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Fujifilm FinePix HS10 Review

Fujifilm has launched its FinePix HS 10 which is one of the  two digital cameras with 30x (24-720mm equivalent) zoomFujifilm FinePix HS10 lens, the other being Olympus SP-800UZ. This is the latest ultra-zoom 10 MP digital camera with an elucidated new BSI ( Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor.  One can get the feel of using an SLR while handling this Finepix HS 10. Using the newest technology, one can professional – quality pictures by maintaining the image quality and the low-light shooting performance. Weighing around 636g , it has a dimension of 131(w)x91(h)x126(d) or (5.1×3.6×5.0(in)).  It contains triple image stablilization like senior shift IS, high ISO IS and digital IS. One can take nonstop shooting  on complete resolution at a speed of 10 fps and catch High definition video (1080p) with sound of stereo and lastly, you can watch all these on 3 inch LCD screen.  It has It is priced at £439.99 and $499.95 at UK and US respectively.

High-class lens

The built-in 30x tele-zoom lens can be used to take precise and accurate photos with zooming in and out at a high speed with the twist-barrel manual control of zoom.  To get this effect on SLR one have to use two lenses and the trouble of getting dust on lens and sensor is not going to give any headache in this FinePix HS 10 because both of them are set up closely. Wildlife photographs,sweeping landscapes,distant sports and even this has been used on satellites to capture the surface of the moon.

Motion remover mode helps to capture 5 images of a scene at a moment by removing the moving subject, and this can be put together to get a single image.

With Multi-motion capture mode,One can capture upto 5 images of a moving subject in quick succession and they can be put together to get the composite image.

Pro Low Light mode, avoids the blur caused by the shaking of camera and reduces the noise level by comparing the high and low ISO exposure of the object to be captured.

Motion Panaroma mode helps to view the ultra-wide image by moving the camera in all the four directions and then clubbing all to get the well-defined  panaromic image.

Highly defined and Enormously rapid

One can shoot upto 10 frames per second continuously with this mechanical shutter when capturing high-speed moving objects,wildlife or sports action. With the help of best frame capture mode of Top 7 mode, one can take upto 7 shots quickly and it is saved before or after pressing the shutter.High definition videos (30 fps) are taken with stereo  sound and they can be displayed well  in High definition TV with the help of Mini HDMI output. The latest ultra high speed movie function allows you to hold the image still and take upto 1000 frames per second for slow motion videos.

Natural light scene mode helps you to take two photographs instantly, one with a flash and the other without flash and the option is yours to choose the best from the two which are already saved.

The 3 inch LCD monitor covers 97% of the scene and it can be moved 90 degrees upwards and 45 degrees downwards but not to the left or right side like other cameras. This has a little bit poor resolution of about 230 dots. One can switch between the LCD and EVF mode. When the eye is brought near EVF it turns automatically into EVF mode and when removed changes into LCD. When theEVF can be switched off too when u don’t need it.

Automatic functions like SR Auto mode and other modes for clear “point and shoot “ result. The body contains main key functions like metering, focus, ISO and white balance. Other features of it include ultra-fast face detection, intelligent flash, automatic red-eye removal and enlarged dynamic range to 400%. The large common dial, good grip for hand and manual focus ring makes it feel good to users.It contains 4xAA alkaline batteries and Ni-MH batteries and Lithium batteries are sold separately. One can take upto 700 shots with the fully charged Ni-Mh battery.

The sample images of FujiFilm Finepix  HS10 is available here .

Lastly, One can rightly call it either as an all-in-one camera or true photographer’s camera.

photo credit amazon.

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