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eHow.com Review – content may be unexpectedly bad

The problem with eHow is not that it is good or that is bad. I would have been very happy with eHow, if I could deterministically put ALL of eHow articles in either a good or a bad category.

Let me tell you, eHow is a great site for MANY of its content. They started off by paying authors for writing quality contents on how to do a certain things. Examples may include, how to change oil in your car yourself.

And eHow started to get good in the search results. It was really a good site. The problem started when the authors, in order to make quick bucks, began writing about topics they had no idea about. These articles were not written from heart. Many a time, the authors will outsource the topics to cheap countries like India and Pakistan who will churn out even cheaper articles , one after the another, by rephrasing the already available content on a website.

And the example include

How To Paint a House

1) Open the paint
2) Put it on the brush
3) Move the brush on the wood

You should still be using eHow.com – but be careful – not all of them are authentic or good. Many of them are, in fact, mediocre at the best.

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