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Dell Inspiron 14z

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Dell has been consistent in their effort of delivering topnotch quality and innovative laptop models in the market. One distinction that they have over other laptop and electronic gadget manufacturers is the ability to achieve the above mentioned without having to penalize the consumer with staggering price tags that are out of this world. With Dell Inspiron 14z, one can avail of a notebook that can perform with some of the industry’s most powerful machines without the expensive price tag along with it. Therefore, this is one of those laptops that you should include in your list, especially if you are working on a limited budget.

Dell Inspiron 14z is a successor to the Inspiron 14 model, which is basically an enhancement of the latter. But there is more to this than being merely just an enhancement because this notebook model strives to achieve innovation and delivering breakthrough technology. Dell Inspiron 14z runs on an Intel CULV processor and WLED display and a 6-cell battery for longevity. Do not be put off by the 14-inch display though since it is actually built on a durable chassis, which renders this as more than just your average laptop.


Although the 6-cell battery used on Dell Inspiron 14z increases its battery life even without being plugged in an electric outlet, it offer some drawbacks in terms of size and weight. It is comparably a lot heavier and bulkier than most laptops in the market. The design customization option offered by Dell for its buyers also has its shares of pro’s and con’s. First off, you can go for the Cherry Red screen lid if you want to break the convention of a traditional black lid. However, that option is not for free though since you will be charged an additional $40, outside of the laptop’s original price.


The HD panel installed on the notebook is actually quite impressive, thus enhancing image colors but it does little to improve image contrasting. For more on the lighting settings, this one is equipped with even backlighting and a wide range of brightness settings, so you are free to adjust it according to what level of lighting assistance you need for your Dell Inspiron 14z. As for the sound quality, it is actually pretty good if you were to compare it with other laptops of the same price range in the market.


The usability aspect of the all new Dell Inspiron 14z greatly deals with the convenience of using both the keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard is above average and the fact that pressing onto the keys do not produce any significant noise is a pleasant feature. The connectivity and port selection is still a bit lacking, especially since some of the essential ports are not available here. However, this is something you probably would have expected with a budget laptop.


The processor used for running the Dell Inspiron 14z system is reliable enough if you were to perform basic functions such as Word processing, editing photos, watching videos, and web browsing. Plus, the relatively long battery life enables you to experience its utmost functionality that can compete with top selling laptops in the market.

Pros: Battery life is good, firm keyboard,Design is attractive

Cons: No express card slot, No back lit key board option

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