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Flippa.com Review

Flippa  is is a platform where website owners and website buyers meet to buy and sell websites. The website sellers list their website along with its traffic details, earnings and prices. The buyers go through the details and bid for the website. Flippa is the ebay for website selling.  Initiated by  Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle,  this has become of the hottest place for website selling and buying.

The first thing that anyone notices about flippa.com is its high listing fee. Flippa charges $19 just for listing your website, whether is sells or not. Even it die hard supporters say that this is a very high fee. On the positive side a listing gets over 400 views even when it does not sell. This turns out to be just five cents per visit and is therefor a bargain if you wish your website to be listed just to garner a little bit of advertisements.

But it is not a good idea to expose your niche just for the traffic of $19. Notice that the persons visiting this website are not common people. They are the persons who own and run websites. So your idea is liable to be copied .

Website seller also bemoan that it charges 5% fee on the top of the listing fee which can not be less than $5 and the upper cap is $498.  This 5%  fee can be split between the buyer and the sellers or can be born by the seller only or by buyer only. A typical website selling for $500, therefore ends up paying $44 ( $19 listing fee + $24 selling fee).   To judge whether it is worth or not depends upon what other options you have.

Digitalpoint.com is another popular place where you can buy or sell your websites. There is no fee for listing your website and there is no transaction fee. It is typically used by low cost buyers and sellers. It does not make any sense to sell a $50 website at flippa.

Flippa has another advantage – the Google analytics data is verified by flippa. In other words you have authentic data about the website traffic. On the other hand the earning data are often exaggerated. Sometimes the website owners rake in extra google adsense or show extra revenues couple of  month before selling the website, just to show profit and find an exit path. Never trust on the earnings. Just look at the Google Analytics and figure out what you will be able to make based upon your experience.

Flippa is anot a bad side. Just know the game well to make your move. Starred Reviews provides you un-biased reviews about almost anything you think of – Gadgets, cars, websites, Integrated Circuits, consumer goods. Just search for the product you want to find about. Chances are – it has been reviewed by Starred Reviews. If not let us know and we will be glad to review it for you.

  1. Lucky
    October 14th, 2010 at 12:41 | #1

    hi, also suggest http://www.websaledomain.com , a good alternative to Flippa without success fees

  2. February 1st, 2011 at 12:06 | #2

    The auction was: Government registered PRIVACY/ANONYMOUS Service with Hot selling products. I got scammmed on Flippa through Paypal for 1160$. The Guy was Abdul Kalam. His name on Flippa was IPSP India.
    I had written Flippa and contacted paypal on this guy. He had
    threatened me also. I told Flippa how after I won the website from him he
    requested more money from me for a payment processor. He also asked me to
    give him a good reference on Flippa. After much backand forth with him over
    the last two months he had promise to give me a full refund for the website
    but wanted to mail it to me. I told him no I wanted it through paypal the
    same way he got it. He says he can’t send it that way, paypal says he can. I filed a dispute with Flippa who told me that because I did not reply to an email that they sent me, regarding the the “success fee” that I payed them, they could not help me get back the 1160$ that this guy stole from me through their website. He was also able to scam other people before his account was shut down by Flippa. I really think they have done a poor job with handling this guy and people like him. They should really should have better processes in place to handle payment. They should have escrow as a mandatory requirement payment process.

    I feel the same about paypal who has also do a pretty piss poor job of protecting
    account holder against scams as they operate under a “no fault” policy. I
    got no problem handling my own but if you are taking a cut on it you have
    some responsibility here.

    I have bought several websites On Flippa. Most of the time things aren’t bad, but that was a little too much to lose based on a weak policy.

  3. Doug Wead
    June 13th, 2011 at 20:42 | #3

    One thing is for sure if you list your website with them: They will make money either way.
    Consider listing your website on other places as well where you can list it for free, such as domaingalaxy or similar freebie listing services.