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Business Service Ltd looking for Managers

August 31st, 2011 No comments

Business Service Ltd is looking for individuals interested in long term career increase. Business Service Ltd provides promotes individual growth and rewards for work.

They are engaging a Buyers/Purchasing Managers to administrate customer services, tasks implementation to support business strategies. This is a buying assistant post which keeps the purchase goods, supplies and facility for company’s individual clients.

Position expects being involved in and handling multiple orders at once. The work atmosphere is very fast paced. You should love what you do for the employer. Business Service Ltd requires takes a regular passion and great talent. They draw you to be a part of their culture.

Duties of the Role:
– Help meetings with future providers and customer departments
– Buy dynamic quantities of products
– Keep reports that contribute an audit
– Composes necessary records to vendors
– Maintain all company policies and procedures
– Guarantee support in Advertising of company’s products and services
– Hold upper manager informed of situations that may affect the performance of your order
– Fulfill related duties and responsibilities as necessary

Personal capabilities:
– Ability to implement tasks associated with purchasing
– Ability to supervise, impel and empower the company’s crew to higher levels of fulfillment
– Ability to negotiate effectively under pressure
– Must be proficiency in computer, especially in MS Office
– Must be a strong work ethic, must be friendly
– Must have strong analytical skills
– Must be able to measure performance
– Valid driver’s license is necessary

All applicants for this post must be a U.S. Citizen. All potential employees must be 21 years of age or older. Candidates with the listed below background can also apply: account, bid manager, customer service manager, director of sales promos, field representative, registered sales assistant.
There are Full or Part Time positions available with base wage. There is no required money to join.
If you would like to find out more about this opening, the pay structure, just response to this email and you will be reached by the direct employer to get more.

Latest Current News: skunk gets head caught in cup in sharon.

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Wiggio makes an attempt to comeback

August 31st, 2011 1 comment

Wiggio, the failed internet venture is attempting a comeback. Last week wiggio sent emails to its registered memmbers. We produce here the contents.

Wiggio Just Got Better

You know that Wiggio is the best resource to collaborate on academic projects. What you don’t know is that we’re now offering you the opportunity to privately brand Wiggio, which allows you to collaborate within your private community with advanced features:


Unlimited access and data storage for all members
No advertising
Private branding of the application and emails
An admin portal for access to group analytics
Personal domain/URL, such as: [yourcommunityname]

And of course, you can still use Wiggio to:

Upload, edit and share all of your documents
Create events on a shared calendar, with e-mail and/or text reminders
Communicate with mass email, text, and voice messages
Setup free conference calls and virtual meetings

To get started, click here to login or to create a group.

If you’re interested in creating a private White Label Wiggio community for your school, email us.

As always thank you for your support, please keep the great feedback coming, and keep Wiggioing!

– The Wiggio Team 355 Congress St, Boston MA, 02210, USA

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Panda Hit sites continue to spiral downwards

August 27th, 2011 6 comments

When Panda was launched in Feb 24, 2011 and many websites including starredreviews, mahalo and others were hit, it looked like a one time activity and the web traffic will stabilize after the 40% or so decrease in traffic. However, many website owners feared that the worse was yet to come. The websites hit by Panda continued to move spirally downwards as the time moved on. Take a look at the web traffic from Mahalo.

As you can see the reduction in traffic is not a just one time act with stabilization in traffic. It continues down and down and there does not seem to and end.

The mechanism works as follows. A keyword that used to rank on position 3, before Panda hit, for example, now comes on position 9. Well not in all cases. In some cases it goes back to position 35 – loosing all the traffic. The webpages that looses a huge ranking loose them for once and all. Story finished. The bigger problem is not the webpages that looses from position 3 to position 35. Ironically, the bigger problem are the webpages that loose rank from 3 to 9. Why ? Read on.

