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Pentium T4500 – Irrelevant and copied pages ranking higher Post Panda

July 31st, 2011 No comments

We continue to compile a list of the content copied from our site ranking higher

For example, search for

T4500 Intel Pentium Dual Core starred reviews

The number 1 position is held by a blogspot post that has copied a portion of the content from starred reviews.

The following paragraph has been lifted as it is from the original starredreviews webpage.

“The Dual core T4500 processor does not have integrated memory controller. It communicates with the North Bridge chipset using Front side bus at 800 MHz. The lack of the integrated memory controller leads to increased memory latency and slow performance. The newer Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors have integrated memory controllers which lead to small memory latency and better performance. AMD was leader in the integrated memory controller based design and this is one reason for the popularity of the AMD processors.”

Also see the last paragraph

“Some benchmarking results are available with the Intel Pentium Dual core T4500 processor. The Super Pi 1M takes 26 seconds while the Super Pi 2M takes 60 seconds with the Pentium Dual core T44000”.

The original content at starredreviews was written on October 26, 2010. The diffthinking.blogspot content was copied / rewritten on Jan 12, 2011 and is ranking much higher. For a more general term “T4500 Intel Pentium Dual Core”, the blogspot post is ranking at number 4 outranking the post fro which it copied. The original post is at page number 4 or page number 5.

The number 2 and 3 spots are occupied by amazon

Both of them are obviously unrelated to the search query being performed. The first one is about Acer Aspire AS5734Z-4512 notebook and nothing that adds relevancy to the search term for the search of the T4500 processor. There are mentions of T4500 only twice – at the header and at the Technical Details as – Intel Pentium dual-core T4500 2.3G Processor. How this will help the searchers who is looking for information about a processor is far from clear.

In a similar way the second Amazon search result is about MSI A6000-225US Notebook PC, and the only reason it gets high ranking in the search result is because the keywords is mentioned in the title and in Header. There is only once a mention of of thsi search term in technical details as – Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4500 2.3GHz.

The two amazon results is also against the search philosophy of showing “different results” that provide different angles of the searchers. The two pages from the amazon are not only less relevant to the search term but are also similar as far as the search term is in question. Again a frustrating experience for the searcher.

The original content written by starred reviews is available at

We expect that the search term in question should result in higher ranking than the three results.

The updated Panda Algorithm is obviously has missed some things. It will frustrate searchers with less relevant results and poor surfing experience. This is something google may want to take a look as an example and improve upon its algorithm.

The purpose of bringing out this fact is to show google the problem that websites are facing and issues with the search algorithm. Starredreviews is not perfect. There are issues with it, including some of the not so good content. However, penalizing the website in such fashion frustrates the searches and it is unethical to show copied content on the top of the original content creator. We hope google listens.

Update :

Shortly after I posted this post, it was indexed by Google. I then posted the same thing at google webmaster forum.

Now the two content are exactly the same copy and google know that starred reviews is the original content publisher, since it was indexed first. However, if you search for the search term

Irrelevant and copied pages ranking higher Post Panda

The google webmaster forum page is the one that comes on the webpage. Hope that this is enough indication to google to so something about it.

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Toshiba Satellite C655-S5225 – Pentium T4500

July 31st, 2011 No comments

In the age of where Sandy Bridge processor has been launched and talks of Ivy Bridge as well as the rival AMD’s Hammer processor is the talk of street, why would anyone be interested in a notebook powered by an older Pentium T4500 processor ? This is the question you may be asking with the Toshiba’s Satellite C655-S5225 notebook available at best buy – being a new arrival at one of the largest gadgets store house of US.

And the reason that you may still be interested in Toshiba’s C655-S5225 is its inexpensive price of $379. A budget conscious customer who does not has play high end game and do not run video processing or compiles programs, may still find the computer good enough for his daily tasks including surfing net and uploading pics and video on facebook ( For more than 50% persons in US, surfing net has become a synonym to visiting facebook). This will also bee good for the document editing, emails, running software that required moderate computing power.

