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Finite State Machine quiz

Finite State Machines Quiz


Go through the following quiz to brush up your knowledge of the State Machine. You must use a separate paper and a rough sheet to answer these questions. The Answers, alongwith the explanation are given as a link to another page at the end of this quiz. Match the answers with your answers and rate yourself. Study more if your answers are not perfect.

1. A circuit design reqires 15 States. How many Flip Flops will be required for its implementation

A. 15
B. 4
C. 3
D. 5

3. A Finite State machine is implementes with 3 Flip Flops. What is the maximum number of states it can have

A. 8
B. 3
C. 2
D. 4

4. Which one is true about the Mealy and Moore Machine

A. A Mealy machine has clock while the Moore Machine does not has a clock input.
B. In Mealy machine the Output depends upon the State only.
C. In Moore Machine the Output is dependent upon the State of the machine as well as the present input.
D. None of the above

5. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the Mealy Machine and Moore Machine. Which of the following is true.

A. The Mealy Machine requires fewer states than the Moore Machine
B. Mealy machine may pass the glitches present in the input to the output
C. Mealy and Moore Machines are always same in synthesis. The difference is only for theoritical presentation.

6. Which of the Following is true about the Synchronous Vs Asynchronous State Machines

A. State Transition in Asynchronous Machine is dependent upon the clock input
B. Output reponse time is unpredictable in Asynchronous state Machine, while it is predictable in Synchronous State Machine.
C. State Transition in Synchronous Machine is dependent upon clock while it is dependent upon the input transition in Asynchronout State machine
C.  A flip Flop is used as Storage element for Asyncronous as well as Synchronous State machines.

7. Consider the Folloing Statements about Mealy and Moore Machines. Choose the one which is NOT true

A. The ouput of a Mealy Machine can change even between states, depending upon the input.
B. In Moore Machines the Output can change only when the States Change
C. The number of possible output comninations in the Moore Machines are fewer than the number of the possible combination in Mealy machine.
D. Moore machine does not require flip flops while Mealy machine does require.

8. Which of the following is not true about one hot encoding

A. In one hot encoding, one flip flop is assigned to each state.
B. The glitches in the one hot encoding is avoided, since only one flip flop is in set state.
C.  It is easy to debug a design with one hot encoding as only one flip flop is set at a time which can  be deterministically found.
D. One hot encoding utilizes minimizes the number of flip flops used in the design.

9. Which of the following not true about an Asynchronous Design

A. Since no clock is used in the Asynchronous design, the power consumption can be low.
B. Asynchronous systems require the use of memory elements that do not require explicit clock input.
C. The Asynchronous machine can be implemented using D Flip Flop.


Once you have completed the quiz – check your answers using – Finite State Machine quiz answers.


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