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Gaming laptop buying guide

Alienware m17x

Few years back gaming on a laptop or notebook was not a very common phenomenon. Due to advancement of technology, today it becomes common scenario. While selecting a gaming laptop today consumers have wide ranges of choices. Now question arises how to select a gaming laptop? Here is a buying guide from starredreviews.

Processor for gaming laptop or notebook-

You need powerful processor for gaming. The Intel core 2 duo or AMD Turion X2 64bit top end could be a good starting point but if you can put your money in the latest core i3 or i5 , especially quad core i5 you will get the best performance.

Here I would like to suggest you to select mobile processors for maximum power saving.


While selecting memory you need minimum 3GB ( most decent notebooks do come with 3GB memory), but it would be better if you opt for 4GB or higher depending upon your budget as well the games you want to play. Insufficient memory slows down the gaming performance. Now 2GB memory is available even in the entry level laptop for general use as well.

Graphics for gaming laptop

The most important part of buying a gaming laptop is graphic selection. Low end graphics are best option. You can playDell XPS for long time as they consume less battery. Dedicated graphics are best for gaming laptop with 1 GB or at least 512 MB video memory. High end graphics cost you battery life and produce lots of heat as well.

While choosing dedicated graphics, Nvidia or ATI graphics offer good performance. But, be aware all Nvidia or ATI dedicated graphics are not for gaming purpose. Nvidia GeForce 9600M, GT 130M or ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 or above are good choices for gaming notebooks or laptops.

Try to avoid integrated graphics as they are not suitable for gaming.

Screen Resolution

Dell xps 16Gaming laptops are generally comes with 17” display. However few 15” gaming laptops are also available. If you are buying gaming notebook with 15” screen then resolution must be 1440 x 900 or above. While buying a 17” gaming laptop you should need screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 or above.

Hard drive

When comes to storage 250-500GB hard drive is sufficient for gaming laptops/notebooks. Should be comes with 5400 rpm speed rate. However, 7200 rpm speed rate is good for gaming laptops. Go for SATA drive instead PATA drives as SATA hard drives consumes less power.

Best gaming Laptops

Alienware laptops are known for best performing gaming laptops especially alienware m17x gaming laptop. Howevertoshiba gaming laptop this laptop is bit pricey. Though, this model overcomes the popularity of Dell XPS gaming laptop. Recently Dell takeover alienware. However if you are looking for affordable gaming laptops then you can go for MSI gaming laptops or Gateway gaming laptops.

Stay tuned with us for alienware reviews or other gaming laptop reviews.

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