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The DOEACC stands for Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Courses and is an autonomous society under the Government of India. It comes under the Indian Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.

The main aim of the DOEACC is training, human resource development in information technology, computer science and communication technologies.

With the headquarter in New Delhi DOEACC has centers around whole India. The aim of the creation of the DOEACC Society was harness the and implement AICTE scheme. The goal is to promote the growth of the private sector for training in the Computers. This is expected to fulfil the gap between the demand and the availability of the quality manpower in computer field.

In an Important step, In 2002, December 2002, some other Societies of the Department of Information Technology, were merged to CEDT (Centre for Electronic Design and Technology) and RCC ( Regional Computer Center) . This included

1. CEDT Gorakhpur
2. CEDT Aurangabad
3. CEDT Calicut,
4. CEDT Jammu/Srinagar
5. CEDT Guwahati
6. CEDT Imphal
7. CEDT Aizwal, ,
8. RCC Chandigarh,
9. RCC Kolkatta

were merged into the DOEACC Society. The acronym CEDT stands for Centre for Electronic Design and Technology and RCC stands for Regional Computer Centre.

Courses Offered by CEDT

Five computer courses are offered from DOEACC:

1. CCC Certificate Course on Computer Concepts
2. O Level Course that belongs to Foundation level course. There are four papers, there fixes one one elective in this level.
3. A Level Exam is person who wish to get entry level programming jobs in computer. It is roughly equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications . The A level course has ten papers in this level.
4. B Level Exam is for persons who wish serious programming jobs in this field. The B Level course is equivalent to MCA ( Master of Computer Application). All students who qualify B Level are illegible to apply for positions for which MCA is a desired qualification.

If you are doing B Level after completing A level, you need to clear 15 papers. You will have to qualify 25 papers if you are doing B Level directly.

5. The C Level is equivalent to M. tech level.
C Level M. Tech Level

There are courses other than these levels that include hardware and bio-informatics.

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