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Solvate Review

June 29th, 2011 No comments

By Starredreviews

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We are in the process of reviewing Solvate – that promises to find talent for you – “that you can trust”. Here are some of the facts you need to familiarize yourself if you are planning to take the services of a Solvate talent or if you are planning to become a “Solvate talent” for that matter.

– Solvate has the pool of “ONLY US” talent, they DO NOT have any freelancer out of US. This is something they are specifically clear about on their front page. This is one biggest differentiating factor between solvate and other freelancing platforms.

– If you are looking for a Talent, you sign up and have access to the pool of talents

– Solvate make money from the talents. When a talent is hired, he pays a part of the money to solvate for using their platform.

– If you are looking for a talent Solvate will collect your billing information. This is done to ensure that persons or firms with genuine interest are able to create an account and connect to the talents. The billing information is never used to charge the credit card.

– Solvate receive venture capital ( first one $2.5 million and second one $4 million). So you can rely upon solvate and and rest assured that it is not fraud.

– Starredreviews believes that Solvate is a risky adventure from its CEO Michael Paolucci. The 40 year old CEO has a history of successivily building up companies that he has sold for decent returns. Michael Paolucci has founded Interactive Imaginations, Inc, and 24/7 Real Media, Inc (TFSM), which sold to WPP Group in 2007. The team of Solvate includes Russell Mikowski, VP of Sales and Business who takes charge of the Texas area.

– It looks like Solvate is depending, at least for now on the experience and talent of its current top executives “to bring business” for it. This is a costly affair, and, unless, Solvate can become a platform where the business depends more on the strength of the platform than the individuals, Solvate is deemed to be a failure.

– By “bringing the business”, we mean the firms coming to Solvate to search and find the talents and freelancers.

– The basic question is why will a firm come to Solvate to find the talent ? What is the unique value proposition Solvate provides. We do not have any definite answers to these questions.

– We do observe that Solvate is doing some fishy ways of promoting it. Take a look at

The review was written on September 16, 2011. The comments on this were ALL written in a span of two days – September 16 2011 and September 17, 2011. All positive comments about Solvate !!! – Good marketing effort. There is nothing wrong in it. Believe me, a lot of big companies do this kind of work. But will it work ? It depends. If the company has a solid product to offer, such marketing efforts do pay off. Other wise Solvate’s investor is going to loose all of the $2.5 million + $4 million that they have poured into this company.

The Interview at wisemansay is a good read for anyone who is interested to know with clarity about it. No one puts it better than its CEO Mike Paolucci about what Solvate is – a platform to bring the independent professions, talent and companies together. Well a lot of online platforms are like this – amazon brings the products, manufacturers and buyers on a single platform. Ebay is a platform that brings individual sellers of mostly used and old stuffs and buyers together. brings the employers and the workers together. So yet another platform ?

Mike Paolucci points out that some of the functions are meant only for the local talents and can not be off shored. Combine it with the fact that Solvate “personally screen” each talent makes it different from other platforms including odesk and elance.

While a lot of staffing firms did succeed in past, starredreviews has its own reservation of about the success of Solvate as a business. We will have to wait for some more time when the financial figures of Solvate becomes available.

Finishing line

As we are writing this review we just leaned that Andrea Wehrmann joined Solvate –!/awehrmann. She seems to take care of the PR activity of talent. This review should be one of her first PR task she will be tackling.

We wish Solvate best of luck -they have a challenging job – especially for their marketing team. Starredreviews feels that success will be difficult for Solvate ( Mike Paolucci, obviously thinks otherwise and predicts a great 2012 year for Solvate). Proving Starredreviews wrong will be a challenging task for Solvate – something that Mike’s men will have to work hard on.

Note for Talents and Individual Professionals – We see no harm in applying for the talent . If selected, you have the chance of receiving some freelance work in future. DO NOT expect any work quick – they very few available for now.

Discloure – The link above is an affiliate link. You can use it to join Solvate and it makes a little amount of affiliate money ( $2 per sign up). If you do not want this link to make money, please go to directly and create a new sign up.

Note for Business Owners

If you are a business owner and you are really looking for a talent, you may definitely like to give the talent pool of Mike’s men a try. – An yes, when you use this link to join Solvate, it makes an affiliate money. So make sure you go directly to solvate, if you do not want that this link make affiliate money.

Good luck to Solvate, Professionals and business.

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SBI Dormant Account – time, rules

June 29th, 2011 1 comment

SBI Dormant Account – time, rules

If you are not using your SBI bank ( or any bank for that matter) account for a long time, your bank may mark it as dormant account. The financial activity in the dormant account it stopped – and your checks given to another person are returned. You can not withdraw the money unless you remove the dormant restriction.

Your bank account becomes dormant when there is no activity for a long time and the activity is defined by the withdrawls. If you want to ensure that your bank account does not get dormant, you should typically make at least 1 transaction in one year. If you are no longer living in the city you have the bank account, the best way to ensure that your bank account does not get dormant is by using a check to give money to someone else. If you do not have check you can visit the check and ask for a check book. Alternatively you may use the withdrawl slip to withdraw the money from the bank.

It may be a good idea keep few banks for the benefit of taxation. This, however, works only for smaller amounts. Once the amount exceeds a certain number, you will be asked for PAN number and there is no way you can avoid taxes.

If you however, no more use the bank or do not plan to use it, it may not be a bad idea to close the bank account.

