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Photo Sizes for Indian Passport Vs US Passport

April 29th, 2011 1 comment

The requirement for the Photo sizes for the Indian Passport is different from a US Passport. The Indian size of the Indian Passports are required to be 3.5 cm x 3.5 Vs the 2 inches x 2 inches for the US Passport. In terms of inches the required size of the Indian Passport photo is 1.38 inches by 1.38 inches which is considerably smaller than the US Passport photo.

Notice that this size requirement is only if you are applying for new passport or renewal of passports withing India. If you are applying for passport withing US, the required size of the passoport is still 2 inch x 2 inch ( or 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm), except possibly for Houston Consulate. You need to check with the respective consulate office in US to check the required size.

If you are travelling in Idia for Indian Passport renewal or need photos for your bank account etc, you probably need the smaller size 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm photo.

Steps for creating a 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm photograph

– Take a photograph of using a camera with white background.Use a white board or a white bed sheet to ensure that the background stays white.

– Transfer the photo on your computer and open it with Microsoft paint . Cut a SQUARE of the photograph such that the size of the cut portion complies with the requirement of the passport photo. Let us say that the size of the cut portion of the photograph is 450×450.

– Copy the photo using Control+A and Control +C.

– Increase the width of the Microsoft Paint to w + w + 0.164xw , where wxw is the size one photo. In our example, increase the width to 450 + 450 + 74 = 974.

– Paste the photo using control C and slide it to the right side of the space.

– Now copy the whole thing using Control A, Control C

– Extend the width to (w + w + 0.164xw) *2 + .164*w. In this case to 974*2 + 74 = 2022

– Paste the copied content and slide it to the right most side.

– Copy the whole content at this stage using control A, Control C

– Extend the width to 2.92*w where wxw is the size of the photo.In our case, it is

– Paste the copied content using control C and slide it to the bottom portion.

– Save the file. You should be able to transfer it to your MMC or SD card and take to your nearest printing shop to print the photographs. Print it on a 6 inch by 4 inch size and you should be able to get 8 photographs of 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm size.

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How to Greate US Passport Size Photo your self.

April 29th, 2011 No comments

It is possible to create a set of 6 US size passports using your own digital Camera. The steps are outlined as follows

– Take a photograph of yourself using a good digital camera on a white background. You can use a white board or a white bed sheet to ensure that the background stays white.

– Transfer the photo on your computer and open it with Microsoft paint . Cut a SQUARE of the photograph such that the size of the cut portion complies with the requirement of the US passport photo. To ensure that it is square look at the coordinate of the box while selecting the portion of the photo. It should typically be a square, like, say 500 x 500 pixel.

– Paste this photo on the top left corner. Save this file as a new file.

– Goto File -> Properties. Set the size of the image as 500 x 500. This will leave the photo with only the square image.

– Now copy the image using Control+A and then Control +C
– Now go to the image properties again and change the image size as 1500 x 1000 ( three times the width and two times the photo).

– Now paste the image six time shifting and aligning in the 4 x 6 inch area. Here is how it looks like at the end.

– Save the file in your computer. Transfer it to to an MMC or SD card or a USB Stick and take it to your walmart or CVS pharmacy store and print it. Chances are, it will cost you $0.25 and you get 6 passport size photos !!!

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Importing older Outlook data file in new laptop /computer

April 28th, 2011 1 comment

Statement of Problem – You purchased a new notebook / Laptop / Desktop. You were working on the outlook express with your older notebook. You set up Outlook in your new notebook. The problem is you are no more able to access the older emails received and sent. How can you get the older emails in the new notebook.

– Before you solve your problem, you must understand that the hard disk in the older notebook contains the data in of the received and send file. So Do not format the hard disk of the older notebook that you were using to access your emails.

If your computer died but you hard disk is still not damaged, you may be able to access the data of your older hard disk using a SATA to USB Adapter.

Now follow the following step.

1. Locate the file that contains the data of the emails. It typically has the extension .pst and is typically located in C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder. Replace the with your the name of the user/computer. If your computer is damaged, access the files using a SATA to USB Hard Disk converter and access the files using USB port of your new computer.

Tips: Search for Outlook.pst from in your older computer and when you have found it – copy it in a folder in the new computer

2. In the Outlook – Go to File menu -> Open -> Outlook Data File.
3. Click the .pst file you of the older computer then click OK.

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What your GRE Score Tells?

April 28th, 2011 No comments

Your GRE score is the instant score displayed on the computer screen immediately after finishing the exam. This score will reach the ETS database and remains there for 5 years. Once you choose ‘yes’ to the question – Do you want to see the scores? There is no option to cancel the test. If you take a re-exam, the previous score sheets will also be put with the new score. It is comfortable as we are getting a quick score sheet. But, take enough preparation before taking the actual test. powerprep & grebible are excellent software for practicing the mock tests. The practice test results generally match with the actual GRE score.

Good GRE scores pave the way to top notch colleges. However a score of 550 & above is considered good for verbal section. In quantitative test you need to score as high as 700 or more. Your state of mind while taking the exam, time management & the ability to respond well under pressure determines the GRE score. This is used as a major selection factor in foreign universities. A good GRE score boosts your carrier to the top with quality higher studies.

While using the practice software for vocabulary & math, chances for getting similar questions with in the first 10 is high & your score will definitely rise up. Question practice & mock tests helps to manage the time effectively with a predefined allocation of care for each of the sections. Getting a good score is not a challenging thing for hard working people. But the level of attention needed for each section depends on individuals as the mental abilities differs a lot. A high level thinking and good vocabulary can be attained with an exam focus of view.

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Revised GRE – From August 2011

April 28th, 2011 No comments

Revised GRE is adopted by ETS from August 2011 onwards for nullifying the effect of small performance difference between applicants. The new test has the following changes.

1. A score pattern of 120 to 170 with 1 mark increment for each correct answers
2. This change reflects for verbal & quantitative sections
3. Essay will be graded on 0 to 6 as in the previous exam style with a 0.5 increment.

Impacts & scopes

1. Helps to narrow the difference between the performances
2. Admission process will be difficult even with minor score differences.
3. New pattern ensures sharp evaluation for performance
4. Easy to grade excellent performances without feel of prejudice.

Other changes include permission to use your own calculators for the exam. The old 200 to 800 score pattern with 10 point increment will never allow you to roll back previous and next questions without marking a response. But the new scheme allows much flexibility. But people think there will be more tough questions to expect. There are no more antonyms & synonym. This is pleasant news to most applicants. These questions are replaced by reading comprehension questions.
The latest exam pattern puts interesting offers for the applicants in context of exam fee. There is 50% for those taking exam for August 2011. With the rush of applicants to take the exam, you’re advised to register immediately and select a date. Otherwise there is difficulty in getting your date choice or even official suggestions from ETS. August – September months are always in rush of applicants due to the exam finish & new entry time for most colleges. Taking the advantage of this transition season will be advantageous for you. A strong GRE score can fetch premium quality foreign education.

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