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Ford Fusion 2013 – Advance Information

Patricia Johnson contributed to this article for starredreviews. We will bring you more in depth news and details when the car launches.

It appears that the new Ford Fusion ( we are talking about the Ford Fusion 2013) on the assembly line is going to be sporting the current Mondeo bodywork. This cost effective because the Ford Fusion is a world car and shares the same platform as the Mondeo. What the people have been able to see about this prototype that is not camouflaged is that the taillights are Mondeo and quite possibly so is the roof. There will also be a new style for the headlights and three bar grille. This car will probably be using an EcoBoost four-cylinder engine so it will help Ford meet the stricter federal corporate average fuel economy requirements.

The new 2013 line will probably ride on European-tuned suspension components. It will probably also offer a version of MyFord Touch operating system, which was developed in conjunction with Sony. It will replace the conventional gauges and buttons with LCD displays that will be programmable and touch-screens. It may even offer an optional internet access via a dashboard mounted monitor, which will only be accessible when the car is in “park.”

You may even see some of its features trickle down from the Ford Taurus plus cooled and heated seats and the best option of all, the Active Park Assist option, which will automatically steer the vehicle into a parallel parking spot. This Active Part Assist option works better and is cheaper than a similar system the Toyota/Lexus offers.

If the Ford Fusion 2013 is anything like the Ford Fusion 2012, you will be driving a midsize sedan with a comfortable interior, solid performance, and high tech gadgets. The Ford Fusion 2013 will be joining a family of cars that include a gas-electric hybrid and an all wheel drive. It also appears as if it will be the only four-door sedan just like the 2012 model.

The 2012 model has a wide array of power train choices, which included the base and EcoBoost four-cylinders, the gas-engine/electric-motor hybrid, and the performance oriented V-6.

The Ford Fusion is scheduled to be on the market in the fall of 2012 and as far as the prices go, if it stays in the ranges of previous models, the price will be under $30,000. Traditionally, past models of the Ford Fusion have been priced $1,000 to $2,000 below many of its competitors prices so there is no reason to think that the 2013 model will not follow suit.

The Ford Fusion 2013 is going to abandon its current body style and switch to Ford’s global midsize platform. The dimensions will be similar to the 2012 model with the exception that it might be a little more narrow but it will make up for that with a taller roofline. These details will help with the passenger volume nicely.

These are just some of the features that they are hinting will be on the Ford Fusion 2013.

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