To make your account come out of dormant, you will have to visit your bank and present them with your address and ID proof. The bank will verify your credentials and remove the dormant tag. Please withdraw a small amount once your dormant status has been removed.

Different banks have different time periods in which the bank marks it dormant. ICICI Bank for example marks an account dormant if there is no transaction in 18 months. Banks like HDFC have shorter period and marks them dormant in as small as 6 months.

Rules for SBI

According to the SBI – Account will be treated as dormant if there are no transactions (‘no credit or debit’ other than crediting of periodic interest or debiting of service charges) in the account for over a period of one year.

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12723 AP Express ( Andhra Pradesh Express)

June 29th, 2011 No comments

The 12723 Andhra Pradesh Express , more popularly known as AP Express runs between Hyderabad and New Delhi on all 7 days of the week.

It departs from Hyderabad at 06:25 AM and reaches New Delhi at 09:05 AM the next day.

The time table is as follows.


Train No Train Name Runs From Source Runs On
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Route No. Arrival Time Dep. Time Halt Time (In Minutes) Distance Day Remark
1 HYB HYDERABAD DECAN 1 Source 06:25 0 1
2 SC SECUNDERABAD JN 1 06:45 06:50 5:00 10 1
3 KZJ KAZIPET JN 1 08:40 08:42 2:00 142 1
4 RDM RAMGUNDAM 1 09:48 09:50 2:00 234 1
5 MCI MANCHIRYAL 1 10:01 10:02 1:00 248 1
6 BPA BELAMPALLI 1 10:27 10:28 1:00 268 1
7 SKZR SIRPUR KAGAZNGR 1 10:54 10:55 1:00 306 1
8 BPQ BALHARSHAH 1 12:25 12:35 10:00 376 1
9 CD CHANDRAPUR 1 12:54 12:55 1:00 390 1
10 NGP NAGPUR 1 15:45 15:55 10:00 587 1
11 BPL BHOPAL JN 1 22:00 22:10 10:00 976 1
12 JHS JHANSI JN 1 02:10 02:22 12:00 1267 2
13 GWL GWALIOR 1 03:37 03:40 3:00 1364 2
14 AGC AGRA CANTT 1 05:25 05:28 3:00 1482 2
15 MTJ MATHURA JN 1 06:18 06:20 2:00 1536 2
16 NZM H NIZAMUDDIN 1 08:38 08:40 2:00 1670 2
17 NDLS NEW DELHI 1 09:05 Destination 1677 2

For most up to date information, you may like to visit the Indian Railway website. Click on the train schedule and give the train number 12723. It will list out the most up to date information on the AP Express.

You may also like to check the printed on the Train ticket of 12723 to get the departure information.

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12428 Rewanchal Express New Delhi to Rewa

June 29th, 2011 No comments

The 12428 runs between New Delhi and Rewa in MP ( Madhya Pradesh).It departs from New Delhi at 23:55.

The complete time table is as follows

Train No Train Name Runs From Source Runs On
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Route No. Arrival Time Dep. Time Halt Time (In Minutes) Distance Day Remark
1 NDLS NEW DELHI 1 Source 23:55 0 1
2 GZB GHAZIABAD 1 00:47 00:49 2:00 26 2
3 ALJN ALIGARH JN 1 02:10 02:15 5:00 132 2
4 JJK JHINJHAK 1 05:02 05:04 2:00 378 2
5 CNB KANPUR CENTRAL 1 06:30 06:35 5:00 440 2
6 FTP FATEHPUR 1 07:31 07:33 2:00 517 2
7 ALD ALLAHABAD JN 1 09:25 09:50 25:00 634 2
8 SRJ SHANKARGARH 1 10:37 10:39 2:00 679 2
9 DBR DABHAURA 1 11:08 11:10 2:00 712 2
10 MKP MANIKPUR JN 1 11:48 11:50 2:00 734 2
11 STA SATNA 1 13:00 13:10 10:00 812 2
12 REWA REWA 1 14:15 Destination 860 2

While there are a large number of trains between New Delhi and Allahabad route, there are very few trains that directly between New Delhi and the stations between Allahabad and Rewa including, Satna, Manikpur and Shankargarh.

Rewanchal express is the answer to the persons in these areas facing problems.


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What time does Rewanchal Express 12427 depart from Rewa

June 29th, 2011 No comments

Question – What time does Rewanchal Express 12427 depart from Rewa ?
Answer – The Rewanchal Express 12427 departs at 16:00 hrs from Rewa. The complete time table is as follows.

For latest time table please refer to the Indian Railway Time Table

Train No Train Name Runs From Source Runs On
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Route No. Arrival Time Dep. Time Halt Time (In Minutes) Distance Day Remark
1 REWA REWA 1 Source 16:00 0 1
2 STA SATNA 1 16:55 17:05 10:00 49 1
3 MKP MANIKPUR JN 1 18:33 18:35 2:00 126 1
4 DBR DABHAURA 1 18:54 18:56 2:00 149 1
5 SRJ SHANKARGARH 1 19:25 19:27 2:00 182 1
6 ALD ALLAHABAD JN 1 20:35 21:00 25:00 227 1
7 FTP FATEHPUR 1 22:13 22:15 2:00 343 1
8 CNB KANPUR CENTRAL 1 23:30 23:35 5:00 421 1
9 ALJN ALIGARH JN 1 03:43 03:48 5:00 729 2
10 GZB GHAZIABAD 1 05:58 06:00 2:00 835 2
11 NDLS NEW DELHI 1 06:45 Destination 860 2

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