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Dynex DX-32E150A11 Review – 720p HDTV

February 13th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dynex DX-32E150A11 is a 32 inch HDTV that will fit in your small drawing room or the bedroom. Dynex DX-32E150A11 is NOT a full HD 1080p resolution TV – it has lower 720p resolution which possibly is still good since the size of the Tv is relatively small at 32 inch and pixelization effects are not noticeable because of the smaller size.

Dynex DX-32E150A11 Pros

– Comes with USB 2.0 port

Dynex DX-32E150A11 Cons

– Not Full HD – It is 720p not 1080p
– Price is inexpensive but not cheap ( $349 at best buy). You can sped $100 more and get a full HD TV and bigger size.

What comes with the Box

* The 32 inch 720p 60 Hz LED-LCD HDTV
* Tabletop stand and screws
* Remote Control (2 AAA batteries included)
* AC Power cord
* Composite video cable, audio cable
* Manual

Dynex is a best buy supported brand which keeps lower end HDTV as part of their products. Insignia is also, in similar way a brand supported by Best Buy. It is not very clear, if they have have manufacturing houses in US. According to some sources, the Dynex products are manufactured by XOCECO, a Chinese manufacturing company, but we could not verify the statements. Dynex has recently improved the quality of its products and has become comparable to other brand names.

Bestbuy plans to take advantage of its wide network of stores though some of the brands that it promotes. Dynex, Insignia, Geeks Squad are three of these. While Insignia and Geeks Squad brands are more popular, Dynex is another lesser known brands.

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  1. anna
    March 15th, 2011 at 09:23 | #1

    worst tv ever. bought a 32″ dynex dx-32l150a11. first one i got worked for two weeks, second one they give me lasted 6 mouths. i think i’m wasting more money and time fixing it. not happy with my dynex tv. so people should really think before buying a dynex.

  2. robert
    May 29th, 2011 at 13:27 | #2

    I recently bought 2 of these, one for the guest room, the other for my ‘man cave’. I connected an AppleTV to both, and so far both are working great.

    As the top line says, the 720p resolution is no big deal really since at that screen size, you would barely (if at all) notice any difference between that and a 1080 set at a typical viewing distance (I typically am 6 to 7 away from the monitor).

    The LED backlighting make for a better picture and the TV is also very thin as a result. Love it.