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eMachines E200HV 20″ Flat-Panel LCD Monitor Review

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eMachines E200HV 20″ Flat-Panel LCD Monitor is the latest LCD monitor available in the market for Personal computers costing 100 dollars. The maximum resolution that is supported by this monitor is 1600 X 900 pixels. The brightness value of this monitor measures 200 candela per square metre. The size of the LCD display measures 20 inches and it is non glare flat panel. The response time of this monitor is an all time low measuring 5 milliseconds, this makes this ultra fast and responsive.

eMachines E200HV can be easily mounted on wall too. This is ultra slim thanks to the LCD television technology, which not only makes it eye catchy but also makes it energy efficient. 90 degree of horizontal viewing angle is supported by this television and 50 degrees of vertical angle is provided by this monitor. There is digital DVI interface with HDCP support is available in this monitor and the analog VGA input is also available in this monitor.

eMachines E200HV is PC compatible, thus it supports both home and office needs. There is one year warranty that covers both spare parts and also provides labor support for one year from the date of purchase. The aspect ratio supported by this monitor is 16 : 9. The vertical frequency is between 55 hertz to 75 hertz and the horizontal frequency is a value between 30 hertz and 80 hertz.

eMachines E200HV 20″ Flat-Panel LCD Monitor does not have any integrated speakers in this monitor. Anti glare coating is there in the monitor, which stops any glare that is produced on the monitor from the environment. The maximum power consumed by this monitor is 40 Watts and in normal mode it consumes 22.4 Watts and while in standby it consumes 2 Watts and when its turned off 1 Watt. The normal contrast ratio is 700 : 1 and it can dynamically vary up to 5000 : 1. This monitor does not take HDMI input, the screen refreshing rate is the standard 60 hertz.

This does not have touch screen capabilities and also this does not pass Energy Star certification. The user can tilt the monitor to the own preference. This is less bulky and portable. The power consumed is less than that of CRT monitor but cost wise CRT is cost efficient. But this on a long run gives the user lesser operating cost and maintenance cost compared to that of a CRT monitor. This monitor is compatible with different flavors of Windows operating system and also with Linux and Mac OS.

eMachines E200HV is simply the best monitor that fits the users needs for home and professional needs. The cost is comparatively affordable given that it is eye catchy and efficient.

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