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DOEACC O Level Question Paper Part 2 – #1

Doeacc O Level exam is Equivalent to Foundation level course. There are four papers in this level. In this question paper we cover 10 question from Paper 2. Take the exam. The link to the answer is at the end of the question paper

1. Which  of the following statements in incorrect on MS-DOS Operating System.

a. MS-DOS is a command driven operating system
b. MS-DOS is a Windows driven operating system
c. MS-DOS is made up of external and internal commands.
d. MS-DOS exhibits a system prompt which is normally represented as C:/>

2. One of the following statements on Internal commands is not true.
a. Internal commands are those that have been built into MS-DOS
b. At the time of booting, Internal commands are automatically loaded into memory.
c. Internal commands are executed instantly without referring to the disk.
d. None of the above.

3. One of the following External commands is incorrect

a. External commands are stored onto disk in the form of a file.
b. For executing External commands they must be first loaded into memory.
c. For executing these commands path mist be set to DOS directory
d. None of above

4. The ATTRIB command will

a. set or remove the Red-Only, Archive, System and Hidden attributes
b. instruct DOS to route disk drive references from one disk drive to another
c. define the data file search path that DOS will use each time it fails to locate a file in the current directory.
d. None of these

5. One of the following statements in not true for BUFFERS command

a. The BUFFERS command is used to establish the number of disk buffers set up by MS-DOS during booting.
b. Increasing the number of BUFFERS can speed program execution, but only to a certain extent.
c. The more buffers that exits the more sectors can be stored n memory; hence fewer accesses of disk are necessary.
d. None of the above.

6. To display the current drive letter and directory name, you will use
the following command

d. None of the above

7. The command CHKDSK will

a. invoke a secondary command processor
b. analyse the directories, files and File Allocation Table
c. start a new copy of the command-line interpreter
d. specify the area size that DOS will allocate for secondary command processor’s environment space

8. One of following is not true for the COPY command

a. The command is used to copy one or more files to the location you specify
b. One utility of the COPY is to ombine files
c. using Wildcards the command can be used to compare two files
d. When more than one file is copied, MS-DOS displays the filename of each file, which is being copied

9. One of the following statements is not true about DATE command

a. The command displays the current system date and prompts you to change the date if necessary.
b. MS-DOS stamps the current date for each file you create or modify
c. When you scan the directory listing , this date is displayed next to the fliename in the directory
d. None of above.

10. The function of DBLSPACE command is to

a. reserve the space double the size of the saved file so that future expansion of the file is easily done
b. compress existing disks whether they are hard or floppy disks and create new compressed volumes
c. accommodate any file in double the space of the normal requirement
d.None of the above.

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  1. Pappu Shukla
    May 27th, 2011 at 22:26 | #1

    Is DOS part of the DOEACC syllabus still now ?