Before we review other aspects of this notebook, it may be worthwhile to know a bit about its processor – Pentium T4500. At 2.3 GHz, this processor has two cores and is not really as slow as you may think. It is much faster than the Apple’s latest iPad and is priced much lower. The question is – if people can find iPad useful and speed is not an issue, why not a notebook that is powered by a dual core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz. Of course, it is not as fast as the newer Intel’s Sandy Bridge based notebook processor, but you could not have asked for anything better at $379. The Pentium T4500 is based upon an older architecture that was based upon the assumption that the memory technology was still evolving and hooking memory directly to the processor was not an option. This architecture allowed the memory to be hooked to another chip – called north bridge, allowing different combination of the north bridge and memory for supporting different kinds of memories while keeping the design of the processor unchanged.

This perception changed when it became clear that the DDR memory was going to be a defacto standard in near future. The Processor – North Bridge – Memory architecture is slightly less efficient that the Processor – Memory architecture and slightly slower memory transfer rate. But nothing that you will notice until you run a program that requires a huge memory and its usages.

Satellite C655-S5225 comes with 4 GB of DDR3 memory – the latest in the series of the DDR memories. Again pretty good for everything you would do with this machine. This memory is on the top of the 1 MB of L2 cache memory inside the T4500 processor.

You can get other details of the specifications for this machine at bestbuy. It has 320 GB of hard disk, 15.6 inch display , 2 USB ports and wired and wireless LAN capability – nothing that is not present in any of today’s notebook. The graphics is powered by Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M. The notebook does come with a webcam that can be used for videos, chat and webcam.

The Toshiba Satellite C655-S5225 is available in store at most stores in best buy. You can also order it online for saving tax in most states. We did not find this notebook at Amazon or other online stores. At amazon the notebooks with similar specs powered by T4500 are available in the prices around $400. Dell’s Inspiron N5030 iN5030-2112B3D, for example, is available at $439. It has almost identical specifications.

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The 2011 Insurance Reforms

July 30th, 2011 No comments

Subsequent to a lot of years of unsuccessful efforts on the part of a sequence of autonomous presidents and one year of harsh partisan warfare, President Obama indicated legislation on the 23rd of March of 2010, in the direction of the repair of the country’s health care arrangement and assure right to use of medical insurance for the many millions of Americans.

The health care regulation look for extending insurance to an excess of 30 million citizens, first and foremost by means of increasing Medicaid as well as making available federal financial backing to lend a hand to the lower as well as middle-income Americans to pay money for private coverage. It is going to generate insurance exchange for the purchasing individual guiding principles and rule out insurers from refusing coverage based on pre-existing state of affairs. To decrease the elevated expenditure of Medicare, it generates a board of professionals who restricts government repayment to just for the treatments that have been made known a being effectual, and generates incentives for suppliers “bundle” services instead of charging on the basis of individual modus operandi.

It happened to be the biggest single legislative accomplishment of Mr. Obama’s initial couple of years of being in office, and the most divisive. Not even one Republican made a choice in favor of the ultimate version, and Republicans all over the nation went on a campaign in which they gave their word to cancel the bill.

In the year of January 2011, soon subsequent to their taking control of the House, the Republicans cast their vote 245: 189 in agreement with the cancellation, in a movement that each one of the sides agreed as for the most part being a figurative act, given independent command of the Senate as well as White House.

On a disconnected track, an excess of some 20 challenges to a number of characteristics of the expansive act have already been filed all over the nation, numerous put in movement by the Republican governors as well as attorneys general. Most concentrated on the supposed individual authorization, a prerequisite that all of the Americans pay money for health coverage on the failure of which they reimburse a fine (or duty, on the basis of the one describing it). The insurance authorization is fundamental in accordance with the law’s objective of increasing coverage for the reason that insurers are of the opinion that solely by requiring the people in good physical shape to include policies are they able to come up with the money for treating the ones having costly unremitting conditions.

Within the month of February of 2011, three judges had supported the mandate and a couple had come across it as being unconstitutional. All of the ones in agreement had been selected by the Democrats, while the ones not in favor of had been selected by the Republicans.

