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Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK notebook review

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Dell Inspiron has screen size of q5.6″ and is powered by Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 processor. The most suitable price for the Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK was found to be at Walmart where it is selling for under $400, making it one of the few decent notebooks available for budget price. Here are some of the MOST IMPORTANT questions that may have come to your mind, so make sure you read these before you buy this.

Question – Does Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK come with a webcam ?
Answer – NO it does not come with a webcam. I repeat – Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK does not come with a notebook. Many customer then asks – its specification does not say it does not come with a webcam. Well the answer is – if the specification will clearly state that it does not come with webcam, if will turn off the potential buyers. The marketing team instead prefers to stay silent. They do not mention if the webcam comes or not. Remember, if you can not find webcam ib the specification of a laptop, always assume it does not come with unless proven other wise.

Question – How good is the Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 processor in Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK ?
Answer – You may want to read the Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 processor details – which lists it – as two core processor with a nominal clock frequency of 2.3 GHz. The processor does not support Hyperthreading, Its architecture is inferior to the Intel core i3 and i5 processor as it does not has integrated memory controller.

Question – Is 2 GB RAM in Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK good enough ?

Answer – Hmm very good question. Do one thing, on your computer press Ctl+Alt+Delete. Click on Task Manager and then click on performance. Check how much memory is it using ? Windows typicall eats up 1 GB of memory and if you have opened few applications – including a browse, a word and spreadsheet and couple of large applications, you start eating up close to 1 GB of memory. You are normally ok, if most of the tasks that you do include only surfing, spreadsheets and emails. But for any bigger application, larger memory will make switching between applications faster and smooth.

Question- How long does the battery in Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK lasts ? Does it matter to me ?

Answer – Battery typically lasts 3 hours. Large battery life is typically is the last concern of the customers. There is a power plug in home, there is power plug in office. If you are commuting and wish to use, we expect that the commute time is less than 2 hour. If it is more than 2 hours, you should shift your accomodation close tou your office.

Question – Any other feature about Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK that you would like to describe about.

Answer – Well, the display is powered by Integrated Intel 4500 MHD Media Accelerator. This is not something you need to be concerned about. All you care is that you should get a display on the screen. This will matter for you, if you are planning to play any high end or moderate gaming that will need good graphics card. You will need to check if you can play you game on this.

Question – Your comment on the notebook.
Answer – No we do not recommend this notebook even with the bargain price of $398 that it is available at Wakmart. Our reason – too many customers complained about the missing webcam. The 2 GB RAM is a little bit at low end in Dell Inspiron i1545-3232OBK . For ths processor, we would have been happier with, for example Pentium P6100 that has integrated memory controller.

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