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Driveragent.com Review

Driver Agent Review by Starred Reviews

Before I give long details and reviews of the driver agent, let me tell you quick – It is NOT Free. And let me repeat it again – It costs money and it and you will waste your time if you are looking for a free driver. If you hear this information and act on it, it will save you time.

Not that you necessarily hate to pay. It may actually be willing to pay, get the required driver and use it. Unfortunately the driveragent.com does not provide you this information before head. The cnet review does not mention it. It is not clear, if cnet posted the link to the download in exchange for a monetary benefit from driver agent.

Driver Agent wastes your precious time by not divulging the right information. It will fist ask you to download a software. Not a big deal. Once you have downloaded installed and run the software it will show you a list of installed devices and a button next to the devices about which it did not find the driver.


When you click the button, it asks you to register with your name and email etc. One the next screen it will ask you to Join with $25 plus $9.


At this point you will leave the site – as many will do. But not before you have already wasted your time.

Here is what Driver agent says

Driver Updates for better ( really how ?) PC performance and improved stability ( Really ?).

Faster Downloads! DriverAgent  download speeds are up to 10X faster – What do we have to do with Faster Download ?.

Tested and proven to work. Downloaded more than 10 Million Times! ( This may be true)

Industry experts and editors recommend and use DriverAgent®.( Do we get personal care ?)
Safe to use, secure and trusted. Application certification by  Verisig. ( Do you Certify  the drivers as well)

Resources : cnet download – Cnet says – free to try which is misleading. Downloading and istalling the software to tell you missing driver is free.

Numerous other sources have found driveragent to be misleading – check pitshop forum discussions

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  1. Lawrence
    July 19th, 2011 at 01:58 | #1

    I find it interesting that the Gigabyte sight recommended it for driver searching and updating!

    Once I saw the DriverAgent.com site, it was not hard to figure out they were after “subscriptions” primarily! I have tried out a different driver search & Update site that at least let you download a “small” amount each day to update your drivers for free. But they too were primarily out for the “subscription” fees.

    I googled reviews for their “service” and found several reviews. Your’s being one of the best so far!

    Thanks for the info!