Afterward in that month, President Obama gave an indicator of suppleness on the issue. He stated to be prepared to make changes to the measure to provide states with the capability of choosing out of its most contentious necessities right from the launch, inclusive of the authorization that the majority of people pay money for insurance, so long that they were able to come across one more method to make bigger coverage while not propelling health care expenses upwards. As per the existing law, states have got to wait till the year of 2017 to get hold of waivers.

In the month of June, the foremost among the three appeals courts that are responsible for ruling on the subject matter laid down its judgment, in the form of a three-judge board of the USA Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit coming to the conclusion that the authorization was legitimate. The couple of judges in the bulk – one being a Republican and one being a Democratic appointee – came across that a choice to do without insurance and disburse from one’s own pocket was as much of an action as paying money for coverage.

It’s regarded to be almost assured that the subject is in the end to be made a decision on by the Supreme Court.

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Worst instances of Tax Evasion by Celebrities teach us a lesson

July 30th, 2011 No comments

No one’s protected from the IRS! Well-known people come up against IRS problems just similar to standard people. Nevertheless you are able to gain knowledge of extremely significant lessons on the way of avoiding IRS tax troubles from such instances of celebrity tax evasion.

Because of paparazzi keeping track of all moves of theirs to be a celebrity tax trickster is a remarkably unintelligent thing to carry out and in no time can change superstar tax cheaters from being ones being starts to being convicts because of having evaded tax. Luckily, such instances of celebrity tax evasion are able to educate people on significant tax cheating example.

Lately Access Hollywood came up with an inventory of famous personal tax cheaters who came up against demanding state of affairs with Uncle Sam.

1. Famous personal tax evasion lesson of Marc Anthony : Famous personal tax trickster Anthony’s tax avoidance troubles began with un-filed tax returns of a period of four years. Taking the assistance of some among the most excellent tax attorneys money is able to purchase, he proved to the IRS that he had not committed tax avoidance for the reason that he had confidence in his monetary team on filing the returns on his behalf. Going by Anthony, he was not ware of being a famous person tax trickster and was astonished on finding out on his team’s getting him hooked for tax avoidance. As he persuaded the IRS on not being complicit in the un-filed tax returns, Anthony got away from being labeled as a celebrity tax cheater. The tax avoidance lesson in this instance is to prove that you’ve filed your tax returns.

2. Sophia Loren: The tax avoidance example in opposition to the Italian screen sex symbol was more concerned with her famous person tax cheater spouse Carlo Ponti’s un-filed tax returns, but with Loren ultimately having to do a sentence of 17 days at a jail in Naples for tax evasion. In the event of you filing a joint return, you’re right on the tax evasion alters for your spouse’s tax cheatings. On you being of the consideration of your tax cheater other half not being truthful regarding their taxes, you ought to take your returns to a tax legal representative or tax resolution expert to make out whether you meet the criteria for not guilty spouse reprieve.

3. Famous person tax evasion lesson of Abbott as well as Costello: From time to time our own or communal image put a stop to us being firm with our commerce and monetary advisers regarding tax evasion. Being deficient in follow-through made the famous person tax cheating slapstick pair to pay dearly. In the year of 1956, the IRS accused the celebrity tax cheaters of tax avoidance, compelling them in selling their residences and the majority of their positive features that included their profitable movie rights. In the year of 1957 they officially broke up their joint venture.

4. Famous person tax evasion lesson of Wesley Snipes: In accordance with his tax evasion tryout reporting, among the reasons for which famous person tax cheater Wesley Snipes did not file his tax returns was awful tax evasion recommendation which was politically inspired. Even if not being able to file your taxes being a misconduct, famous person tax cheater Snipes was condemned to do a time of 3 years in jail and a lot of money in the form of back taxes as well as tax avoidance punishments. You possibly will harbor genuine political / religious outlooks on the way that your taxes are made use of, or also the authority of the U.S. Government in imposing taxes, but you should put down such tax avoidance opinions in your blog instead of in your tax forms.

5. Famous person tax evasion lesson of Richard Hatch: Being the foremost victor on Survivor, famous person tax cheater Richard Hatch fell out on not being responsible for tax evasion for the reason that he supposed that CBS to have compensated the taxes of his million-dollar triumph. On receiving advice to the effect that you have no need of paying taxes on revenue, you ought to take up another opinion. On having made serious cash, you should get the tax work of your financial team reviewed by an additional firm.

