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Element ELDFT321 32″ Class LCD 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

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Element ELDFT321 32″ Class LCD 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV is the latest High definition LCD television that is available in the market for a cost of 320 dollars approximately. This has capabilities to display high definition video of the resolution 1080 pixels and the maximum video resolution that is supported is 1920 X 1080 pixels. The refreshing rate is 120 Hertz and this is more than two times of the refreshing rate of the other televisions in the market which is 60 hertz. The aspect ratio of this television is 16:9 and the dynamic contrast ratio of this television is 3000:1 which is though not very impressive.

The horizontal and vertical viewing angle of Element ELDFT321 measures 176 degrees, thus the user will be able to see clear and sharp video from anywhere in their living room. The brightness value offered by this television is 480 candela per square meters. There is an integrated tuner in this television which can tune to ATSC digital signals that are transmitted over the air directly without help from the settop box. There are three HDMI ports available in this television, thus the user can connect a HD settop box, HD DVD player and VCR to the television directly and all the time without dismantling any connections.

Element ELDFT321 32″ Class LCD 1080p 120 Hz LCD HD televisions has a response time of 6.5 milliseconds. There are no facilities for connecting to Internet as there are no Ethernet ports or inbuilt wireless adapters. So using Element ELDFT321 HDTV  as a medium to connect to Internet or view on line content such as video or audio is ruled out of the users scope. There is no way this can be made of the small network that the user can setup in home either. There is no DLNA compliance so making it interact with other DLNA devices in the house is also out of the reach. This may not have connectivity but this sure works well as a stand alone device fulfilling the user’s expectations and needs from the main product point of view. This is a good featured television which has everything what a television has to pack itself with. This is not a generation next product but at the same time this is not the previous generation product either.

Element ELDFT321 HDTV meets all the needs as a High Definition television as its audio clarity, quality and video clarity, quality are off the charts. The Display measures 32 inches diagonally and the television is ultra slim as it is built by using the LCD television technology. The cost is affordable for any one who wants a good television with features to make the users home digitalized and into a home theater.

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