Immediately after the Panda hit the traffic seem to stabilize. The webpages that now rank like – on page 35 are completely lost. But the webpages that are on position 9 or so, still get some traffic. As the time moves, there are more new webpages for the same search terms. Chances are there will be a webpage that will come on a site not Hit by Panda. As the new webpage comes it, it is likely to rank higher than the webpage that that was hit by Panda and used to rank at, say, position 9. Now as the new webpage on another websites comes it, and ranks at, say position 6, the panda hit site moves to position 10. Another new page on another website ( not hit by Panda) and the SERP for the Panda hit site moves to second page on the search result. And this is dangerous for the Panda hit site. It continues to spriral downwards, even when these websites work on improving the quality.

Working on the Panda hit site is like attempting to rescue a sinking boat. There is no easy solution.

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Matt Cutts acknowledges scraping site ranking higher issue – Asks for help

August 27th, 2011 No comments

Starred Reviews has extensively reported the issue of the scraping sites ranking higher in some of its blogs. However, the top contributors and top rankers in the google webmaster forum in acknowledging the existence of the problem itself.

Matt Cutts has finally acknowledged the existence of the issue of the Scraping site ranking higher issue and used twitter to ask for the help from the volunteers to report the “scraping sites ranking higher” issue. The victims are expected to fill in the search term, your original url and the url of the sites that is ranking higher. If you think, any site scraping your content is ranking higher, you may like to report it at google.

The “Scraping sites ranking higher” issue surfaced after the launch of the Google Panda. After the initial shocks, many webmasters who suffered from Google Panda realized that the websites who copied their content were ranking higher – something. The Google’s own webmaster forum was flooded with huge complains about the scraping sites ranking higher.

Mahalo was one of the sites that was demoted by Google Panda. Its traffic continued to plunge spirally downwards. As someone ( potentially a Mahalo executive ?) complained in the Google webmaster forum

“…. here is a post on their blog which very nicely illustrates how Google has completely screwed up the relevancy in their search results by over-emphasizing AND miscalculating domain authority.”

It is expected that Google will act on this issue sooner than later and we can expect the issue to resolve in a periof of 3 to 6 months. How google is going to balance it with the Panda’s objective of bringing quality sites to the top remains to be seen.

Matt Cutts acknowledgement of the issue vindicates what many sites including starredreviews has been reporting earlier.

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Toshiba Satellite P750-ST4NX2

August 27th, 2011 No comments

The Satellite P750-ST4NX2 from Toshiba is a high end computing machine powered by Intel’s Core i7-2630QM processor. Its key differentiating factor is the 6 GB Memory ( most notebooks today come only with 4 GB of memory) and a USB 3.0 port in addition yo the fast processor. However its screen size is only 15.6, which may be a disappointment for you, if you are looking for a larger screen.

Why Satellite P750-ST4NX2 is expensive ?

The notebook is priced at close to $1K at Toshiba Direct. We did not find it other other retailers. The Toshiba Site, actually shows it at $1199 – however, when you click on the Shop online on its site, it is showing a price of $999 – still a little a littel expensive ? Why ?

The major component that makes this notebook expensive is the Core i7-2730QM, a fast quad core processor for laptops. Based on the Sandy Bridge architecture this processor also has Hyperthreading and and a better integrated graphics performance. Sandy Bridge , according to notebookcheck – “is the evolutionary successor of the Arrandale architecture”. The Sandy Bridge architecture improves in the areas of the Turbo 2.0, the and the graphics section. The nominal clock rate of this processor is 2.0 GHz, that can ramp to 2.9 GHz ( not all cores simultaneously) based upon the demand.

However, we think that the notebook is slightly overpriced. It looks like this notebook is not for en masse and that seems to be one reason why the low sale volume will shoot up its price. The reasons that can stand out as compelling for buying this notebook seems to be its USB 3.0 Port, the bluetooth and a faster processor. If you do not plan to utilize heavily one of more of these features, there are definitely cheaper notebooks, including many from Toshiba itself available.

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