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Google Q3 2011 revenue rises by 33%

October 16th, 2011 2 comments

The google’s third quarter result surprised even its die hard supporters. Riding on the back of abundant Adsense revenue, the Q3 revenue rose to¬† $9.72, just shy of the $10 billion mark, up by 33% a year ago. The third quarter profit rose from $2.17b a year ago to $2.73b.

This is when google’s new google plus has yet to make any significant contribution to the revenue. Google plus now has 40 plus million members (and rising fast). While it is still about a tenth of facebooks 700 plus million member, google expects to close the gap sooner than later. If google can come close to a third of the facebook members, it can expect it to be significant source of the revenue.

Google’s $12 billion acquisition of Motorola is still being analyzed by the industry experts. The acquisition gives google an upper hand in the mobile segments with a huge pile of the motorola’s patent portfolio, that industry experts feel – will give enough power to sustain its Android platform and help fight competition from Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

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Printing Issue with Apple iPad

October 15th, 2011 3 comments


One of the major drawbacks of Apple iPad is its inability to print any document on a generic printer. Even when the use of printer is declining (especially if you are environment conscious), once in a while there is no alternative to a printed document – it has its own utility.

Unfortunately, iPad does not support printing in general. As pointed out in detail in the pcmag article ,

– “iPad printing apps claim to do a lot, but in our testing, many of them simply didn’t work.”

Apple admits that you can not hook a computer directly to the iPad and, yes, you can not print the document directly. According to Apple, you need to synchronize your document to the Apple Mac computer or a MAC laptop and then you can print it from there. If you have a Windows machine, you may be able to “email the document” from the iPad to your windows machine, which, in general has a universal driver support and you should be able to print from your Windows laptop or notebook. But then, this is Windows printing and not iPad printing.

There are however, some iPhone/ iPad applications, that you can use to print. These too are not free from issues. These apps mostly work on the printers that have wifi. Basically, it will beam the content on the printer using the wifi on the iPad. In theory this should work on wifi enabled printers. Note that it still does not solve the issue of a large number of printers that come with USB connectivity ( and no wifi support). It would have been great, if Apple could provide a way to hook the iPad to a printer using USB ( along with driver support).

There is yet another set of Apps that does not print directly from the wifi but via an Apple MAC. Cannon, HP and Lexmark have their own Apps for their Wifi Printers that should work. If you do plan to print from your Apple iPad, make sure you take a printer that is wifi enabled and the that does come with an App that will help you print from your iPad.

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What is an AOI equipment

October 13th, 2011 2 comments

Question – A contract manufacturer today gave me the quote for some rework on PCB. He says that he will charge $150 for the AOI equipment programming. What the hell is AOI Equipment ?

Answer – First – your contract manufacturer may be charging less or way more, depending upon the amount of the programming he needs to do. If your rework required like 100 components, then $150 is cheaper. If your rework is for just 5 components, the $150 is probably way to high.

Now back to your question – the AOI stands for Automated optical inspection and is almost invariably done in automated complex PCB assembly manufacturing. In AOI, a picture of a working board is taken at each component at a specified coordinate. This is matched against the board under test. If the match shows a “significant difference”, the software flags an error. A manual intervention is required to check the cause of the difference.

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Fire FTP missing in the Firefox 4 Tools Menu – Issue

October 13th, 2011 No comments

If you have upgraded to the recent Firefox, and you plan to use fireftp, you will notice that the Fireftp is gone. You are not alone to find this issue.

The Fireftp used to be in the tools menu. This has been shifted one notch down and can now be accessed using Tools -> Web Developer -> Fire ftp.

Take a look at the following figure.

Hope that it will help any one looking for fire ftp when they upgrade firefox.

An updated from Starredreviews –

– The French Starred reviews has been moved to French Starred Reviews.

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Serial Port /dev/ttyS1 does not work in MX51

October 12th, 2011 No comments

Question – I tried picocom using the command picocom -b 9600 /dev/ttyS1 in the freescale MX51 EVK board but it does not seem to work

Answer– You may like to try this command

picocom -b 9600 /dev/ttymxc1

Notice ttymxc1 in place of /dev/ttyS1

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