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Dell Inspiron iM501R or 501R Review

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Dell Inspiron 501R or iM501R is an AMD Athlon II p320 dual core processor equipped laptop. It is cheap notebook similar to Compaq Presario CQ62-225nr but specifications are better than to its Compaq counterpart. We are going to review Dell Insipiron iM501R-1212LPK which is available in Bestbuy.com at $550 at the time of writing review. Let us review Dell Inspiron iM501R-1212 series then we will differentiate it with Compaq CQ62-225nr

Specification of Dell Inspiron iM501R-1212

Dell Inspiron iM501R-1212 comes in 5 colors and models are as follows

IM501R-1212LPK lotus pink

IM501R-1212TMR Red

IM501R-1212PBL Blue

IM501R-1212SMG Green

IM501R-1212MRB Black

Similar to Compaq Presario CQ62-225nr laptop, Dell Inspiron iM501R-1212PBL or other models of Dell 501R comes with AMD Athlon II P320 processor which is a dual core processor clocked at 2.1 GHz and have L2 cache of 1MB.

When comes to main memory , Dell imM501R-1212 series comes with 3 GB DDR3 memory which can be increased up to 8GB. However, in some model like Dell Inspiron iM501R-1323PBL or other iM501R-1323series ( available in staples) it  comes with 4GB installed system  memory.

All model of Dell Inspiron 501R comes with ATI mobility radeon 4250 HD graphics As I told in my earlier laptop reviews which equipped with same graphics, that the Mobility Radeon 4250 has ability of decoding HD content as well as Blu-ray content. So you can enjoy HD videos but display must support High definition feature.

For gaming purpose, you can play some old game at low details like 30fps  Good example is Sims 3.  Dell Inspiron iM501R will not allow some recent powerful games even in low details.

The display is HD WLED display and size is 15.6” with 1366*768 resolution. The operating system it incorporated Windows 7 home premium

The major difference with Compaq CQ62-225Nr is Dell Inspiron iM501R-1212PBL comes with 7-1  media card reader. Infact whole iM501R series features this option.

Also comes with built in webcam, 3 USB 2.0 port, one shared with eSATA combo port. Wi-fi card, RJ connector and 10/100 network card for wired networking support and optical drive.

The 6 cell li-ion 48Whr battery gives approx 4 hours of battery life.

Pros Dell Inspiron iM501R

Good for home computing, home office computing and medium gaming

7-1 media card reader

Cons of Dell Inspiron iM501R-1212PBL


Final thought

Dell Inspiron iM501R or 501R is nice laptop in cheap laptop segment for day to day computing. The machine is able to perform home computing and office computing as well as moderate gaming. Now question comes in mind which one to buy – Compaq Presario CQ62-225nr or Dell Inspiron iM501R.? Dell Inspiron iM501R comes with media card reader while CQ62-225nr lacks it. However,CQ62-225nr is cheaper so decision is onto you which one you need.

However there is another model that is Dell Inspiron iM501R-1459MRB available at amazon at $541

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