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Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB Review

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Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB is a 15.6 inch notebook powered by the AMD Phenom II triple-core processor N870 processor. It can be categorized at a medium performance notebook with AMD’s 2.3 GHz triple core processor and a relatively large 6 GB RAM. The notable features of the Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB include its ability to read the Blu-ray Discs. It has an HDMI output that you can use to display the content of the notebook on an external HDTV.

As part of the Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB Review, we are presenting quick pros and cons of this notebook, that will enable you take a decision on buying this notebook. If you already have this notebook, we expect that it will enable you to know about its strengths and weakness. Here it goes.

Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB Pros

– Decent 3 core, 2.3 GHz processor ( AMD phenom ii N870)
– 6 GB RAM
– Blue Ray Disc

Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB Cons
– Graphics ( powered by ATI Radeon HD4250) not good enough for high end games

A note about the AMD phenom ii N870 processor

The AMD phenom ii N870, that powers the Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB, is definitely its plus point, especially in the case where you are running multiple processes simultaneously. The processor comes with 1.5 MB of L2 Cache ( 500 KB for each of the three cores). Its notable feature includes the Integrated memory controller ( which reduces the memory latency and increases the throughput). The AMD phenom ii N870 processor communicates with the Chipset using fast HyperTransport Bus that leads to is faster communication speed with the peripheral.

We expect that the above Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB Review, gives you fairly good idea about this notebook in terms of where it stands. Other than the facts mentioned, it comes with other common features that all notebooks come now a days. It has and integrated webcam and the notebook comes with wired and wireless networking features. Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB comes with 3 USB ports and a 7 in one Media card reader, which is useful in case you plan to transfer the data from a webcam to your computer.

Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB comes with a moderate 3 and a half hour batter life. The notebook comes pre installed with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium with support for 64-bit computing.

Dell Inspiron M501R-1748MRB is available for $749 at the time of writing. This is not a deal breaking price, it is just commensurate to the features it possess. We also encourage you to take a look at some of the Intel core i5 based notebooks that give you decent performance with its turbo boost features.

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