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Does Core i3 works only on DDR3 and not DDR2 ?

Q. Does Core i3 works only on DDR3 and not DDR2 ?

Answer – The notebooks based upon the Intel core i3 processors ( both the first generation and the second generation) have integrated memory controller. In the integrated memory controller communicates with the processor directly.

The Integrated memory controller in the core i3 processors support only the DDR3 type of memory. For example, the Intel Core i3-330M supports the DDR3-800/1066 speed grade memories according to.


This means that the processor is not designed to support the DDR2 memory. You will have to use only DDR3 memory for the core i3 processors. The DDR3 memory is, in general, faster than the DDR2 memory.

Resources :

1. Integrated Memory Controller
2. Intel Data sheet , See page 20
The Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) supports DDR3 protocols with two, independent, 64-bit wide channels each accessing one SO-DIMM. It supports a maximum of one, unbuffered non-ECC DDR3 SO-DIMM per-channel thus allowing up to two device ranks per-channel.
DDR3 Data Transfer Rates:
— 800 MT/s (PC3-6400), and 1066 MT/s (PC3-8500)
• DDR3 SO-DIMM Modules:
— Raw Card A – double-sided x16 unbuffered non-ECC
— Raw Card B – single-sided x8 unbuffered non-ECC
— Raw Card C – single-sided x16 unbuffered non-ECC
— Raw Card D – double-sided x8 (stacked) unbuffered non-ECC
— Raw Card F – double-sided x8 (planar) unbuffered non-ECC
• DDR3 DRAM Device Technology:
— Standard 1-Gb, and 2-Gb technologies and addressing are supported for x16
and x8 devices. There is no support for memory modules with different
technologies or capacities on opposite sides of the same memory module. If one side of a memory module is populated, the other side is either identical or empty.

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