 dollars. This monitor has a quick response time of 5 milliseconds and the screen size of this LCD monitor measures 20 inches. The contrast ratio offered by this monitor is 1000 : 1 and and the figure for the dynamic contrast ratio is 50, 000 : 1.

Samsung Syncmaster B2030 could be a good companion for your desktop if you can find it in deals. Picture courtsey, Samsung.

The brightness offered by this monitor measures 250 candela per square meters. The maximum display resolution of this monitor is 1600 X 900 pixels. The horizontal viewing angle supported by this monitor is 170 degrees whereas the vertical viewing angle measures 160 degrees. This monitor is energy stay certified thus it is Eco friendly and consumes less power, in simple words its energy efficient. This monitor is compatible with both PC and MAC machines. There is no Antiglare coating available in this monitor which is a major disadvantage as there will be lot of disturbances while viewing the content on the monitor in a bright environment as there will be lot of glare to which the user will be exposed to.

Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor does not have any built in speakers like few other monitors so the user cant listen to audio on the monitor and they need to have separate speakers with their PC to listen to the audio delivered by the PC. This monitor can take VGA input along with DVI input and DVI D with HDCP inputs but this monitor fails to take any HDMI input. The user can tilt the monitor as per their wish, this has no touch screen features enabled. This monitor consumes less space then the conventional CRT monitors and also consumes less power compared to them. The life of this monitor is really high compared to the CRT monitors. The user gets ultimate watching experience while using this monitor to play games or watch movies thanks to the LCD display technology which gives higher quality and clarity. There are also front panel keys available in this monitor which can be used by the user to change the parameters of the monitor such as brightness, width, contrast and height and few other parameters. This monitor is the best fit for both personal and office purpose. This saves your electricity bill to a great extent as the as it consumes less power and provides the user the best monitor available for a lesser cost.

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eMachines EL1352-07e review – Desktop

December 31st, 2010 2 comments

eMachines EL1352-07e Desktop is the latest desktop computer that is available in the market from bestbuy a packaged deal with 18.5” LCD monitor ( priced $480 at the time of writing). The desktop can also be brought elsewhere without the LCD monitor which will save you some bucks, if you already have a monitor. The of eMachines EL1352-07e is a models performing personal computer, which runs with the AMD Athlon processor II clocked at 2.8 giga hertz and has 1 MB of cache.

eMachines EL1352-07e

Bestbuy sells eMachines EL1352-07e as a bundled package with 18.5" LCD monitor

To be more specific, eMachines EL1352-07e is powered by AMD Athlon II X2 220 Processor. This desktop comes with the preloaded Genuine Windows 7 Operating system premium version for 64 bit processor. The graphics chip set that is present in this desktop is NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Chip set. The RAM memory supported in this desktop is DDR3 type dual channel RAM up to a maximum of 4096 Mega bytes totally. It is configured to the maximum as there are two 2048 Mega bytes DDR3 RAM placed like one per channel. The hard disk that is configured for this desktop is 500 Giga bytes, which works with 7200 revolutions per minute and this is a SATA type hard disk. There is an optical Super Multi drive available which can do a maximum write operation at 16X DVD which has do write on rewritable discs also. The writing speed is limited to 16X for DVDs and for CDs it grows up to 48X.

eMachines EL1352-07e Desktop has multi in one digital card reader slot, Multimedia card reader, reduced size memory card reader, secure digital card reader, xD picture card reader, memory stick pro and memory stick reader. This desktop also supports High definition audio with 5.1 channel support. The Ethernet port available in this desktop can support 10 / 100 / 1000 giga bit Ethernet LAN via the RJ 45 Ethernet port. The peripherals that comes with the desktop are PS / 2 keyboard, optical mouse and AC power card. There are nine USB ports, 2 PS / 2 ports one for Keyboard and another for mouse, 3 audio jacks, 1 head phone jack, 1 Ethernet port, 1 microphone jack and one VGA port. The desktop is priced at 400 dollars, also the manufacturer offers one year limited warranty for spare parts and labor, and also there is a toll free tech support also available. There are some preloaded softwares that comes along with the desktop namely Microsoft Office Starter 2010 trail version, Cyberlink PowerDVD, Norton Internet Security 2010 Trial, Adobe Flash Player, Nero 9 Essentials, Adobe Acrobat Reader and eMachines Recovery Management. The performance of this desktop tops the charts and it also provides better gaming experience as the graphics processor present in this desktop has many things to offer. This is not bulky either, this simply is the best available desktop that fits your home and office needs, which is cheap and effective at the same time.

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Dell Inspiron M5030 review

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Dell is a successful brand in computer market with huge successful track record. Often Dell would be the choice for many people while shopping for a laptop. It is quite imperative to know about Dell Inspiron M5030 before shopping for a best laptop. This laptop is powered through AMD processor along with AMD Vision technology. This laptop is a combined facility to deal with daily computing needs and multimedia needs successfully.

This Dell Inspiron M5030 is powered by 2.1 GHz AMD Athlon II P320 dual-core mobile processor, which works together with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics with AMD M880G+SB820M Chipset family. The Athlon ii P320 at 2.1 GHz clock frequency will give out moderate level of performance, which should be enough for your daily home and computing needs. You should be able to browse internet, use emails, spreadsheets, word processors and your other common programs with relatively fast speed. You can even run your video processing and compression, and you should be fine if you do it occasionally. However, if you perform tasks that need very heavy processing power ( for example compiling a lot of program, high end gaming, video compression, professional CAD software) , we recommend that you look for notebooks with processors that has some more horse power – Intel core i5 or the AMDs Phenom ii could be better – but then they will be expensive.

Its 15.6-inch screen is truly captivating with HD LED TruLife Screen at 720p (1366×768). Its hard disk drive is 320 GB and has a possibility to expand it up to 500 GB. This laptop’s 4 GB DDR is upgradeable up to 6 GB DDR RAM. There is no need to mention its 6-cell lithium battery 0.3 MP webcam with Microphone and built-in speakers.

The Dell Inspiron M5030’s classic black styling frame in 1.48-inch front and 1.58-inch back height dimension are quite impressive. Its full-size ergonomic keyboard is designed in a way it can be practical and with attractive style for a user.

Its some more standard features includes as multi-format card reader, DVD burner, Dell audio with 2 speakers @1 W ea, 802.11n Wi-Fi, USB port, eSATA and HDMI connections. This laptop runs Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit version.

Dell Inspiron M5030 Pros

– Relatively inexpensive, acceptable performance for the price it is offered
– Nice LED backlit screen
– Comes with inbuild webcam

Dell Inspiron M5030 Cons

– Could be short of processing power for your high end computing needs

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