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Fujitsu Lifebook NH77/CD Notebook Review

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Fujitsu’s recent announcement of the high end notebook includes the Lifebook NH77/CD – a 17.3″ notebook powered by the latest intel Sandy Bridge processor Core i7-2630QM. The notebook comes with an ample 4 GB RAM and boasts a 750 GB of Hard disk. The graphics is powered by the Intel HD 3000 GPU.  Other notable features include the Blu Ray player and an integrated digital TV tuner.  It may be worthwhile to take a closer look at the individual components of the NH77/CD

The Processor

The recently launched Intel Core i7-2630QM is a quad core processor at a nominal clock frequency of 2 GHz. The 6 MB of L3 cache leads to significant improvement in the performance. With the turbo boost, the max frequency of a single core ( one of the 4 cores) can rise upto 2.8 GHz.  The Sandy Bridge processor becomes one of the strongest point of the Lifebook NH77/CD notebook.

Memory and Hard Disk

The Fujistsu NH77/CD  comes with 4 GB of hard disk which shoulsd enough, as most programs have footprints much less than 4 GB. We know that the OS takes up 1 GB of RAM, and you are still left with 3 GB of RAM for programs and applications. The 750 GB is one of the highest we have seen in the notebook section.


Lifebook NH77/CD comes with decent 17.3″ display that is powered by Intel HD 3000 GPU.

Other Features.

The wired and the wireless networking are common with all the notebooks that come today, as do the USB connectivity. The special features of this notebook include the integrated digital TV tuner and the Blu Ray player.

Other details and the pricing information are awaited. In the meantime, feel free to write your own comment about the Fujitsu Lifebook NH77/CD in the comment section below.

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