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DOEACC O Level Question Paper Part 2 #2

These are Second set of 10 more questions for the DOEACC O Level. The Link to the answer can be found at the end of this questionnaire.

1. One of the following statements is not true about DEFRAG command
a. The command moves the files on your disk in such a manner that its file segments are in continuous section of the disk with no wasted space between the file segments
b. After DEFRAG is executed , the accessing speed of the file increases
c. DEFRAG can either be executed as full screen utility or from the command line
d. None of the above
2. The function of the DELTREE command is to
a. delete an entire directory that contains files,subdirectory or both files and subdirectories
b. delete an entire disk with complex directory and file structures so as to format the disk faster
c. pick similar named files from different directories and delete them automatically
d. All of the above
3. One of the following statements is not true about DIR command

a. used to display a list of the files and/or subdirectories in the specified path
b. if the DIR command is used without parameters or switches, it displays the disk’s volume label and serial number; one directory or filename per line, including the filename extension, the file size in bytes and the date and time of the last modification of the file.
c. is to read the contents of a file
d. /P switch can be used to display page by page listing

4. The purpose of DISKCOPY command is to

a. make an exact copy of a floppy disk
b. format the disk if it is not formatted before a write operation is initiated on it
c. overwrite the exsting contents of the destination disk as it copies the new information to it
d. All of the above

5. The function of FDISK command is to

a. define disk partitions on a DOS fixed disk
b. divide your fixed disk into logical collections of cylinders called partitions
c. permit user to add,change display or delete disk partitions
d. All of the above

6. The FILE command

a. is to be used only in AUTOEXEC.BAT file
b. assigns the amount of memory that is to be set aside for file handles
c. can be issued from the system prompt-C:\>
d. All of the above

7. The purpose of the FORMAT command is to

a. prepare a floppy disk for use with MS-DOS
b. create a new root directory and file allocation table for the disk
c. locate and mark all bad sectors n a disk
d. All of the above

8. The command LABEL

a. specifies disk vloume lable by permitting the user to create change or delete a volume lable on a disk
b. is to run an application software that may not load properly when DOS occupies high memory
c. is used only in CONFIG.SYS
d. is used only in AUTOEXEC.BAT

9. The MEM command

a. loads a TSR software
b. loads the mouse driver software into reserved memory
c. displays the amount of used and free memory on your computer
d. All of the above

10. The purpose of the MD command is to

a. create a directory or multilevel directory structure
b. display the directory structure
c. mirror the directory
d. None of the above.

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