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How to get rid of Internet addiction

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Addiction to internet can kill efficiency, reduce your throughput, make a dent in your morale in office as well as home. In this article we will go through the steps of de addicting process. If you follow this, you should have a good chance of success.

When can you classify yourself as addicted to Internet

If you spend more than 2 hours on the internet on checking non official emails, facebook, non educational youtube, newspapers, politics, forums, chat or movies, you can be classified as addicted to Internet. If you spend between 1/2 hour to 2 hour, it is a sign of healthy internet behavior.

Accept that you are addicted

If you are compulsively hooked to computer, even when a force inside you indicates that you should get out of it, you should accept that you are addicted. The first step is to do realize that you ARE addicted to something that you want to get out of. If you are still in denial mode and think that it is alright to spend as much time on internet as you can, it will be difficult to find a cure. In that case you, only a third person, like your friend, spouse or a circumstance can change your situation. By the time the external circumstances intervene, you will loose a good portion of your valuable time. Do not allow this to happen. Accept that you have problem. Only by accepting that you have a problem, you can proceed to the next step.

There is no harm in accepting that you are addicted to something. Even if you do not move to the next step, at least you have recognized the problem. May be in some future, you may be willing to take the next step.

Note the Number of hours spent on Internet

Do this for a week. Do not try to change anything. Just spend as much time as you would usually do. Create a xl sheet with date and time. Every time you hook to internet, record the start and the end time for addictive portion of the internet. Do it for a whole 7 days. And finally record number of total hours spent on internet.

Have you already reduced your internet addiction a bit

You will be surprised to know that you have already reduced you addiction a bit, even when you have not been deliberately applying any effort. Just by Accepting that you have addiction and by recording the amount of time you spend on internet, you have unknowing started the process of de addiction. But the results will not be long lasting. Old habits will surface again and will grab you with its clutches.

But do not get discouraged. Give another week and keep recording the hours spent on internet. When the addictive habits surface again, you want to make sure that the total hours spent on internet in the successive week will be no more that that spent in the previous week.

Think of something better than internet

Every time you start spending more time on internet, think of some better task to do. May be it is a better idea to call a friend. May be you have a garden that need attention, or you have to do cleaning. Create a list of 10 works that you can do when you have free time. The works should be short, easy and enjoyable. When addictive impulses strike, go through the list of the works that you need to accomplish and see if it will be more enjoyable than doing something on internet.

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