6. Famous person tax evasion lesson of Joe Francis: The famous person tax trickster and maker of the film “Girls Gone Wild” claimed in excess of $20 million in the form of forged tax subtractions. On supposing yourself to be responsible for tax evasion, you are always able to file a modified return, although you must discuss with a tax avoidance legal representative initially.

7. Darryl Strawberry and Pete Rose: Even as these famous person tax cheaters were able to put off their data any time of year, the single numeral that they overlooked was the revenue they got from signature and memorabilia events. On signing on their tax returns not including that revenue, they turned into famous person tax evaders. On you forgetting a number of incomes you become a tax swindler.

You might be jealous of the affluence and fame of these famous person tax cheaters, but being sincere about the above famous person tax evasion lessons will be of more value to you than fame / affluence. You are going to have your monetary and individual liberty.

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Basic Problems with Google Panda

July 30th, 2011 1 comment

With Launch of Google Panda – a major update of the search algorithm, google has attempted to keep the search results cleaner by lowering the rank of the websites that contain a large number of pre existing content or contents that were copied and rewritten from other websites.

However, it resulted in a lot of side effects, and some undesirable effects. We are listing out some of the issues that Google needs to tackle

1. Content copied from a Panda hit site rank higher

A large number of webmaster owners reported that even a small amount of content copied from their websites are ranking higher. In many cases the contents automatically taken from a website – just the header and the two initial two lines makes the copied content rank higher than the original websites. This has frustrated the original content creators or Panda hit websites, who have tried their best to bring new and original contents in an attempt to clean up their websites.

Just imagine your bookmark ranking higher than your own content for a given search terms. This is not something either the searcher, or the webmaster or even google would like to see.

2. Crap content on a sites not hit by Panda ranking higher

If a website is not hit by Panda, it can continue to rank higher if it occasionally doles out crap content. An example is the elevated ranking of yahoo answers. True, most of the answers on yahoo are good and useful, though not authoritative. However, some questions are not answered and many are only superficially answered. Google somehow realizes yahoo answer as an authoritative sites. Yahoo answer takes advantage of it and ranks higher for some of the terms which does not contain any useful or otherwise helpful answer.

Same is true for a bad content on a good website. The content has to be individually analyzed and should not be based upon the site authority.

3. A Good content on a Panda hit site can not rank higher

A Panda hit website can not expect to rank higher if it writes an original authoritative content, just because its site has been Panda blacklisted. An inferior content on a non Panda hit site will rank higher (just because google has given it an authority status).

4. Short and useful content do not rank good.

At many times if a small content is useful to the readers. Making a content large does not necessarily add intrinsic value to the content. A small table with relevant data, a useful infographics and few words may be sufficient to explain a cocept to its reader. However, google does not realizes it and may mark it as a thin content even when the site was useful to its readers.

5. Long verbose and unuseful contents rank higher

Webmasters have realized that the long and verbose contents get rewarded and are now adding words after another in an attempt to rank higher. Google seems to favor long content over small ones. In today’s world, when people are short of time, a small, to the point answer is more useful in many instances. However, google’s attempt to promote verbose content defeats this purpose. This is in contradiction to google’s own home page, that is free from any content.

Looking at the things from Google’s perspective

Looking at the things from google perspective can make you better understand the logic behind these actions. The short content is more likely to resemble a spam site and provide less useful content. Spammers want to make a quick money and can use automated tools to generate small and quick content. So it is difficult for google to rank your thin content webpage, even if it contains useful information. As a webmaster you may like to alter your strategy and add a little more ( not necessarily a verbose content) to your webpage.

On the same grounds a long content ranking higher can be understood from google’s perspective. This is not going to change in the coming future. Google may be using other signals, for example, backlinks, in addition to the the content. However, this can be gamed.

The first three issues can be tackled by google if it reduces the emphasis on sitewide penalty a little bit and starts giving value to the individual pages the way it used to be in the pre panda stage.

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