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Fujifilm Finepix Z70 Review

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About Fujifilm Finepix Z70

If you are looking for an ultra-compact digital camera, then Fujifilm Finepix Z70 is one of the best options around. It is sold at approximately $169.99 price tag across leading online retailers and is equipped with advanced set of features that enable even beginners to capture professional-quality shots. Before you head on out to grab one, take the time to weigh in on its features to help you decide.

Fujifilm Finepix Z70 is available in numerous color options including red, blue, silver, and purple. You can therefore pick on that suits your own personality and taste such that you will have a digital camera that reflects who you are. It also comes with a 2.7-inch LCD screen such that you can preview all photos or videos that you have taken using this device. The slim and metal body of this digital camera makes it really easy to handle, while being equipped with a sliding cover to protect your camera’s lens. Judging by the build quality of Fujifilm Finepix Z70, most would think that it is more expensive than it actually is. Hence, it can easily rival some other more popular brand names of digital cameras in the market today.

Fujifilm Finepix Z70 is equipped with up to 5x optical zoom lens that can reach a focal length of 36 to 180mm. Hence, you can shoot distant subjects with utmost clarity and contrast. The picture quality is further reinforced by the full resolution capacity of about 100 to 1600 ISO for maximum shooting sensitivity. Another welcome inclusion into the list of features for this digital camera would be the image stabilization technology to avoid blurring images. There are also several shooting modes to choose from such that you can adjust it according to the subject or natural shooting conditions.

For movie makers, you can also rely on Fujifilm Finepix Z70 to deliver the features you want to use. It has the ability to shoot videos of about 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and also runs at 30 frames per second for smooth motion. A maximum of 15 minutes recording time is available for each clip. Sadly, there is no built-in HDMI port that make it possible to stream live recordings but there is an HD card reader included in the package kit that you can use to upload and reproduce the clips you have recorded.

Pro’s of Fujifilm Finepix Z70

*It is compact and easy to handle;

*It is reasonably priced;

*It is an easy-to-use point and shoot camera;

*It offers a wide range of shooting mode options;

*It offers optimum image quality and technology.

Con’s of Fujifilm Finepix Z70

*It lacks an HDMI port;

*Image quality is good but not comparable to more advanced models.

The Bottom Line

Fujifilm Finepix Z70 definitely brings a smile to the faces of consumers who are looking to purchase a reliable yet compact digital camera at a reasonable price. It therefore makes it really accessible to all photography enthusiasts and is a true bargain in anyone’s book. You will definitely love to take it with you wherever you go since you’ll never know when a photographic moment might arise.

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